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  1. forgetmenot

    Granddaughter needs advice.

    Good question. As far as I know she was not served. As far as work goes I don't know. I'll have to get more detail from her. Thank you for your suggestion, will look into it further
  2. forgetmenot

    Granddaughter needs advice.

    Granddaughters paycheck is being garnished. When she found out who it was she called them. During the course of the conversation she found that they had the wrong address for her. She tried to make arrangments for payment. They refused. Thier policy is pay in full or the garnishmnet stays until it is paid. As far as I can find for washigton state law. http://www.atg.wa.gov/consumer/credit.shtml#partial Partial Payments A collection agency can demand full payment of the debt. It can, but does not have to accept a partial payment plan. My question is since she was not notified by the ca. Is there any action that she can take. From my own exprince this ca will not work with you. Thank you
  3. forgetmenot

    credit report question

    Thank you. Is there a place on the web or a thread in here that tells someone how to read these reports. What I have found so far, tells me nothing for my situtation. It tells you if you see this but does not tell you what you should see in each collum. Where is the spell checker?
  4. forgetmenot

    credit report question

    On a 3-in-1 report should it say IIB on the report all I see is Account Status Unknown. Yes I filed for a bk7 and it was discharged 7/2003.
  5. forgetmenot

    Need advice or guidance.

    I am now the proud owner of a 2002 chevrolet malibu. The car was listed at 13999. Newspaper ad at 10999 for a two day sale. The salesman keep steering me to other cars. I kept coming back to this car. When I started to talk price he would point out another car to me. I finally ask what is wrong with that car. He said that the car was reduce to get people to come in. This car has all the options a person would want plus only 30700 miles on it plus the factory warrenty. After an hour or two of dickering making with the jokes and getting up to walk out I finally got it down to 9999. I know thats not much but believe me i fought to get it there. Thats not the best part. I was approve by the CU at 13.25%. The DLR said he could get me 10.5% We can back the next day to sign the final papers. Bad news they made a mistake. They looked a the wrong teir level. it went up to 14.25%. I said stop there I was approve at 13.25 at the CU file thru there. I sign the papers went home. The DLR calls the next day with some good news. My CU approve the loan with the increase for tax and license. And at 7.5% The DLR called to confirm. The CU said that was correct according to the new FICO score they received. I FINALY HAVE A FICO SCORE. I'M A SOMEBODY! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE HELP. YOU ARE THE BEST.
  6. forgetmenot

    Need advice or guidance.

    Hi O.K. Took a 2002 Dodge Interpid out for a test drive. Family loves it. list at 12999. sale at 10999. talk down to 9000 out the door. I think thats the term for tax and license included. I turn it down. Did not like the feel of the steering or cabin. Don't know why. That was saturday. Went to work sunday told a few poeple, some say I did good others say I could have done better. A week ago I would have paid the sale price and been happy. Thank You. Qustion when a car has a rebate as a lot of 2004 do now. how does that work? Is it instant or do you have to wait for it? As an example: car sells at 17999 with 5000 rebate 12999. I am preapprove for 10000. I pay 3000. Do I finance 9999? or is out of my range? Once again thank you.
  7. forgetmenot

    Need advice or guidance.

    O.K. lets forget that car move on to bargaining. I talked to a guy at work who claims he bought two new cars off the lot with in the last three years. one a hyundai DLR asking 15,000 he paid 8,500 the other a honda DLR asKing 17,000 he paid 10,000. They were bought at theis time of the year and were last years models. 2001 in 2003 and 2003 in 2004. Here in the auto section TeeSharice wrote I decided to get a Hyundai List the price for these way below anything that I can find in this area. At those prices I could get a new car instead of a used one. If I were to go to a DLR and offer about 8000 on a 12000 car and stick to my guns, what are my chances?
  8. forgetmenot

    Need advice or guidance.

    O.K. where is there a place that will give me a crash course on how to deal. Are on line places like Cars direct a better place to goto. To tell you the truth I'm not to sure about how to deal. I thought if I could get this down 1500 due to no trade in I did good, but after what you said the price should be I,m just getting started. This would not apply to just this car I feel that this would apply to any car I buy. My problem is I never really deal for a car before. I always paid cash. Seldom traded anything in. if a 1000 was knock off I was happy. Never paid more than 5000 for a car either. Wish car shopping was like grocery shopping. Well I have to think about this. You'll hear from me again. Thank you.
  9. forgetmenot

    Need advice or guidance.

    Yes I am. That's why I am here. I really don't know what the aution price of the car has to do with me . The dealer is not going to sell it at that price. I have been searching the web for dealers in this area and there prices. Not many to choose from. None with the same car. I guess I'll say good bye to the car. Feel free to go to WWW.hapo.org Then Auto Center then dealer direct financing. You can get a good idea of prices in this area. Yes we have indirect loans loans in this area. Are you trying to tell me that I can dicker with the dealer to get down to that price?
  10. forgetmenot

    Need advice or guidance.

    I have no idea as to what indirect loans are. This is copied from the CU site. One stop to the dealer is all it takes to participate in the HAPO Direct auto financing program. The kelly blue book said the retail excellent price at 9125. The zip code here is 99336. Does this answer your question?
  11. forgetmenot

    Need advice or guidance.

