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  1. You can send an email to the executive office of Credit One asking for the CO to be removed. Be humble and state hardship if any. If you look thru my old posts I have a thread or posts on it. I have never delt with LVNV but im sure someone with knowledge will chime in.
  2. Thanks one more year for 10. I can try the softpull and see what they say.
  3. Good point. I managed to the BK off of EQ so will see the differences. With any luck maybe I can get it off the last CRAs a little early.
  4. I had Citi included in the BK 9 years ago, do they hold a grudge? Thanks
  5. The CA is a legit I don't owe. I have disputed with PRA multiple times etc and got nowhere. Since they do the PFD I just bit the bullet and got something in writing so that should be off soon. Thanks
  6. LOl you are right about the Merrick 3 bucks a month it is a pain. I just kept the card as I needed one until I was able to get some more cards. The Kohls card I need to use it a couple of times and then I will ask for a CLI. The Charge Off hasn't updated in 5 years on a largest amount. They never sent me to Collections either. I'm waiting one more year for it to hit the SOL and then I need to figure out what to do? Might be better to just let it time off? I have 4 real credit cards currently not including the Merrick. Would getting others help? My auto loan is paid down about 20%
  7. Im trying boost my scores as they haven't moved in quite some time. I pay off every month but use the 2 dollar trick. Besides the last CA any advice?
  8. I also forgot to add I have an auto loan so I do have an installment.
  9. Current scores EX-721 EQ-727 TU-706 I have another year before a CH7 falls off but was able to to get it off of EQ. My only CA is Portfolio Recovery for less than 700.00 im thinking of paying it since they are doing PFD esp if I can get at a discount. My current cards are NFCU 6000.00 DISCOVER 9500.00 BBVA 6900 Cap One Quicksilver 1 1500.00 Kohls 1000.00 Merrick 1200.00 The Cap One is my oldest card however they keep turning me down for Cli's. I need to get rid of the Merrick. Thoughts and advice appreciated. In the 9year old CH7, I also had 2 AMEX in it and not sure if they are being forgiving these days?
  10. Has anyone tried this that has all of their bills paid by CC?
  11. Hello I wanted some clarification on when NFCU does their Annual Reviews? Also I wanted to verify if you applied for a CLI after they pulled your report they wouldn't pull again? I have added some quality cards and refinances and the inquiries are moving higher than I would like. Thanks
  12. Hello I wanted to clarrify and update. i disputed by certified letter. Tu said they wouldnt remove but now it has béen removed from my reports. X my fingers and if its readded send a reinsertion letter. Thanks
  13. Hello, I read back through and did not see anything about "employ with the TU dispute" unless I missed something lol Thanks for all help
  14. Any ideas of where I should go with this from here? Of course all letters and disputes have been sent certified. All help is appreciated

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