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  1. The problem with this Midland account is that it's not showing DOFD. The original creditor is GE Capital, but I don't remember what credit card this was from since it's no longer on my credit report Also...I was today years old when I found out there are FOUR consumer credit reports! Can you tell me what the 4th one is??? 😁
  2. Have a bunch of collections dropping this year. Actually All from Portfolio and Midland dropped from TU report. Calvary wasn't budging until October though. Equifax and EXP are different stories. All of my Portfolio but one dropped off. and I have to wait until July for the last. You would think they would just let the one go, but nope. Midland is another matter. When I disputed those online, one dropped but another isn't budging. I also got a letter from them asking me to specifically explain to them what exactly was I disputing. Since this debt is SOL I'm suspecting that they want me to restart the clock (???) Also on my report, there is *no* drop off date! I'm pretty sure it's scheduled to drop soon (August I think). But if there's no drop of date, can they keep it on my report??? Any suggestions on how I can remove?
  3. Hi! SO back in March CapOne upgraded my QS1 to QS while also allowing me to combine the QS with my Platinum (had to close my Platinum). It's my understanding that the QS card has more generous increases than QS1. Do I have to wait a whole 6 months to request an increase? Tried requesting and they told me to kick rocks since there were changes made to my account.
  4. PRA had a change of heart and has removed it! After almost 2 years I can finally put this to rest
  5. I'm in Illinois. So a dismissal that's not based on "failed merits" basically trumps SOL? Damn. There's something seriously wrong with that. In any case, I doubt *crosses fingers* that PRA will file again over a $1000 debt. It does look like I have to deal with them updating my report for another year. Wow
  6. check your statutes - some times the filing of the lawsuit Tolls the SOL from running , and if they filed within the SOL originally, have another 6 months to a year to refile I *Think* If a case is dismissed without prejudice, the SOL is tolled in a case that is reinstated, but it is not tolled if a new case is filed. But I will have to do my research on that.
  7. It was dismissed without prejudice; however, the debt is now SOL, so they can't sue me for the debt, ever.
  8. Question about this. I was sued by Portfolio and had the case dismissed w/o Prejudice. Yet, they're STILL updating! Could I use the fact that I won the case as a valid dispute reason? Why would a JDB continue to update when they lost the case??
  9. YYaWannNo


  10. Does Barclays forgive if you burned them in the past? Defaulted on a Barclays card 6 years ago for around $450.
  11. Welcome to CB! do you have any active accounts now? You have to build credit while you repair. Yes! My oldest card is 8 years old the newest about 4 months. I have a mixture of Bank cards, retail, student loans all have been paid on time. Sadly back in 2007, I was laid off and defaulted on quite a number of retail cards (Gap, VS, Paypal) I had to sacrifice those to pay my Visa/MC bills. Lesson learned. if you defaulted 9-10 years ago, those should have fallen of your reports by now who is reporting - JDB's ? do you know the difference between a Junk Debt Buyer and a Collection Agency ? if the DOFD that led to the OC charge off was more than 7 12 years ago, the OC & JDB/CA shouldn't be on your reports look thru your old reports and compare the OC charge off dates to what is currently reporting if any of those dates have changed, send an ITS letter to the CA/JDB reporting stating that; Reaging and reporting a debt that is past the FCRA reporting limit and Past the Statute of limitations is a FDCPA Violation and if it's not corrected in 10 days, you're going to turn this over to an attorney for legal action in Federal court for False Credit reporting Sorry, to clarify, I was laid off in 2008 but didn't completely default until 2011/2012 (Had a long stretch of temp/freelance work). All are JDBs that are reporting . Mainly Portfolio and Calvary. And one from Midland. Since I'm not looking into any large purchases this year, nor am I looking to move, I can afford to wait until this crap falls off. I was just wondering why my FAKO was so low. I actually did check my FICO which is 591. At least I know I going in the right direction.
  12. Thanks all. I had NO idea that monthly reporting of COs hurts as if they were brand new! I guess the older the charge off, the less it stings is just a huge lie! I will keep this in mind.

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