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  1. Sorry. It took me awhile to find this because I had paid off the revolving balances and I had to go back to find this. Didn’t remember which CRA or source it came from so had to go through my files. This is from EQ about my account. This was noted during a time when I had moderate balances on my revolving accounts, hence #1. I couldn’t figure out what #2 was about until months later after I had paid the revolving balances to near zero that I noticed the second paragraph was still listed as a reason — #1 was was no longer noted at that point. The only loan that I had a balance on at the time was my student loan that was upside down. Original loan $15K and balance $17K and change. 1. Proportion of balances to credit limits on bank/national revolving or other revolving accounts is too high As one of the most important score factors, FICO® Scores evaluate account balances in relation to available credit on revolving accounts. Your score was impacted because your proportion of balances to credit limits on these accounts is too high. 2. Proportion of loan balances to loan amounts is too high FICO® Scores weigh the balances of mortgage and non-mortgage installment loans (such as auto or student loans) against the original loan amounts shown on a person’s credit report. Your score was impacted because your proportion of installment loan balances to the original loan amounts is too high
  2. I’m referring to the student loan. I have no balances on any of my CC except about $5 on one. The student loan is the only thing on my report that upside down. Nothing else negative.
  3. The student loans may not affect the credit utilization, but the fact that the balance is higher than the original loan amount must mean something and have an effect somewhere in the calculation. Otherwise it wouldn’t flag that. Anyone know?
  4. My CC balances have been 3% or less all this time. This is why I couldn’t figure out why I was being nicked on mY FICO. I figured it must be that I’m upside down on my student loan. Nothing else in my file.
  5. I have been paying my CC accounts in full so have very little balance in relationship to my credit lines but I noticed I am constantly being nicked where it says my credit utilization is too high. Couldn’t figure it out until I realized that my defaulted now rehabbed student loan was the problem. Original loan about was $15,500 and my balance now is around $17,600. This was because I defaulted and the excess is the accumulated interest. I’m assuming this is considered an installment loan, so how much should I pay down this loan without paying it off fully so it doesn’t nick me so much? Should my goal be under 80% of the total or under 50%? My FICO scores a couple of years ago were mid-500s. Now they are low 700s. Second time around with CB, so thank you all for always being there. I haven’t posted for awhile just working on my file.
  6. After my BK, I wanted to stick with debit cards but got into a situation where I couldn’t dispute a VISA sale I made online. Fortunately, I received my goods and my worry was unfounded, but I learned from VISA that I am not protected under normal VISA rules using a debit card and I’m sure it’s the same with MC.
  7. So for Hawaii, there could be many instances where the start of SOL could be the same as DOFD. The only difference is SOL ended one year earlier.
  8. Frankly, I don’t remember making any payments after the first time I missed a payment but the history shows blank. I would have had to made two payments to bring it current but I don’t remember doing that and I don’t have any records. In any case, I contacted a judge friend who explained everything to me. Essentially what you said. Thanks for your input.
  9. By how you explain it, if I made a payment in 5/16 and missed payments after that, then shouldnt the SOL then be 6/16? And if DOFD is the first instance of a delinquency that ends up leading to a chargeoff, it should also be 6/16, shouldnt it? Sorry, but I find this confusing. For explanation sake, lets use the following. This is pretty close to what I have on my CR with blank spots in the history 1/16. 2/16 3/16. 4/16. 5/16. 6/16. 7/16. 8/16. 9/16. 10/16. 30................................ Pd....30.....60.....90....120.....CO Could you also provide me with a link to where it says in Hawaii it resets? I couldnt find that part.
  10. Frankly, I don’t remember whether any payments were made during that time period. While the history shows some months as 30days and current the 30days, my vague recollection was I made none. I don’t know why the history looks like that.
  11. Hawaii. Non payment of installment debt.
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