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  1. Has anyone tried to file a ucc1 and were they successful?
  2. what are the requirements to get approved for costco or sams? is it trades or scores? who do they pull from?
  3. How long did it take you to begin applying for business cards did you do the entire net30 process or did you go straight to applying . I waited a long time but I think it was decided by my personal credit. I tried the net 30 process but I didn't have the best success mostly because of my lack of patience. I think it was 5 months before I got the Citi AA card. I haven't seen any of my business reports. DnB called me and said I need to pay 2K so my business profile can be complete. I laughed so hard she got mad and hung up lmao if only I could be a fly on her wall!!!!!! now that's hilarious! Thank you for the feed back I know the feeling it really takes time and patience ....
  4. What type terms of service does DEMCO offer. Do you have to make an initial purchase prior to credit account? Looking at Vista Print Corporate App, should I apply online or give them a call? I didn't purchase prior for any of my accounts. Demco has school library supplies
  5. How long did it take you to begin applying for business cards did you do the entire net30 process or did you go straight to applying
  7. No I don't sell on Amazon but I do have a business account set up with them
  8. I was sent to the same thing on my Amazon account and was also approved instant it seemed like a pre approval pop up. Amazon Capital services
  9. Rain12

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    and Office Depot if it did report on paper
  10. Rain12

    My Biz

    @Blake can you post where wells fargo and Regions are reporting
  11. I think that's Uline I have MSC but haven't ordered from them because I recently read they don't report anymore and I that is listed on my report
  12. do Amsterdam and MSC report ?
  13. Asking for a friend she's been having her business for about 5 years and it's doing really well now but when she first started she didn't know much about business credit and she had a few government contracts and was able to receive credit but things went downhill and she wasn't able to pay her bills....... now she back up and running really well but the question is can she fix her errors from 5 years ago
  14. wow they dont I have both that sucks

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