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  1. ivymike

    BOA is stopping HP for CLI

    From what I've seen elsewhere that appears to be a common cap even to the point where people already at $99.9K would successfully apply for another card only to find that its entire starting limit was scavenged from another card leaving them at $99.9K total. I have exactly $100K across my cards but I got there with a CLI request that was deferred then manually approved. I am also Platinum Honors through a Merrill brokerage account.
  2. I wanted to see how bad it could really get. At that level it did not disappoint.
  3. ivymike

    So what did you get in the mail today?

    PNC BT offer, 0% through 7/31/2020 with $5/2% transfer fee.
  4. ivymike

    Did Navy Federal Close all of My Accounts?

    I've been looking sporadically to see if you've received the bonus yet. I got the card about a month after you did and sockdrawered it after I met the spend requirement just before New Years.
  5. Well, that's 8 minutes of my life I'd like back.
  6. ivymike

    Crooks Continue to Exploit GoDaddy Hole

    It's the Daniel Boone cap perched on her head.
  7. ivymike

    man declared dead by credit card company

    I went through something similar when LexisNexis added someone else's death notice and SSN to my LN report, which triggered fraud alerts, account closures, and a letter from Citibank addressed to my estate. Social Security Administration people helped me quite a bit in straightening things out. It wasn't the first time the SSA caseworker assigned to my case had seen it happen.
  8. ivymike

    Did Navy Federal Close all of My Accounts?

    I logged in and poked around, everything seems OK.
  9. ivymike

    credit unions

    They do. So do First Tech, UNFCU, USAlliance, and Vantage West.
  10. ivymike

    91 Day CLI Question

    That I don't know.
  11. ivymike

    CC for Europe trip/travel

    If you're not interested in trying to meet a large sign-up bonus w/large spend with a mid-tier travel card like the Citi Premier, Chase Sapphire Preferred, or BoA Premium Rewards look at the Uber Visa. No AF, no FTF, 4% cashback on restaurants, 3% back on airfare and hotels with a $100 signup bonus if you spend $500 in the first 90 days.
  12. ivymike

    CC for Europe trip/travel

    How much of a concern is that really, especially nowadays with contactless cards and Apple Pay/Samsung Pay? OP already has a Capital One card so likely already has a contactless card available in a pinch.
  13. ivymike

    91 Day CLI Question

    Depends on the issuer. For example AMEX allows 1 request after 61 days for your first card and then you can make 1 request total across all AMEX cards every 6 months, if denied you can try again after another 91 days.
  14. ivymike

    Is there such a thing as too many CCs?

    You sound like a veteran of Pud Kaplan's board.
  15. ivymike

    Is the $2 trick only good for bank cards?

    I think the bigger question is why you are playing the AZEO game with a FICO 8 score of 801 but I wouldn't do it with a store card like the Synchrony-issued Amazon.

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