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  1. Thanks for the response! It has never been on my credit report, EVER...until now. It just popped up in Feb of this year. The weird thing is it doesn't even show as default per se....it shows as a closed account that has a 60-180 day late payment (it does not show when the late payment was). It is very vague how it is reported on my CR--does not show at all on 1 bureau and is reporting slightly differently on the other 2. I'm worried that if I pay it off (vs rehab) that it will report negatively for the next 7 years. I've worked super hard to have clean reports so this would not be ideal.
  2. I will try to make this short. Back in February I received a letter from DOE about a 14 year old defaulted Perkins loan in the amount of $2,000. After interest the current amount is $3,290. I called to ask about loan rehab and was told to send in my financial disclosures. I did and was offered a monthly plan of $401. This monthly would pay off the balance BEFORE 9 months and thereby not hit the rehab stage. I called back (and sent a letter) asking for a more reasonable $200 monthly payment. They essentially told me that the decision was solely based on income and that it likely wouldn't go down. Im unsure on what to do...can they essentially deny you the loan rehab option in this way just because of your income? I would like to receive the credit benefits of rehabilitaiton instead of paying off the balance before 9 months and thereby not receiving the credit restoration benefit of rehabilitation. Thanks for any insight! PS: I was unaware of this loan and never received correspondence on it for the past 14 years. I still have gotten any documents signed by me that this loan is valid. Should I try disputing to CFPB since they will not agree to a loan payment that satisfies the loan rehabilitation requirements?
  3. This would be absolute music to my ears if true! Can anyone confirm this for Perkins loans especially? Essentially, if I just write a check and pay in full today, no negative information would be reported since it would 1) be out of default and 2) be 11 years since the DOFD? Thanks!
  4. Hey, thanks for the responses. I'd be perfectly fine with an offset IF it didn't show as a paid default on my credit report. It is not showing now--but I worry that if they successfully offset a paid default will show up, following me for the next 7 years.
  5. For a friend- I recently received a bill from the accounts receivable department of a college I attended from 2002-2006. The bill was $125 owed to the college. A week later I received a notice from the Department of Revenue for the state where the college was saying that the 125 would be offset on my taxes OR I could enter into a voluntary payment arrangement through the Dept of Rev. I chose the latter and began the $20/month process starting in December. They took payments out in December and January. Today, I was looking got an Experian notification that there was an Educational Loan opened in 2004 in the amount of $2,000. It had no history listed except a Positive, paid as agreed payment for the month of January. Freaked out (because I did not believe I had any loans outstanding, I reached out to Experian...who said that they showed NO missed payments on my file. They did have 1 late payment showing for this new Educational Loan ... but couldn't see where it was. They said that it must be a glitch in their system. So I give the College a try...they say they did have my accounts receivable account through the Dept of Revenue active....AND they had just 'clean out their files' and found a Federal Perkins Loan in my name that they submit over to the Dept of Education in December. So I called the Dept of Education who told me that they DO in fact show a Perkins Loan received just last month...that defaulted in 2007. Here is where I'm getting confused....so they told me to contact ECSI who was the loan servicer. I contacted them and they told me that they had just passed it on today (convenient) to Default Resolution Group. I'd called DRG earlier today and they were so unhelpful that they almost felt like a scam. I have not gotten any correspondence on this loan via mail at all. In fact, I never would've known about it if I didn't take a look at my credit report today. I've received no phone calls or anything in writing about this. My question is--how should I attack this issue? I am fine taking care of the loan if it is indeed mine, but at this point I'm a bit skeptical. I do not want a defaulted loan on my Credit Report---but I was told by ECSI that the government just changed something to eliminate Rehabilitation. Does that mean If/When this thing shows up on my credit report there's nothing I can do? The amount is very small and I'd be willing to pay it, but I'm confused on WHY something just popped up on my credit report (but as a positive closed account with 1 payment as agreed). Also the number showing as the contact number for the trade line is a cell phone number that goes straight to voicemail. Can anyone help?
  6. @whychat Hope you're doing well. Quick follow up item. As per the above, I successfully used the guides to have 2 items by the same CA deleted about 3 months ago. This morning, I received a phone call from the CA. The odd thing about this is that they called a number that I don't even use (it is a bundled phone that comes with my internet and I've only had it for a few months). But I think it is the number that shows when my name is googled. Anyway, any idea what gives here? I have not received anything in the mail from them. Per the above, they NEVER responded to any of the steps from the guides (initial, DV, follow up). The SOL in my state has passed. Could they be possibly trying to re-insert? Shouldn't the DV have prevented them from calling me? I haven't had any other items since the time of this last service, so could they be possibly trying to cherry pick another "bill" from the same visit? Thanks
  7. Thanks very much. I just donated to Kittys Angels using your email as the dedication. Thanks again for your patience and help.
