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  1. How can I truly find out if its real though? Date of first delinquency is June of 2019. The “courier” also calls from an anonymous number.
  2. What is the DOFD? I am in California. The company for collections is Intergrated Capital Recovery. The offered 400 to settle. I asked for pay for delete and paid in full letter but she said she would send it after its paid. I assumed they can always send it prior. The “courier” said it she was being sent by the state.
  3. I did receive paper copies yes. It’s on there.
  4. Ok, so thanks to advice from this forum I have since caught up and taken care of the majority of my debt. There is one account that I just completly missed and is in collections and I received a call that legal action will be taken and I will be served for garnishment/judgement. She said she was a courier. They don’t have my correct address and I didn’t give them my new one because I wanted to gather information first To make sure it was legit. On the phone I mentioned to send me a debt verification. She said she would email it. Never sent of course. She gave me a number to call to take care of it and to get the information I need. On my CR it said I had a limit of 300 and the last reported (High) balance in 2019 (nov) was 639. If I call collections and take care of it, will the attempt to serve me stop right away? How much should I offer to take care of it if I want to try to settle for a fraction. I really want to try to squash this as quickly as possible and I’ve read to submit in writing but I feel I shouldn’t wait. Any assistance if helpful. Thank you. Small Edit/update: Just called collections and the girl was generally very nice about everything. I didn’t confirm it was mine but she explained that the “courier” was just trying to rush things along and that I could setup an arrangement/pay in full etc. She is emailing the debt verification. Should I offer a settle/pay for delete and how much should I offer?
  5. I called. The lady said that comenity bank has computers that “do random checks” on customers. Mine was random and limit was lowered. Seriously.
  6. I’m more just worried that other cards i have with them would be reduced the same way. If cards are closer to the limit and reduced i would then be over my limit and be charged fees.
  7. I’ve been diligent on my express card the past few months. Had trouble previously. My score is 620 according to the document they sent me. They stated that due to my inquiry they are reducing my line to 400 instead of 500. And I’ve recently been putting a dent in the account balance. Anything i can do about it? It said I inquired about something but I never did and due to credit findings they are reducing!
  8. Ok so once I receive those what would I send or do to contact the credit bureaus to try and get those removed? (To try and remove those that are due to fall off this year, remove earlier)
  9. It was experian only. The other two I couldn’t obtain online for some reason. What reasoning shall I put if I am able to dispute through TU to get those two removed?
  10. Answers 1 and 2 how would I do that? What type of letter etc? #3 understood #4 The old finance company told me that. Should I contact them by phone (which I don’t mind) or letter? #5 EDIT: LOOKS VERY TOUGH! HAHA and #6 thank very much!
  11. Ok so what shall I do here? A lot of conflicting information. What’s SOL? EDIT PLEASE READ! Just got my CR. Ok, so I have one old sprint account scheduled to be removed July of this year and an old Verizon account scheduled to removed November of this year. Any way to remove them earlier? Never paid them. Also, I have a couple cap ones and from my credit union that we’re paid and closed years ago. Shall I leave those? Never late etc. They are on there. I also have a car loan that I refinanced to my credit union in February but my old finance company reported February as being late. I was never late. They stated it wouldn’t during the refinance to my credit union. Also a discharged BK on there. Date filed 3/28/2012, resolved 7/2012. Says on record till March of 2022. I’m in California. Thought BK was only 7 years(?). This is my Experian pull. Other collections on there are in collections on record till 2024. I will negotiate or pay after promise to remove letters are received back. Am I on the right track?
  12. Thank you. But what if I see it was supposed to fall off in January? Hypothetically. Do I contact all three bureaus? And what do I send them? Sample letter? If it does fall off do they still contact me?
  13. I downloaded my CR from annual credit report last week. Just haven’t had a chance to fully go through them. I wasn’t aware they show a fall off date. Do the credit report agency’s do this automatically?
  14. So if it is over seven years how can I get that removed? Is there a sample letter I can send and who do I send to? Also, if I call the CA to get the actual dates should they have that info and will calling them reset the time?

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