    HI Marv I see you have taken over for the F&I Guy. Congrats. And Congrats on making it thru the storm safe and sound. Short version BK dis. 08-04 Never had credit. 57 yrs young. BK was all med. Alwasy paid cash. NO FICO score. You can look thru past post. The 1600 you find mention in the earlier post is total living expense. rent, utilities, groceries, entertainment, ect. Constanly turn down for credit do to no history. Joined CU bought myself a 1 yr load. 1500 cash as colleteral. Six months old. No lates Now I applied for a preappove 10,000 auto load. at same CU. Granted 5,000 with 1,000 down. Not good enought. Heart set on 10,000. Have 5000 to use as down payment. Got to CU too late to talk to anyone. The clark that filled out the load request was not interested in down payments. She said they would decide that according to my credit. I have my eyes on a 2001 Kia Optima SE 44k miles. DLR is asking 9995. What would be a good deal with no trade in and no nogating ability. This is a car lot not a dealership. Should I let the DLR put the loan thru the CU. Would that be easier. I know what has been post about that. Sorry weak moment. Maybe I should just take the 5000 and buy another 1 yr loan. Then try a year from now. Really need some guidance.
  12. forgetmenot

    Is Cap-1 getting desperate?

    Dear XXXXX XXXXX Re: Your charged-off account with XXXXX Capital One recently purchase your above –referenced account and is pleased to have you as a new customer. The Westmoreland Agency (TWA) is working on behalf of Capital One to service your account. Capital One has guaranteed your approval for a new unsecured Visa card with a 9.9% fixed introductory annual percentage rate (APR) on new purchases until 2005 and 0% APR on your charged-off debt. If you accept this offer, your charge-off account balance of $407 will be transfer into your new Capital One Visa account and you won’t pay Capital One a penny of interest on this charge-off debt. Plus there’s no annual fee and your account will have an initial credit limit of $1 that will increase to $50 after you make your first payment to Capital One. This is a great opportunity. Your charge-off debt will be placed in the Special Purchase segment of your new account, on which you’ll receive a 0% APR. Then for every $100 of charge-off debt you repay to Capital One. You’ll receive $25 credit limit increase up to a maximum credit limit of $200. You’ll receive each credit limit increase no later than two billing periods after your payment is received. Plus, you won’t pay Capital One any interest on your charge-off debt and only 9.9% until 2005 on your new Purchases. This was sent to my sister in-law who is retired and has been for a lease 5 years. She has next to nothing accept SS. I guess since they can’t garnish her check they’ll try anything to collect this debt.
  13. forgetmenot

    Did you know?

    I try myfico Got this. Report Status Summary The identity verification process did not complete successfully for all the reports you have chosen. Your credit card has not been charged. Product Report Order Status Details Score Power® (FICO-Scored Equifax Credit Report™) Invalid Score What should I do? FICO®-Scored Experian Credit Profile Invalid Score What should I do? FICO®-Scored TransUnion Credit Profile Technical Difficulties What should I do? copyright © 2001-2003 Fair Isaac Corporation all rights reserved When you have no credit you can not get a FICO score. When I click on "What should I do" I get this: What Should I Do? Thank you for your interest in Score Power®. We regret we are unable to fulfill your Score Power order request because your credit report does not currently contain enough information to meet the minimum scoring criteria required to calculate a FICO® score. In order for a FICO score to be calculated, a report must contain: At least one account which has been open for six months or more. At least one account that has been updated in the past six months. No indication of deceased on the credit report. The minimum criteria is designed to ensure that there is enough recent information in the report on which to base a FICO score. If interested, you may obtain a copy of your Equifax Credit Profile™ online (without FICO score) by clicking here, which will link you to Equifax who will process your request. Note, your credit card has not been charged for this request. Note also that your credit report was accessed to provide this service, which will be reflected by a Fair Isaac inquiry that the credit bureau will post to your credit file. The Fair Isaac inquiry is labeled such that it will not affect your credit rating. copyright © 2001-2003 Fair Isaac Corporation all rights reserved Some one said that if you have a SSN that youu have 300 points. Where is mine?
  14. forgetmenot

    Is it possible

    ms6073 Thank you for the response. As to the Fico score, The first time I got my credit report was from Equifax this was to be all 3 credit reports and score. They call and said that they could not get my score and asked if I had anything finance or any credit cards. I told it was over 25 years ago. they said that is why they couldn't get my score because I had nothing to report. They refund part of the money paid for the report. Therefore I assume I had no Fico score As for the outgoing money. Yes $1600 is correct. For the last 6 months I have keep a very detail record of my expenses. It averages just under $1600. And yes the car company had my premission and SSN. Thank You Just day dreaming
  15. forgetmenot

    Is it possible

    I decided to ask this in the open instead of PMing you. The advange of people not knowing who you really are. I am 56. $2000 take home a month. $1600 outgoing. No line of credit on my reports. Have no fico sore. No credit cards. Nothing finace. No cosigner. BK discharge 6 months ago. All medical. Recieved letter form car lot "We can finacne anyone. BK, bad credit, no credit" Type letter. After two weeks I told them to stop. Main reason for refusal. NO LINE OF CREDIT. Over 10 inquires on report because of this. Would like to buy a car between $10,000 and $15,000. Keep the payments between $200 and $250 a month. Is this possible, and if so how much of a down payment would be required to make it possible? Thank You

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