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  1. Hmm it's been May so let's see if I include everything since Citi Premier TY - 5k Citi AA - 4k>7k Sync Paypal 4k>7k>10k Discover -6k>9k EX FICO:722 P2 Cash Magnet - 8k CIP - 5k EX FICO:753 I had to remove P2 from a few of my AU's to get her under 5/24 - and then once that's done got the CIP - next SUB to work on. Hope you are all doing well and keeping it up!
  2. Hmm did they get rid of the edit button? (I see it now, probably times out after a time) Forgot to add - US Bank FlexPerks - auto increase 4k->6k
  3. Citi has denied me multiple times for usually BS reasons (Can't match your profile, too many inq's, etc.) They sent me a letter today "We recently discovered that we processed your request using incorrect criteria and you may have been declined in error." I applied again today for the AA Advantage - approved for - 4.2k Finally in with Citi!
  4. BBVA Rewards 5>6.5k Discover 5>5.5k
  5. Maybe they've changed, I'm at 723 FICO and LOL/24 (I think i'm at 24/24 now) but do have previous relationship with WF.
  6. Matters what you are trying to do. https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/kevlarlover/Card+Recommendation+Flowchart+v11.html
  7. Saw the CSP in my "Your Offers" with Chase. Approved 17.5k LOL/24 (around 23)
  8. I just came to add my FAKO scores have gone up and down almost 40 points since January. My Experian FICO has moved two points since January.
  9. Hi all, I just wanted to tell you all "Thank you" - I was able to pre-qualify for a mortgage at 708 - We've made an offer on a house and it was accepted! I couldn't have gotten my credit repaired without you all, so, again, thank you for all that you do, and volunteering to help people on your spare time. You rock! I will add a comment of my own though - Don't buy a house when you are broke and/or in debt! Save up a down payment. At least here, "Down payment assistance" plans are all crap too.

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