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  1. Zanshiro

    So what did you get in the mail today?

    Email for what SEEMS to be a nice offer, depending on how the Marriott points devalued after the merger. Ah well, half the rest of March to decide :D
  2. Zanshiro

    My Early Mortgage Repayment Thread

    Once I get all the other things lined up, I'll aim for this too, likely taking chunks of it on 0% cards with manageable limits...I'm surprised you haven't used some of those transfers when you find the 0%/$0 ones. But then, you only have a 1.74% too, which is damned amazeballs for a mortgage, IMO.
  3. Zanshiro

    Authorized User on Credit Card - Rebuilding credit

    #1) Congrats on the bump, it should serve well. #2) I'm glad you got the two PFDs knocked out. Not sure your meaning on the "Failure to Pay" - If the CA doesn't report, paying it kinda is the PFD in a sense, because it never shows? Or is Cap1 still reporting on the report? If it's 6 years old, I'd be aggressively fighting that off, and at worst, in 6m TU would remove it as early obselete most likely. Who's the other account with, and assumptively it's also not reporting?
  4. Zanshiro

    Zan's Credit Journey

    Hmm, I can still fix before it goes out. And odd the bank didn't send me a 1098 on it; I'll have to poke online and see. Thanks, shows my scatterbrain with everything going on!
  5. Zanshiro

    Master 2019 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    US Bank Cash+ 3600 >> 11,500 (HP EX)
  6. Zanshiro

    Zan's Credit Journey

    Well, seems my taxes went up this year, as many found. Original estimate on that NYT calculator was essentially a no-change (+/- $10), but with the mortgage interest no longer being eligible and a few other things, I'm in standard deduction range, and rather than the tiny net $300-ish back from last year, I owe about $250. Not an amount I'm mad at keeping the interest-free loan, but still a $550 swing is annoying. With the promotion at work, however, I need to tweak the W4 because it could get too big to desire in a lump-sum pretty rapidly.
  7. Zanshiro

    Upcoming App Spree: Seeking input

    So...lots of $0.05 Transactions to tips and paypal?
  8. Zanshiro

    How Long Should I Wait Between Credit Apps?

    I really should just permalink this somewhere as often as I post it, but try looking here for pre-approvals, will help you gauge your chances. CapOne and Discover are kinder when starting. Don't look at the Credit One section, though. Use what you're learning here to help guide your choices. https://www.doctorofcredit.com/view-personalized-credit-card-offers/
  9. Zanshiro

    Authorized User on Credit Card - Rebuilding credit

    Primary use for any Authorized User (AU) account is to gain age, which helps build your average age of accounts. (AAoA). I'd add the oldest two. Would not hurt to use them once just to make sure they're active, but even if closed, so long as they report you, you would be recipient of the benefits of the age while they're fading away, too.
  10. Zanshiro

    Daily Puller

    Which doesn't show to me at all, interestingly enough. Just looks like a box I'm okay with this.
  11. Zanshiro

    The Master Balance Transfer Thread

    Checks in the mail from local CU for a $0 BT @ 1.99% - Think I might put that 10k in an index fund for the year and pay it down...no risk, no reward, right? That or CD for a 1% bonus against it after a year....$100 likely not worth that effort, though, right?
  12. Zanshiro

    Best Next Steps....?

    I recommend a lot of those I help to take a look at a decent calculator, input everything and go there. There's a great credit card spreadsheet I found here on the boards, that gives a great utilization breakdown so you can customizably target FICO goals along the path. This one focuses on clearing out debt as fast as possible with avalanche methods. Using the two gives a good idea of where to go, however. https://secure.financialfinesse.com/go/4865 (This does take you to a download - Neither I nor CreditBoards run that site, but you can google the DebtBlaster spreadsheet...though there are a lot of others besides this one.
  13. Zanshiro

    AU progression?

    Okay, congrats on the approvals, and they'll build up rapidly (Look up the AmEx CLI thread for how to triple as you go.) Take advantage of 0% if you want from Alliant, IMO, just be aware of the timeframes and caveats, but it can help eat a giant sum down, I'm living proof of that. Sorry I've been scatterbrained here, but take a breather. If you're looking to get in with Chase, you can't be over 5/24, though a known exception is if they make you an offer in branch sometimes. Keep with your plans, and revisit Discover and AmEx 91 days from when you opened them, see if they give you some CLI love. If you haven't already seen the Credit Card Spreadsheet, I recommend getting that to track your utilization so you can watch it fall, and it provides a great tracking place for usage and also for CLI dates. I'm assuming this is the Alliant Product you have: https://www.alliantcreditunion.org/bank/visa-platinum-card - With the 0% offer, you can also mitigate some of the loan cost, depending on the rate there, and putting loan under 70% might help FICO, yada yada. I'd say only do it if you'd be comfortable with the two payments, but the % bonus tends to help if you're able to set it up so the BT pays part of the auto loan. I tend to do that with my mortgage and HELoC, which is one reason I don't plan on being in the 800 club for around 3 years
  14. Zanshiro

    Best Balance Transfer cards currently ?

    Ink Business Cash from Chase fits all of those save for the known for good CLIs, as IMHO Chase is better at being combined than rising on its own merit. Also has the nice $500 bonus when spending 3k in 3 months, depending on how much you spend through it. Nice 0% intro offer included. SimplyCash + from AmEx isn't a bad other 0% business option, with category % backs, too.
  15. Zanshiro

    Refinancing ?'s

    13.4% ... ouch. OK....so if you can afford it, throw a chunk on a 0% card offer, refi the less than LTV on the car note with DCU or whichever best rate lender you find. Works best if 720+ range for general rule of thumb.

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