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  1. I had a small stroke in December followed by some very bad depression and I am needing brain surgery to correct the rare disease I have (Moyamoya disease). 37 years old, never knew I had it until the stroke happened.
  2. I spoke with a rep and she stated even with my medical issue I cannot stop collections. I had brain surgery on the 31st of May and I am going back in on July 3rd for another. They are my responsibility, I know, but with everything going on it hasn’t been my priority. Anything I can do? I was not enrolled in any program to keep the payments up. I really didn’t want them to close, which they can after some time. Need help.
  3. Should I post the needed info from my reports here or a different section?
  4. Ok. Gonna get the paper reports this week. Once I get those. Then what? Also, is credit karma a spot to check the reports? I have it and check every so often. Has info. I've disputed before to see what would fall off etc. it's fairly accurate from what I can tell.
  5. Ok maybe I was confusing consolidation with credit repair. Can someone direct me to the best credit repair info?
  6. Ok my wife and I would love to buy a home. Should we consolidate our debt or negotiate on our own? The thing about negotiating on payments on collections is if even I negotiate say $10 a month on a card thats in collections, will that at all be helpful or will only larger payments help?. On my credit I have a collection Credit One card of about $400 and older Verizon and ATT accounts of about $400-$700. I also have a balance of $350 on a cap one that I have never been late on. Good standing etc. I also have a car loan of $10000 that I have never been late on. My wife has two older cap ones in collections of about 400 each and student loans she is past due on. Our scores are both in the mid to high 500's and not moving. Im wondering if we should consolidate the debt and if any companies are recommended. Cannot file BK since we had a BK (chapter 7) discharge back in 2012. Would love to buy a home sooner than later since we both have good incomes now but our apartment is raising rent and for the price we could pay a mortgage. We've been looking at cheaper places but with the bad credit its hard to leave. Blew it after the BK due to job loss soon after. Good stable incomes now. I work for a school district (not a teacher yet) and theres tons of home buying help and programs for employees but I need to get the debt fixed first. HELP!

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