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  1. Yes, I called and they say they monitor it monthly for eligibility to graduate but still nothing. It has been open since Aug of 2017. This is my only active credit card and has $0 balance as I pay it off every month to avoid any interest.
  2. I've had a secured card with NFCU for over a year with a $500 limit. It still hasn't graduated which I was hoping it would once it hit the year mark. I was wondering if I upped the secured limit to $2500, if that would help improve my credit as it would be a higher limit? Only downside is they would be doing a hard pull (not sure why since its MY money I'm putting into the card to begin with). Would the higher card limit still offset the inquiry and improve my score or should I leave it as is?
  3. Thanks for the reply hege! Is getting my real score on myfico.com a good idea at this point? I'm guessing that won't pull my credit right? My score is low because about 5 years ago I let my son's father use my credit however he'd like as I knew absolutely nothing about credit and how it would affect my life at the time. I ended up with a repo and about 5 or 6 defaulted credit cards. 2 of them are on collections right now. I've got a couple of years left until they can fall off my report. Anything from 2017 onward has been positive on my credit. paid off a car loan in full in just over a year, have my student loans with 100% on time payments and zero balance on my NFCU secured card. It's only got a $500 limit but I was thinking of upping it to $2500 so it would look better on my credit. It's over a year old but still hasn't graduated. I didn't know an FHA mortgage was something I should try to avoid... what kind of mortgage would put me in a better financial position long term? My monthly expenses are roughly $2500. So I should aim to have about 15k left over after down payment/closing fees are paid?
  4. I have been working on repairing my credit since early 2017. I don't know my exact score but Credit Karma has me at 648. I know their score is not very accurate but in 2017 it was at 580's so I know it has improved. I wanted to know at what point can I realistically consider taking out a mortgage. This would be the first house I'd ever own and was considering doing a FHA loan with 3.5% down. I would like to find a home in the 125k-150k range which is reasonable in my area. I make about 40k a year AFTER taxes and have approximately 25k in my savings account. My vehicle is paid off and my only monthly debt payments are student loans at $100/mo. Is this a good point to start considering buying a home or should I have more savings, better credit, etc. to take this step? Any advice is appreciated.
  5. So last month we had an issue where I asked bright house networks, an internet provider, to cancel my boyfriend's internet plan and start a new account under my name. He had an outstanding balance of $71.33 Which I offered to pay and they said we would get a bill in the mail. They screwed up and ended up changing the account to my name instead of canceling and reconnecting service which is what we requested because that would mean we would get a promotional rate. They gave us the promotional rate anyway and waived the activation fee as we stayed on the phone for over 2 hours as they fixed their mistake. Anyway... fast forward a month and now I'm not getting a bill...im getting a collection...under MY name, not his, for the $71.33. I have no trouble paying it and it says if we pay it under the 30 days it won't go on my credit report. However a part of me thinks I should dispute it as it is technically NOT MY debt and I don't want anything to accidentally go wrong and then have it go on my credit report which is the last thing I need as I'm trying to rebuild. Thoughts on how I should handle this?
  6. Update: received an unexpectedly high tax return and dumped it all on the loan! Only 1k left to pay down as of today!!! 😁😁😁😁 Edit: on a side note someone crashed into me 2 days ago not my fault so their insurance covers it but still a headache
  7. Last year In September I got a 10k car loan on a used car with...wait for it.... 18% APR. No one was offering me any better as my credit has multiple collections and a repo from 2014. I've been lucky enough to be able to pay it down and as of today I only have about 6500 left on the loan. In March or April I should be able to put another 3k down, bringing the balance down to 3500. My question is, should I go ahead and work to pay off the loan completely, or keep it at a low balance so that the loan looks good on my report?
  8. Oh. For some reason I thought they couldn't call on weekends. Oh well, back to ignoring them
  9. Just got a phone call from new york. I live in Florida. Didn't answer, then called back and and an automatic answering machine said "thank you for calling portfolio recovery associates". I hung up. Am I right in believing they are breaking the law by calling me outside of business hours? Is this something I can claim as breaking the law so they drop the collection? They're trying to collect $994.
  10. Update: now looking at a 2011 Honda civic for 6k. Could put down 1500-2k. Any tips for dealing with a dealership? This is the first time I purchase a vehicle.
  11. I'm working on fixing my credit right now so I don't expect to get much. I was hoping to get something closer to 9%. However, I do have a repo on my history. I don't mind inquiries right now as this is my last planned expense. At this point, I'm looking into a lower loan like around 7k and then putting 2k down. That would leave me with a 5k loan. I'd be able to pay that off within 24-36 months with a reasonable APR
  12. So I just got a tentative approval (need to meet certain conditions) for a car loan by NFCU. My credit is not in great shape. FAKO is low 600's. I applied for a 10k loan over 60 months and they came back with a 17.84% APR. This seems extremely high for NFCU. I feel I could get a better rate through a regular dealership at this point. Any thoughts? or any way I could get them to give me a lower APR?
  13. So if they sue, what kind of scenario would i be looking at? Would I have to pay the full amount? Is there still a choice to settle? I've never been sued before.
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