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  1. That's my memory of it too, as EX is always a pain in the reverse end of a donkey.
  2. And with WF, the low starting limit I didn't have much use for, so I had to get them to reallocate to make it worth doing. The % reduction was icing on the cake so to speak, but YMMV obviously on that. My PenFed offer was 3%
  3. And FYI, talked to WF, and they said yes, the reps only can look it up under "Credit Limit Reallocation" precisely, so describing it, asking to move some of one limit to another card, etc, they might not have been familiar with. However, apparently the at-home call center bankers are able to call a "Resource Line" to be able to get help with those type of questions. Long story short, they moved some of one to another, and now I'm all set. They also gave me a reduced fee (1%) for the trouble. So all in all, pleased with that.
  4. I will just say this, since August is the time one of mine came up, so I started this process as well this month...lenders got a LOT more reluctant to lend funds, and my DTI isn't in your situation quite (I'm current 23%) and utilization overall at 9%. But WF only offered me a 3k line, and Citi did the same, and WF wouldn't allow moving of part of my other line to the new one (I have to call EO and hope for good result there). But 3k's lowest of any of my lines, and from two separate lenders, so the pandemic's clearly tightened things up among all - For reference, my current FICO 08 is 789/780/785 (Before whatever minor drop from new lines hits). Best of luck to you on them, as using those lines in my case would give a major drop to even put $2k BT on, due to the 66% utiization. So ultimately, I need WF or someone to pick up that difference so that I can move forward, because once I actually perform the transfers, I'm aware my score will take a hit. Though I did get a PenFed offer in the mail, so that's the backup plan, as their limits are 25k on all 3 of my cards.
  5. I amazingly didn't have to sign an NDA...yet. And man, stories are building as we go. Saying still goes that the grumpiest customers are those you're losing money to sell them a car, and they still don't want to buy it. (And yes, those aren't the stories regarding which I'm sure you're referring)
  6. Well, first Citi card, just put the 2 hosp bills on it to hit the reward spend. Now, to pay them off within a week, to prove the point of wanting a better line, which they still denied after the second pull. Darn near a toy limit with the other cards I had open. XD Oh well, rode the UrbanOne train today, so I'll use that to pay it off instead. Then ... another trick to see if they notice. If not, no big loss of a pretty much otherwise-useless card. Will report results of that after test run. Until then... ┻━┻︵ \(°□°)/ ︵ ┻━┻
  7. Maybe it's a card thing? I have the business platinum, and the Blue Cash Everyday, and I have EX FICO 08 updated as of June 6th, 2020
  8. I could've sworn that we had a master thread with lots of recon numbers in it. However, searching a bit I'm finding nothing. Specifically, in case it's not there, I'm looking for a Recon number to CitiBank as far as a credit limit goes. Paltry $3k was like... pfft, what am I supposed to do with that, when that's the spend on the card offer...and 0% for 18 ... well, 3k is unimpressive to move over, LOL.
  9. Just as a data point, mine pulled when I was opted out with DCU. And in the tech world, of course, I'll offer the obvious things first, so please humor me. Did you verify the spelling and accuracy of your name/address/ssn that you have on file with DCU? Have you tried looking at your bureaus from your actual credit reports to see what pulls up there? If you're a 'ghost' with nothing showing, a score won't generate from a monthly number.
  10. While we're off topic, I have the regular Versa, and I love that little thing too!
  11. Yeah, I was stuck holding shorts I'd wanted to sell and flip that AM -- Except my trades didn't trigger, and I couldn't login to manually do anything, and the 'email customer service' couldn't trade at your direction. Was all I needed to resolve this and flip to a new one of choice (Probably go with Morgan Stanley/E-Trade, though I'm now researching options...between them and TD Ameritrade at the moment) very soon. Filed a complaint with the FINRA office already...Missed out about $15,000 worth of profits that vanished by the time they came back up the next day that would've spike flipped again for the dead cat bounce. Still holding SDOW currently (Because I couldn't sell part when it passed $50) to the tune of $40 calls for 3/20. Makes me grumble, but at least DJIA's trending downward....for now. I much prefer the bird in my hand that would've paid off most everything.
  12. Yeah, they get in the low 2s and I'll re-refi, and roll everything in for one simple payment. Golden times.

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