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  1. Me, emotively raking in bank dividends, in that "*emotive*" style of internet forum talk. Example: Owning 100 shares of PBCT (currently) pays about $72 a year, in addition to income generated by selling covered calls. Thus, being an owner of the bank pays as well. So if they're paying me over $100 a year to own 100 shares, what's the CU paying me to own shares? Long story short, do what makes the most sense for you in your own financial situation.
  2. *rakes in his juicy bank dividends and notes he can say he's technically an 'owner' of both now, invalidating the CU argument*
  3. In all honesty, my "perfect" score is around 790. The reason being, I like 0% floating that's invested, using the bank's money to make me money. I have a phrase "Make your credit be your slave, not the other way around." Though it's probably getting risque and very non-PC this day and age, it relates to working for free and profiting off someone else's labor, so it's still accurate. You give me 18 months of free money, I take an 18 month CD, and let it get the 3% (Last I did it rates didn't suck as badly) then pay myself back over time with interest. Eventually, I'd love to keep just two 0% floats going, but that's the plan!
  4. I'd have to look at my Chex (Which I don't regularly because meh, I have enough accounts were they to whine), but IIRC they did a credit check to open an account in general. *Edit: With a check of good ol' Credit Karma, they did a single EX pull* They opened a credit line for me @$15,000 with that same open a membership pull. Look in the credit pulls database, as there are a few DPs there as well. There was just never a major forum post on it.
  5. So, I previously mentioned testing out a little CU that had some great ideas on funneling money into higher-rate accounts, which appeals to me greatly for obvious reasons. This one is regional, but if you have relatives/churches/etc in the SC/NC area, this one is, IMO, a treasure for CUs. I'll copy paste a few of their best features and links to the site. I titled this "Quasi-New" because they're mentioned in the credit pulls database, but it doesn't look like they've ever gotten a thread. So here's more in-depth. The Loyalty program is WHY you sign up for this CU. It's awesome. They have time to time where, so long as your main accounts get at least A direct deposit, you're eligible to make a transfer into this account from time to time. This time I was eligible for a $250 transfer, which of course I took advantage of the opportunity to move $250 of tiny-interest into bond-level interest. Here's a link to it, with accompanying picture. https://www.foundersfcu.com/loyalty-products My absolute favorite of this one is the ability to roll accounts dividends, CD interest, debit card round-ups, and CC bonus points (CU rewards earned $1 = 1.25 rewards points --> 2500 rewards points = $25 into the high APY account pictured above) Here's within a few months of the test. I anticipate continuing to funnel in there, as it starts to rack up a lot faster than many of the high-interest accounts. Hopefully the rates stay decent could be the only caveat there. Mind you, the only times I use the debit card ",Edge Ups" are if I tip something small for a meal at work, and round it to a $5.01 or .02, effectively putting multiples of $0.99 into the account, which I view as equivalent of a reward on its own, as it's increasing the power of compounding interest. So losing a potential 3% back from my card to get a returning 4.85%....it eventually surpasses, but that's too much math to go into here. As you'll see, all the Edge Ups are multiples of 0.98 or 0.99 Here's the credit card you can go with that uses the CU rewards as a complement: Any questions, feel free to ask and I'll let you know if I can. Here's a handy link to the account page for those wondering if you qualify for membership. Mind you, they don't have the easy "Donate $10 and join" that some places have, but if anyone here has family/friends in NC/SC, there are options. https://webapps.foundersfcu.com/IMSIWeb/web/account-app Zan
  6. So, I previously mentioned testing out a place in another thread along with a little CU that had some great ideas on funneling money into higher-rate accounts, which appeals to me greatly for obvious reasons. The more "emergency fund" can sit earning 3%+ the better! Mind you, I currently have the limited uber-high-interest ones max as far as I've been able to read and find (BECU/WECU/DCU and so forth) that are 4.75%+ So, finding one that appears to allow unlimited with round-up/CD interest (Still in test phase) and one that allows a higher-cap 3% helps in the goals of pushing towards full financial independence. I'll copy paste a few of their best features and links to the site. Those are some core features, and here I have my absolute favorite that I do need to do more testing with, if plausible. Payrolll bonus savings deposits???!?! At 3%? YES! They do have a great referral program, but it caps at $100. So if you'd like a link, I'll add it to my signature below, feel free to join up with me. https://tinyurl.com/OneFinanceLink When I complete the testing on my other CU I'll post a new thread on it, but for now, this looks solid and pays out a 3% as promised. Now, the quest to funnel more into that 3%...So there you go, @hegemony - One down, one to go (Likely in a week after next deposit hits) Zan
  7. Many of them are going Tiers 0-4 actually. Just got someone done at the 1.9% special rate offer who had a 590 Auto Beacon pull through EX. It can be rough, but in this case, letting the dealership work for you helps ,especially being upfront of going only through FMCC as your sole inquiry, and if they can't get it done with special rates, you're not buying. Also, because it amused me...he did get told about 0% options there too in his range. Bad negotiation, I'd guess, but who knows without seeing the whole picture.
