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  1. I completely agree with the above. I want someone who will treat me like a person and not a file. Someone who answers my emails, even if they're repetitive, someone who reassures me and knows what they are talking about, someone with experience and contacts in the community who can use their own tricks to get us the best loan and customer service. We are first time homebuyers and have dealt with 4 mortgage people so far. 1. was confident and friendly but got very sensitive when I talked about shopping around, in the end his loans were way too limited for us. 2. very nice, large
  2. I don't think we qualify for USAA, we have absolutely NO military connections. We got a quote from Allstate for St. Johns (?), much better than Citizens (quoted from a broker). $1400 compared to $2350. We're hoping for closer to $1200 but I think $1400 may work. We have a local broker checking into some other options. StateFarm originally quoted me $1000 but then 3 weeks later they quoted $1700 and had no recollection of the original quote (and I didn't get it in writing). If we switch to Allstate it will be for both cars and some extra health insurance we currently carry. I know we're
  3. We *just* found out that what we had been quoted for HOI is not accurate because of the BK. The new qoutes put us OVER our debt to income ratios and we may not get the loan because of it. Does anyone have any recommendations for cheap and fast homeowner's insurance? We in in FL if that makes a difference. Thanks!!
  4. DH just got his in the mail CL $8K APR 15.75% NO Annual Fee His scores as of 3/15/06: TU 682 EQ 615 EX 618 BK discharged 11/05
  5. The pictures (seem) to be based on the images from google maps, which are not up to date, sometimes as old as 3-4 years so don't go by them at all.
  6. It really depends on the area (so I've found)...in parts of central FL it's pretty accurate but then in the next county it's completely off. I think it's good for getting a general idea.
  7. I'm so sorry for you guys. We're also doing 100% financing and having he appraisal before the inspection for this very reason. The lising agent is convinced it will appraise at or slightly above the contract price so we'll see! Good luck!
  8. They were Patriot Mortgage in FL, just changed to PNC Lending recently...I think there is another Patriot Mortgage in New Eangland, not sure if they're related. Anyway - good? bad? anything? Thanks, UnluckyDuck
  9. fla-tan yes the student loan is in repayment, has been since 1998 or 1999. Thanks for the advice! We are definitely going to take it!
  10. Thanks fla-tan. We are in FL. Our combined income is roughly $85-90K, we can prove with pay stubs definitely. The BK was mostly consumer debt, we got over our heads (starting years ago) and then I was out of work for a few months, when I finally found a job (or it found me) it was a good $10K less than my previous jobs...we were struggling and robbing peter to pay paul. Right now we have a car pymt ad student loan, both in good standing, plus a few litle cc's with no balances. We are also concerned about having too many people look at our credit. I've read so many conflicting thing
  11. We were officially discharged in early November so we understand we'll be very limited to sub-prime lenders but we're wondering if we can do better than what seems to be our only offer. We'll have enough to cover closing costs (told approx $6-7K) but probably not much of a down payment, if anything it'll be $2-3K. Our mid scores are over 600...mine is 621, DH's is 607. The offer is: 80% loan 2/28 arm 8.99% 20% loan amortized for 30 years but due in 15 12.3% We were told that if we wanted lower rates our mid scores would have to be at least 660 and then it would only de
  12. Congrats, DH was just approved on Monday so we should be getting his any day now too! Our plan is the same as yours!
  13. Has any used the Entertainment Book and gotten their money's worth? Right now they have a special where if you pre-order the 2006 book they will send you the 2005 book free of charge, just pay $5 s/h.
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