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  1. Zanshiro

    what to apply 4?

    All depends on your situation. Analyze your spending, and determine what categories fit you best, then you can determine cards that work for you.
  2. Zanshiro

    New website alert

    CV likes running...away from people... only in the event of a zombie apocalypse.
  3. Zanshiro

    New website alert

    If you also happened to run Cross-Country without hacking your young lungs out....it's entirely possible!
  4. Zanshiro

    New website alert

    Did I know you in High School CV? I'm glad I grew out of that phase. The Drakkar phase, that is, not the being really hot.
  5. Zanshiro

    DCECU - CU for interesting loan options?

    Sadness. Must live in Michigan.
  6. Zanshiro

    AU progression?

    Sorry for the delays, I'm spread pretty thin, as it's the final weeks of winter semester, so I have papers and exams left and right. I wouldn't worry about the inquiries, especially not a soft. Maybe they're just looking to send you custom offers, who knows?! When you get all addresses cleaned up, you'll be ready for the next steps.
  7. Zanshiro

    NFCU Qualification Question

    I personally like them for mortgages, as even if they sell it, they still service it...makes my autopays simple.
  8. Need to CLI mine and try to combo away my old Slate perhaps...Hmm. Maybe later. NFCU Cash Rewards 25,000 PenFed AmEx Travel 21,000 Discover IT 18,900
  9. Zanshiro

    NFCU Balance Transfer

    You know you love stinky fruit!
  10. Zanshiro

    Epic negative equity on a car

    Sadly, there was no trade involved in this transaction that I could say that lesson was learned... They're getting pretty excited about things being at better rates and whatnot, so hopefully it's lesson learning, and not dooming. If they get the last card down, they could probably pull a swapsies and 0% part of that balance, personal loan the rest, and make it far more manageable with far less interest. Bright side as we were tinkering over it last night: Looks like they were not all updated, so between texting back and forth with her and getting her to show me parts of it, it's actually about 16,500 total due, which, while yay for $5000 under, would still leave 10,000+ to deal with at end of year. Bad part, even $5000 @ 0% for 12 months is more than their car payment now, so I'll work with them on something creative where possible. Thanks for all the second sets of eyes, and I'll post back if I can figure out how a loan for a $16,000 car (not including finance charges) ends the 6 year period at... $16,000. O_o
  11. Zanshiro

    AU progression?

    Ok, will do a quick one at this before I get out of here for a bit, got an 8-page paper due end of week, and two exams tomorrow for accounting Look on the boards, and you can follow the clearing processes for debts outside the SOL, but make sure you know your state statutes and limitations for lawsuits and such. Take close look at this Coll/CO sections. It looks like several are past a standard 3-4 year time frame. The lates could possibly be early-disputed on your Navient via TU (6-month early bird) and soon with the others. That would be where I'd focus efforts to start. With the Ally paid off, I'd even look to JackAttack it possibly, or the Shell card, which wouldn't be doing as much for your score by their presence, IMO. I'll try to write more later, but those would be solid starting points, IMO.
  12. Zanshiro

    NFCU Balance Transfer

    Got both, and if I didn't move it there, I'd move it to another 0%...so it was more proving the humor in CV's comment. This 0% will also expire if nothing's done with it...so then you're back to your same old pears to oranges. Why does no one compare guava to durian, I mean, sheesh?!
  13. Zanshiro

    NFCU Balance Transfer

    Well, I moved my soon-to-be expiring 0% (BofA) on to this 0% so... technically no difference xD
  14. Zanshiro

    AU progression?

    I guess what I'm getting at here is that I tried ministalking your old posts, but didn't a full breakdown of your situation. With all positive history there, what's the holdback on your scores? THAT would be the target. If you want to give a full breakdown, we will certainly do what we can to guide and help.
  15. Zanshiro

    AU progression?

    This. The "1-year old" card could be lowering overall age, it sounds like. And if any are carrying balances, utilization could be hurting, such the follow-ups.

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