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  1. What do you project his score is? Many auto dealers will get an "automatic approval" on a higher score. Alternately, a credit union can offer solid rates. What type vehicle is it that he is looking for, etc? That plays a big role.
  2. That 91 day time. AmEx: 4,500 > 13,000
  3. Main ones I'd look at for that goal would be AmEx and Discover. Depends on her card goals, though. I always recommend prioritizing goals over aiming for pure CLI brands. If you're just looking for a CLI, for example, a store Synchrony might be better, but far less useful.
  4. After their ability to properly count your balance prior, I'm admittedly surprised that wasn't stricken from the list sooner!
  5. Hmmm, From the site, you choose "Manage" and it's "Credit Line Increase" In app, you go to the three bars in top left corner, choose "Account" and then "Credit Line Increase" Hope that helps!
  6. Is this only for referrals? That's what I'd read somewhere... https://www.doctorofcredit.com/chase-freedom-unlimited-3x-everywhere-for-the-first-year-signup-bonus-up-to-20000-in-purchases-available-via-referral/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  7. Well, I'm looking at the annual fee: You said you mainly stay at hotels and such, so.... $325 Annual Travel Credit: Automatic statement credit(s) totaling up to $325 will be applied to your Account when a Card is used for purchases made directly from airlines, hotels, car rental companies, taxis, limousines, passenger trains and cruise lines That takes out $325 of the $400, leaving you a $75 fee to validate worth. If you don't have the TSA Global entry, yet... TSA Pre® or Global Entry Application Fee Statement Credit: Cardmembers may receive one (1) statement credit ($85 application fee for TSA Pre or $100 application fee for Global Entry) when the application fee for either program is charged to an eligible Account. Limit one (1) statement credit per every 4 years in connection with the TSA Pre or Global Entry program application fees. There would be $425 in value for your $400 AF *BEFORE* the points. As always, basically depends on your personal use and strategy.
  8. A reputable dealer can often use tax returns, or 'nudge' the banks to use them as a source of POI with a decent relationship with a bank. Also, with those cards paid, you might come back with an auto-approval and not have need of POI, in my experience. Let those balances report paid, see where your FICO turns up after that fact and I'd say start the online dispute as obselete. Those might work wonders on their own. (And the "$2 trick" as advised with $10 above)
  9. A few boosting today because I forgot for a while and was preparing: WF Cash Wise>>> 19,700 (+5,700) Barclays RCI >> 2,830 (+855) They hate me, conservatively - HP too XD Chase Slate >> 9,000 (+2,500) Chase PC Freedom Unlimited to Freedom Ultimate (5% categories which I use more often.) >> 9,000 (+3,800) -- Chase did, of course, do both CLIs on the same HP -- PenFed VP >> (Pending notice) Luckily I don't care about inquiries or have anything major upcoming save perhaps a HELoC redo in a couple years.
  10. Email for what SEEMS to be a nice offer, depending on how the Marriott points devalued after the merger. Ah well, half the rest of March to decide :D
  11. Once I get all the other things lined up, I'll aim for this too, likely taking chunks of it on 0% cards with manageable limits...I'm surprised you haven't used some of those transfers when you find the 0%/$0 ones. But then, you only have a 1.74% too, which is damned amazeballs for a mortgage, IMO.
  12. #1) Congrats on the bump, it should serve well. #2) I'm glad you got the two PFDs knocked out. Not sure your meaning on the "Failure to Pay" - If the CA doesn't report, paying it kinda is the PFD in a sense, because it never shows? Or is Cap1 still reporting on the report? If it's 6 years old, I'd be aggressively fighting that off, and at worst, in 6m TU would remove it as early obselete most likely. Who's the other account with, and assumptively it's also not reporting?
  13. Hmm, I can still fix before it goes out. And odd the bank didn't send me a 1098 on it; I'll have to poke online and see. Thanks, shows my scatterbrain with everything going on!
  14. US Bank Cash+ 3600 >> 11,500 (HP EX)

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