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  1. While we're off topic, I have the regular Versa, and I love that little thing too!
  2. Yeah, I was stuck holding shorts I'd wanted to sell and flip that AM -- Except my trades didn't trigger, and I couldn't login to manually do anything, and the 'email customer service' couldn't trade at your direction. Was all I needed to resolve this and flip to a new one of choice (Probably go with Morgan Stanley/E-Trade, though I'm now researching options...between them and TD Ameritrade at the moment) very soon. Filed a complaint with the FINRA office already...Missed out about $15,000 worth of profits that vanished by the time they came back up the next day that would've spike flipped again for the dead cat bounce. Still holding SDOW currently (Because I couldn't sell part when it passed $50) to the tune of $40 calls for 3/20. Makes me grumble, but at least DJIA's trending downward....for now. I much prefer the bird in my hand that would've paid off most everything.
  3. Yeah, they get in the low 2s and I'll re-refi, and roll everything in for one simple payment. Golden times.
  4. I....kinda want this for the name alone. >_> Gods, I'm getting to THAT point.
  5. Had someone I was working with on their credit get a loan here as a starting point when they were around 600. They ended up with a 13.99% loan. However, end of year they've now gotten their credit score up and are refinancing with a local CU, but that year, paid in $3250 in interest and got back a refund of $1625. (based on a $25k loan) -- Making their 'net' APR a 7.085% instead. So yes, for those starting and working to rebuild their credit, the rebate seems to be a solid idea, as their rates are competitive enough where this year's 50% back still took someone who wouldn't get a single digit rate and turned it into a lump-sum payback that resulted in essentially single digit rates, and rapidly increased their paydown, using that after their refi to reduce the principal even further. All in all, yes ,it works for those with good-to-fair credit, but isn't as attractive an option for those with top tier, and bottom tier wouldn't likely qualify.
  6. True, I don't wanna grow up, but they killed off Toys R Us, so....guess all those Toys R Us kids have to now!
  7. Epically done, kudos to you. I wanna be like you when I grow up!
  8. Merry Christmas to all of you as well. And I don't think you have to worry about the PC here. My theory is that whatever good wishes you're sending me, thank you. And in return, back atcha!
  9. Dare I ask which CU? And my dad was not a member of NFCU at the time, but I was eligible due to his service. They randomly select some to provide a DD214 of the relative (I was not selected, but I have a copy of his if I ever get called to provide it). I saw the prior posts from way back saying otherwise, but at least as of the last year, that has not been the case in my personal experience. Not sure if that's a YMMV thing, but they told me it wasn't the case, and the site shows familial eligibility too: https://www.navyfederal.org/membership/become-a-member/eligibility.php NFCU or PenFed might be better suited for the goal that you're trying to accomplish in this case. I think the NFCU Platinum has a no-BT fee 0% offer for 18 months. And with them tending towards generous limits, might be the path I'd recommend.
  10. Since the end of week passed, @cv91915, did you have that update?
  11. My out the box solution: Buy a cheap beater, absorb some of the miles from her lease, lower the lease's payments and get away from that method. Buy a cheap used car later.
  12. So updating the update after the mini-catastrophes, and with some life changes. While the last year and a half was going, I went back to school, finished my associate's (Business Management/Finance), and am adjusting to try and keep that plan on at least within the 5 years total of starting track. Total repairs after said flood and findings ended up around 37,000, which disgusts me, because that entire house could've likely been rebuilt for that. It makes me damn tempted to go to a trade school and learn building, honestly. CC Debt 0% floats: 37,000 currently (Yes, sadly up.) HELOC 43k Mortgage: 55.2k Student loan 0%: 2400 (Paying $300/mo to pay it off before grace period expires) Used car loan $3,400 @1.74% Emergency accounts: ~8k liquid, 17k 401k (work prime -12k of that Roth, rest standard), 12k (Robinhood, taxable 401k), 2k M1 Finance. Took a promotion at the PT job and it's now full-time, so around $800/wk as the second salary, 30% of it goes into the Roth 401k, rest goes to paydowns. Nothing like a kick in the shins while you're running a marathon, right? But yearly post for self-accountability.
  13. In the land of necroposting, because this was about this card. In my prequalification it shows: " BB&T Spectrum Cash Rewards Credit Card 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for 12 months. 16.99% variable APR after 12 months2 3% Cash back on Gas1 2% Cash back on Utilities and Groceries1 1% Cash back on everything else1 10% Cash back if deposited in your BB&T checking or savings account1 Wait....re-read that. "10% Cash Back if deposited in your BB&T checking or savings account" I'm like...I'm sure that's just poor wording and it's like 3.10% (Rough addition mind you), and not actual 10% cash back...right?
  14. This. Typically it's someone who's aware of credit and knows they're not where they want to be. And then, of course, they expect a miracle 7% when they qualify for 18%+ Little we can do at that point, even on a special rate with a captive lender. Processing fees here have to be standard across the board to all customers if charged, so it always gives me an interior chuckle when a customer grumpily comes in having read forums and goes "That's not required by law, you can't put that on my contract" ... Well, no, it's not required by law that I sell you a car either, but here we are...

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