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  1. scott31337

    Need Advice - Paid OC Convergent Refused to Delete

    If you refresh the page enough, the ad will move to another spot, or disappear. You then can read the whole thread. Op- you have to be persistent, annoy convergent so much they'll get tired of you and delete it. Look at the other convergent threads, i had one, paid OC, and finally got it deleted.
  2. scott31337

    Credit one bank

    #fakenews or has not done ANY research...
  3. Mine did not get me around 5/24 when I was "pre-offered" for the CSP. This was in April? or so.
  4. The card is okay, but the payment methods suck. Bill Pay is kind of a PITA with it as well.
  5. scott31337

    Master 2018 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    I checked my HSBC card today and it went from 2K>3.5K. My first auto CLI ever
  6. scott31337

    App for AMEX?

    The old lates do hurt, but yes, I would definitely get the util down a bit before apping for something else if I were you.
  7. scott31337

    Credit advice

    How old are your accounts? Do you know about Chase's 5/24 rule?
  8. scott31337

    Debt validation?

    How old is this debt? Do you know the DOFD?
  9. Citi DC has no annual fee, no need to cancel. You're over 5/24 - what are your FICO's at right now? You carrying balances? I'll follow up when I get home.
  10. Accepting a payment and ramming a check to their mailing address are two different things
  11. Convergent may not ignore the letter, but it's worth to try DV'ing with them. I'd personally see if you can pay Cox directly, and then you have to deal with Convergent removing it. It's time consuming, but can be done. (Use the search tool for Convergent for a few threads on this) https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=538754
  12. scott31337

    Citibank was quick to cancel one of my cards today.

    I use Apple Pay quite a lot - I only have two cards normally in my wallet - I don't have to carry so many and it's convenient. To each his own.
  13. scott31337

    This should have been a 2% card..... [AMEX Cash Magnet]

    Tempting, but I do want a Delta Gold when the SUB is decent again.
  14. scott31337

    Discover luv button fixed: Your credit line has been increased.

    DW got 1.5k increase to 10k
  15. I'm just waiting for something official, and I'll be going for it.

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