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  1. Oh! That makes sense! I can totally believe some would copy it onto whatever the hell they felt like.
  2. May I ask, how come that letter says not to sign your name only to print it?
  3. There is nothing on any of his credit reports to dispute. I do get the real credit reports (now, I admit I used to go through Credit Karma, I don't do that anymore). This isn't listed anywhere so how do I dispute something that isn't there? I'm going to opt out for both of us, though isn't it a bit late? Well, I suppose better late than never. I have sent a request for the records from Medicaid. They are not terribly organized (nearly impossible to get to talk to someone on the phone) but I'll do my best to get those records. I don't think they paid anything on this. Thinking back on it I'm not sure if my husband gave them his medicaid info. He was kinda having a seizure and I didn't get to the hospital until after the registration process was done. I'm not sure they even had it.
  4. We had not opted out, I didn't know that was even an option at the time we applied for a home loan. I have the letter showing he was approved for medicaid. Should we call the ambulance service directly then, even though they sold it to a CA? I don't see this listed on any of our credit reports from any CRA to dispute it. I'd like to make sure it doesn't get to that point though.
  5. I've read over everything and I'm still very confused. I'm trying to follow the guide you linked but which letter do we send? It was for an ambulance but my husband had medicaid and it should have covered this.
  6. I didn't know anything about opting out, so sadly too late now. We have moved since the date he received the medical care, I thought you could only have inaccurate addresses removed? I'll read through those links, thanks.
  7. I'm not sure where to go on this. Recently my husband and I applied for a mortgage which brought all sorts of vultures out of the woodwork. We received one letter that I'm not sure how to handle. It is for a medical service my husband received a little over 2 years ago but he had insurance (medicaid) which should have covered everything. I don't remember receiving a bill after that but I admit it's entirely possible and I overlooked it (was in a bit of an panic dealing with the repercussions of what had happened, not to mention our mail was being stolen on a regular basis where we lived). So now we have this letter from a CA but is it to late to show them the insurance info? Or should we contact the OC, who sold the debt to the CA, and give them the insurance info? Or have we screwed up and now we just have to pay it? I don't recall seeing this on our credit reports when I've checked.

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