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  1. Chaseflowchart.info will tell you what you need to know.
  2. chaseflowchart.info will tell you exactly what you need to know. You essentially need to call into the automated recon line and hope for a two-week answer which means approved
  3. Chase, Citi, Amex cards don't. There are many other issuers of business cards, but they're the majors and don't report to personal (unless you default)
  4. No. Getting a business card is subject to 5/24 rules, but doesn't count towards them. The business card won't count when applying for a personal if you are otherwise under 5/24 without it
  5. If it was my money, I'd rather give it to a 2-year old business with no profits (also read as no losses), than an unknown entity with no record of either. Lenders of any sizable money will likely be basing their decisions off of your credit either way...little business history can't hurt
  6. Is there a reason why you wouldn't want to do this?
  7. Hmm, ok. The reason I ask is I have multiple Chase and Citi business cards and none of them have ever reported to D&B. I use iUpdate but have never checked my Experian or Equifax reports (but assume they show up there). Each of these cards closes with a balance of $1-5k and is paid off immediately thereafter. All of these are paid with a business bank account
  8. It depends where you live. Look into the homestead exemption laws in your state
  9. I seem to find conflicting information online. Does anyone know where Chase and Citi report business credit cards (and any other big bank, if someone has the knowledge)?
  10. I apply for the CIP online. You can apply using your EIN, and/or your SSN. If you are after the sign-up bonus, you can usually get better offers in a branch talking to a BRM (100k instead of 80K). Chase doesn't let you have many cards per EIN, and usually only 1 per 30 days. I happen to have multiple EINs at all times for my business needs and have a card for each. In fact, I am happy to send a referral... if that's kosher to offer on this forum
  11. They don't report to personal. Only the hard pull will show up. I churn Chase business cards for bonuses...8 cards, none report to personal
  12. AT&T will. Can't speak to others
  13. Are both business cards? If so, one will most likely get denied. Chase usually requires at least 30 days between apps and generally requires you to be 0/30 (zero new credit cards in last 30 days) to be approved for a business card
  14. Plenty of this info documented online but I don't have the CRA answers off hand. Hard pulls are never combined for a business and personal card. Best practice would be to apply and get approved for the business card first, then apply for the personal afterwards.

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