  8. Yes, make sure you file separate complaints against each CRA and don't do them at the same time. I suggest you do the Ex one first as they only have one. If that is successful you can do the Eq. Be sure to check the back door FIRST and make sure that the accounts are marked as "disputed by consumer" if they are NOT so marked add that violation to the dispute. https://whychat.me/hipaaftccomp.html WhyChat- I've had an interesting turn of events! This morning I woke up and got an alert from the official EX app that my Experian score had changed. Not unusual around this time of month because my credit card reports on the 1st. So I go in and take a look and my score had jumped 85 points!! Thinking I was dreaming, I go and check the back-door for Experian. GONE!!! CLEAN REPORT! I save and print out the report. So I think what the hell, let me check Equifax backdoor. GONE! Clean Report there too!!! Save and print. The tricky part is this--as I mentioned earlier, I received a second round of mail from both Experian and Equifax after my DVs (around 8/9 received responses around 8/22) that the accounts would remain. Now they are gone less than a week later. I have not seen anything else in writing and I'm nervous that they will reappear. Is the backdoor reliable that they are gone forever? Also--if so, any idea on whether it was the CA who just 'stopped reporting' or the actual CRAs who deleted? Thanks so much!!!
  9. So considering I haven't received anything from the CA as a result of initial or DV steps, would a CFPB complaint be my next move?
  10. I received letters from my initial disputes in late July and they were labeled July 22, 2017 from Equifax and July 17th from Experian. On this batch, 1 of the accounts was deleted from Experian and both remained on Equifax. Today (8/28) I received letters dated August 22nd from Equifax August 17th from Experian. This was after them receiving my follow up disputes around August 9th.
  11. Update: Hi Whychat- I've received letters from Experian and Equifax as a result of my 8/9 DV and Follow Up disputes. Unfortunately both Equifax and Experian have written that they have 'verified the accounts belonged to me'. They did not delete the 2 accounts. Disappointed as I was hoping the DV step would get me into the clear. Equally frustrating, as a result of the initial letter AND the DV, I have still received NOTHING from the CA. I'm at a loss on where to go from here. Please advise at your convenience.
  12. Hehe, I deserved that answer!! I'll be patient and wait on results from my latest step. Thanks!
  13. Whychat, Quick question. I know that the 3rd party services for monitoring are completely uselssss. I do pay for a service that gives me real FICO. However I was checking my CK weekly update and noticed that my equifax has dropped 18 pts and the only thing that's changed is that my 1 remaining act is now marked as "consumer disputes/consumer disputes reinvestigation in process". Is this normal? I'm on on the DV/CRA follow up step; CA and CRA received DV and Followup respectively on 8/7/2017. My other question is (and I know YMMV) how long should I be waiting in this step before I move on to the next action? Does it usually take several weeks after DV/CRA followup sfep? Thanks
  14. Update: Experian and Equifax have received my follow up disputes as of 8/9. Fingers now crossed that I get some resolution soon!
  15. In the followup letter to CRA after DV, This paragraph is a bit confusing to me: I have disputed this unknown medical account with the reporting Collection Agent, (copy enclosed with proof of their receipt), as per your instructions in your response of xx/xx/xxxx to my dispute of xx/xx/xxxx and have had no valid response. I'm unclear on what the x's should represent? The "xx/xx/xxxx" is the date of the letters sent or received "In response of ______." Is this the CA account number? "To my dispute of ______" Is this my free CRA credit report number that I used for initial dispute number? Is one the dispute confirmation number? Also, I'm allowed to sign the followup letter to CRA by hand since it is not going to a CA, correct? Yes And do I need my name, address, etc. on the Followup Letter to the CRA? Your initial guidance says to include it on everything that you type on regular paper as it could be used for court. But I don't see that on the Followup Letter Sample. You should have a letterhead on all your correspondence to the CRAs, CAs or OCs which include your name and address Wow, your timing is like clockwork, WhyChat! So when I got home from work today, I DID have a letter from the final CRA... Equifax. The letter says that the CA verified both accounts. So after completed initial disputes my results are as follows TransUnion Deleted Both (2) Accounts. Clean Reports! Experian Deleted 1 Account, Verified 1 Account Equifax Verified Both (2) Accounts. 1) I've still received nothing from the CA in response to my initial dispute letters.. Should my next step be DV Experian (for the 1 account) and Equifax (for the 2 accounts)? If so, could you please answer the question above re: what I should be using for the xxx-xxxx fields? 2). The address Equifax provided for the CA in the dispute response letter has a slightly different address then the one provided on the Equifax Free Annual Report used for the initial dispute. Basically, it has the name of the building included in the address, while the Free Report does not. Which variation of the CA address should I use for my DV? Use the one that has the MOST data, ie the one with the name of the building 3). When you say . ( you would be sending 2 "CRA ID" letters to each CA in the same envelope). In my case, I would need to send 2 DVs to the CA (one about them verifying 1 account to Experian and one about them verifying two accounts to Exquifax) but both in the same envelope? Yes And then 1 follow-up to both EX and EQ with 1 letter each. Yes, 1 letter to Ex with a copy of the DV sent to the CA and copy of the proof of receipt, and 1 letter to Eq with a copy of the DV referencing 2 accounts and a copy of the proof of receipt Sorry to be so clarifying, but I feel like I'm almost there and don't wanna screw it up! Thanks Thanks! I sent out the DV to the CA Priority Mail with tracking. I expect the CA should receive it tomorrow. I've got my CRA follow up ready to go for Equifax and Experian. I expect the CRA to receive the mail tomorrow which is a Saturday. Should I be prepared to send the CRA follow up tomorrow as well? Or will Monday be ok?

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