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  1. Just wanted to update I applied for the amazon revolver again yesterday (3rd time) and received the 7-10 day message. Received a call from Sync today and was approved for $1,500 loc. While it's a low starting line I'll take it. I'll put some spending on it and hopefully get an increase here in a couple of months.
  2. Thought I'd give another update. I reapplied for the Amazon revolver, but was denied. Figured I would give it another shot with more reporting on my credit reports. Also applied for OD which pulled Exp, but they stated that there still isn't enough in my credit file to do non PG and wanted me to PG. On Friday I had asked Ingram Micro to increase my credit from $2,500 to $6,000 and received a call back from them today stating they not only approved the $6,000, but bumped it up to $10,000 which was awesome to hear. That will be nice once I get more use on it and it starts reporting higher limits since they report to all 3 CRAs.
  3. Forgot to add that Ingram Micro is also showing on EX with a high limit of $2,500 and EXP high use of $1,919.
  4. Just wanted to post another update. My Amazon Net55 and Newegg Net55 are bother reporting to Equifax and showing open lines with a max of $2,000 for each. Uline is reporting to Experian showing a high of $57. Ingram is also now showing on D&B with a high use of $2,500. From everything I had read on here and other places I was surprised that D&B had already updated my Ingram Micro account. No I did not. I didn't PG anything, so did not use my SS#.
  5. Can someone verify this for me. So Key bank is listed as needing a PG, but there is no pull? My assumption is they don't pull your personal credit? Or do they just do a SP?
  6. I decided to sign up for the monitoring with Equifax and Experian and I was pleased to figure out Ingram Micro reports to D&B, Exp, and Equ. Right now for me it is is reporting a high trade of $362 which is what I had in total orders in May. At the time I was paying as I ordered so it showed up as COD on the CRAs. Also a note, I placed my orders on May 23rd and it was reported May 27th to Exp. So when the report this next time for June I'm assuming it should show up as Net 30 now instead of COD and I'm just slightly under $2,000 used out of my $2,500 line, which I think will be good for future credit use. I'm probably going to call them next week and see if I can get a bump in my CL because I'm looking at probably spending over $4,000 in July. Hope you guys find this helpful. I had not been able to find anything on Ingram. Edit: Grammar
  7. That I did know about, but I'm not sure I'm at the point where I will be approved yet as none of my lines are reporting yet. Right now my highest trade should report at $2000 for Ingram Micro assuming they do report. Newegg will be about $740, Amazon $400, the rest of the starter accounts will be $75-100. But that is whenever they do finally get reported. Sorry to hear that. Wish I could give you some helpful information, but I was suprised I was able to get Amazon and NewEgg to start with. Any recommendations on how long I should give it for Amazon revolving, or Sam's Club? Like I said earlier, I'm guesing 4-6 mo.
  8. Very nice. Let me know if you come up with any others. Like I said in a previous post I've pretty much stopped applying for net terms. Next on my list that I would like is definitely the Amazon revolving, or if I could find any other store cards similar to that. Any suggestions? From what I've read I should probably wait 4-6 months before applying? That's what I've kind of gathered anyways.
  9. Forgot to come back and update. I placed a $740 order with newegg and I've had no issues.
  10. I'm going to place an order on newegg. I will let you guys know my outcome here in a while. Edit: It wasn't mentioned the previous post by digitalsleep if had gotten his approval papers and account number, but just as a note I have received all of mine.
  11. Been meaning to get back here to post an update so here it is. Ingram Micro - $2,500 (Moved to the top since it's the largest line) - Will be placing an order for around $1,500 today Amazon Net55 - $2,000 - 1 order so far for over $100 (Will have an order in the next month or so for over $900 for some new equipment I need) Newegg Net55 - $2,000 - 1 order over $100 Amazon Revolving - Denied (No surprise I knew I was pushing my luck) Strategic Network Solutions - $1,000 - Haven't done anything with it yet, I know they used to report, but do they still? I feel like eventually they are going to get flagged seeing as how you can only use net terms for digital items Quill - I stand corrected from previous statement, need to make purchases with on time payments before they will report (Placed 1 order for $60-$70) Uline - Approved for $1,000 (1 order placed for $60-$70) Supply Works - Approved for $1,000 (Placing an order soon for $60-$70) Wayfair - Approved for $1,000 (Placing an order today for $120) Have not applied anywhere else as I figured this was a good start for now. Have been focusing on building up customer base and increasing sales and getting my website finished. Didn't get any replies, but figure I'll ask again. Does anyone know if Ingram Micro reports and to who if they do? I'm guessing that they probably do, but again that is a guess. I did not have those problems, atleast with Amazon anyways, I still need to make purchase with NewEgg. Edit: Spelling
  12. Ingram Micro is one of the electronics distributors I use for my business. Working on getting net terms with my other one now. Edit: Spelling What type of Business do you have? I'm amazed your getting approved so fast. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Local business for digital services/VAR/reseller. To be honest I'm also quite surprised about what I have gotten approved for. I'd really like to think I'll get approved for the Amazon revolving, but I'm sure it will be a no. Have a few things I need to purchase that will allow me to offer more services.
  13. Ingram Micro is one of the electronics distributors I use for my business. Working on getting net terms with my other one now. Edit: Spelling
  14. Using my home address. Also it was no PG for Ingram Micro as well.
  15. I did not PG anything and don't plan on PG'ing anything in the future. I also have a few updates from this morning. Quill - Approved, no prepay, unsure CL Uline - Received a call to verify a few business details and was approved with no prepay, unsure CL I had also requested Net 30 terms with Ingram Micro on Friday via e-mail and received a call from their financial services and explained to the rep why I need a line and the rep said she would see what she could do and get back to me. About an hour later was approved for Net30 CL $2,500. Does anyone know who, or if Ingram reports to?

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