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  1. I may or may not have done everything here listed. We take our vapes (no flower) in a sunglasses case on multiple flights and never had an issue.
  2. Does this help? DOLA is 8/31/2016 - and DOFD would be...? Might be time to get paper reports again... DEPT OF ED/NAVIENT 123 JUSTISON STREET 3RD FLOOR WILMINGTON, DE 19801 (888) 272-5543 Date Opened: 09/23/2011 Responsibility: Individual Account Account Type: Installment Account Loan Type: STUDENT LOAN Balance: $0 Date Updated: 08/31/2016 Payment Received: $0 Last Payment Made: 08/26/2016 High Balance: $1,750 Pay Status: Current Account Terms: Monthly for 36 months Date Closed: 08/31/2016 >Maximum Delinquency of 120 days in 06/2014 and in 07/2015< Remarks: CLOSED 07/2016 06/2016 05/2016 04/2016 03/2016 02/2016 01/2016 12/2015 11/2015 10/2015 Rating OK OK OK OK OK OK X X OK X 09/2015 08/2015 07/2015 06/2015 05/2015 04/2015 03/2015 02/2015 01/2015 12/2014 Rating X X 120 120 120 120 90 OK OK OK 11/2014 10/2014 09/2014 08/2014 07/2014 06/2014 05/2014 04/2014 03/2014 02/2014 Rating OK X 120 120 120 120 90 X X X 01/2014 12/2013 11/2013 10/2013 09/2013 08/2013 07/2013 06/2013 05/2013 04/2013 Rating X X X X X X X X X X 03/2013 02/2013 Rating X X
  3. Necroing my rebuilding thread. My Navient/Department of Education account was removed (Got eight 180 day lates in 2014-2015) (I haven't filed any disputes or anything in a while) from Equifax and my FAKO went up 40 points. I don't have any baddies on Equifax anymore! Now would like to figure out the reasoning - or maybe time to re-dispute it for accuracy on the other two. Any ideas?
  4. I hope you like the frickin' boat... I want to pay maybe $5k for a pontoon boat when we move to the lake. I like $4k better. It floats, a motor, it turns, and has some seats. A top would be a bonus.
  5. I know another way to get 50% off a Vera Wang ring that’s not a loophole. Ebay. Where I bought my wife’s Vera Wang engagement and wedding rings, and way under Mr. Loopholes price.
  6. $33k car making $46k... another one... wow
  7. Another who sure learned from their BK. $449 a month making 31k. Wow
  8. Yeah because Crap1 doesn’t have any carts with “miles” and they should just cash in those miles, or statement credit “hack”. But that also would mean they would have to have discipline to save.
  9. I KBB'ed a 2017 GS F Sport with 25k miles in LA, CA excellent private party came up to $33k So you also overpaid your vehicle by 13 grand too?
  10. DW got a CSP a couple months ago $15.5k not sure if I added it here that SUB is done DW Amex BBP $9k
  11. He’s a DR personality. I also like DR more than most on here, but that’s another discussion. Basically what cash said is how I feel. I’ve checked some things on Ken’s website about changing my resume and building relationships. Some of it makes sense. I don’t plan on looking for another job anytime soon though. I don’t listen to his show or watch on YT though.
  12. A $35 grand Kia with a $500+ car payment making $50k? Another car payment recycler, will probably have payments the rest of his life. Wow. Hopefully the Kia makes it seven years.
  13. scott31337


    Thanks for the advice, I got the letter as well. I’ll call them tomorrow.
  14. Sounds like a FAKO drop. Which source did you get these scores from? I sneeze, FAKO drops 40 points. I use the restroom, it goes back up 40.
  15. I could put it that way to him.

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