  8. With all the 0% offers Ford has right now, if that's NOT auto-enhanced, and you have a 600+ FICO that is auto-enhanced that they pull, it's plausible you might be able to qualify for not the 0, but maybe the other discounted rates, which though you would lose rebates, would likely benefit in the longer run. Of course, if you did qualify 0%/60 months, that's a whole new world of happiness at that score. YMMV of course.
  9. All my little CUs transfer to another CU that has a 'bigger' account, no cap, but you could only "round up" debit purchases into it. Now, however, they let you roll CD interest into that account, and their CC you can earn points to put as cash back into that account also. That account gets a solid 4.85% APY (Was 5.72% before rate drops). $6500 there so far, getting a nice little $25-ish a month, which stays in that account, it's a mini-municipal bond, but hey, do what I can, and with the rates junk on most CDs, I'll take every bit of that APY right now, and keep funneling more into it. I haven't found but one CU in the US that does that so far, so constantly keeping my eye out. I thought it was a "Too good to be true" so I figured I"d give it a few months testing before making a post, but at the same time, please don't flood my little CU when I do, hehe
  10. Accountability update time: Meant to do this around every sixth month, but obviously I've been keeping too busy! OK, so now using a few things such as Propelor and Personal Capital, which I highly recommend, and can PM referrals if anyone wants, but it helps to track payments, net worth, and the like. But for something like this, boy does it make it easier to pull up one screen and not have to spreadsheet-update as often and burn time! CC Debt 0% floats: 22,000 currently (May have one more flip to do, but mostly on track to pay off all but one before expiration of 0%) HELOC: refinanced from ugly interest Mortgage: 107k @ 15 years (Was refi'ed along with HELoC at 2.35% NFCU) Student loan: Paid off Used car loan $1,200 @1.74% (Done in 6 months) $500 left to pay off on the cabinets (@0%) and that's done, the monthly payments will funnel into the CCs Emergency accounts/investment rebuild: ~6k liquid, 41.5k 401k (Work prime -22k Roth, 1.5k standard), 13k (TD Ameritrade mix Roth/Trad 401k), 5k M1 Finance Roth. 12k @ 3% 48 month CD w/8 months to release. Thinking currently to apply the 12k and knock out most of the remaining CC debt as 0% offers are currently unlikely to remain with decent amounts, as Citi and WF have thus far proven. That should come out at worst interest-losing, but at best, it's less stress and if 0% offers remain thin, saving interest in the long game. Current FICO 08s: 774 TU/779 EQ/787 EX Also, the roommates have moved out, so it's back to just self-supporting, which has accelerated the rate at which I'm paying down things, though I do have some minor house repairs that I need to have done, and one major we found during the sink install...there's apparently no foundation under half the tub AWKWARD. So that's a full bathroom redo to install foundation, but at least I know why ants can get in XD Setting aside for that work, likely will do a CU loan in advance, then pay for it with a cashback card, and pay it off with the loan check. Replace the student loan + used car loan with that. Cheers!
  11. That's my memory of it too, as EX is always a pain in the reverse end of a donkey.
  12. And with WF, the low starting limit I didn't have much use for, so I had to get them to reallocate to make it worth doing. The % reduction was icing on the cake so to speak, but YMMV obviously on that. My PenFed offer was 3%
  13. And FYI, talked to WF, and they said yes, the reps only can look it up under "Credit Limit Reallocation" precisely, so describing it, asking to move some of one limit to another card, etc, they might not have been familiar with. However, apparently the at-home call center bankers are able to call a "Resource Line" to be able to get help with those type of questions. Long story short, they moved some of one to another, and now I'm all set. They also gave me a reduced fee (1%) for the trouble. So all in all, pleased with that.

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