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  1. Oh! Perfect. That changes perspective. Thank you! This is great news! I'll give them a call and see what we can do. Going to figure everything up before I make calls. Thank you!
  2. I guess the only downfall is if I was to pay it out, say 5 years. Then I'm still stuck with the negatives for 7 after they're paid off? Well I guess just a hair over the length the bankruptcy would be there. Take the time you need! My sincerest thanks for taking time out of your day to give your advice. I really do appreciate it.
  3. Thank you very much for your response. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to respond to this! So we do currently have 2 car payments. I thought mine was going to get repossessed but that never happened. And later I found out that Penfed wasn't listed as a lien holder. I could probably comfortably contribute $500 a month to the debt. My wife and I are both working from home currently due to the pandemic, I will return to the office. Earliest in March now but it may even be pushed further. She works 100% remote, so no RTO for her. Our kids are going to be 4 and 3 in march, If we could some
  4. Oh it's very unpleasant. It makes me sick to my stomach to even think about and discuss this after all the work I out into it to fix the mistakes of my youth. I figure, if I was to sell both cars. I could take the settlement offers of navy federal and the collection of 15K for pended off the board for a total of 11K. Depending on what else I could settle for, I could be down to around 5K in debt. (Leaving that 10K auto loan from credit acceptance alone, as it falls off next year anyways) And at that point, I'd work on settlements or payment plans to get it down. Bankruptcy would ta
  5. Income is $67,000 myself. $35,000 for my wife, 102K total. 2 kids, so family of 4. So not even sure if I'd qualify for Chapter 7 My wife's credit is in good standing. Has some high balances but we're both in school. Also both received pell grants. I forgot to mention that I could take 4K next semester in school loans to pay some of needed. We just did 2K fromy wife's school loans to pay off 5 of her cards. Maybe not the best idea but 0% interest in the loan while she is in school, taking the $200 she was paying on minimum payments for these cards and just applying it to the loan. F
  6. Thank you CV, always appreciated your input! I have 2 cars that I may be able to sell. One for sure, it's just an 04 mustang that is a "toy" so I could probably get around 6K out of it to put towards this. Another is a 2013 Kia Optima. Now this one I'm not sure on, I financed this through bridgecrest, they are the lein holder on the title (never went to remove them) I refinanced it through PenFed, so the account as you see above is closed and paid off with Bridgecrest. But, I got confused as KY owners hold the title and I went months back and forth with PenFed and Bridgecrest to g
  7. Hello all, So I've been here before. A few years back I was working on fixing my credit and succeeded for the most part. But unfortunately, 2 years ago I was laid off from my job and was unemployed for about 7 months. I talked with a lawyer as I was contemplating bankruptcy, he told me to stop making payments on anything but I never did file. So here's where I'm at now. Should I attempt to repair my credit? Is it worth trying to remove the following below from my reports? Or should I just file for bankruptcy? I do have the money to file if this is the better route. I will be un
  8. Thank you Indy. So do as he says and just let them go? I created the thread there because it was a question on bankruptcy but also wanted to reply and update this thread for those following and gain guidance in this circumstance. In response to the other thread, I'm sure you can see now that I'm deciding to file because of this past judgement. Which sucks, I would be able to take our tax return, pay off my navy federal card, and then balance transfer with their offer my other cards. Literally all my cards would be zero balance. Payments are getting me atm because I lo
  9. Thank you guys and WhyChat. I looked at that a s well and decided to call an attorney. I just had my appointment with him today and his advice is to go ahead and file, I’m able file chapter 7. he recommended to stop paying my credit cards since we would plan to file at the end of Feb. would it be be better to keep them current up to filing so I don’t have any late payments? I only have one showing from a charged off account from 4 years ago, other than that it’s 100% on time. or should I let them go? I’m curious as to what the beat outcome would be after di
  10. Ok, I'll call again and see if I can get the file mailed or faxed to me. This judgement is not and to my knowledge, never on Experian, Equifax or Transunion. I say to my knowledge because there was a gap to where I didn't check my credit or even care about it (young, dumb. hence the trouble I'm in now) When I started working on it a year and a half ago, it wasn't on there. If I live in KY now, with the Judgement in TN. Can they still garnish my wages here? Or would they need to go through the courts here? I'm curious to why my wages were never garnished when I lived in MA or even h
  11. Ok...so I have some more information now. I called the court house where I lived in TN and there was a judgement in 2012 from Automotive Credit Corp in the amount of 21,528. I was never subpoened so not sure what my options are here. I know you said they are good for 10 years, so we're looking at another 3 years and this is if they don't get it extended right? Looking for advice in this, tax returns are around the corner and I was going to pay off what balances we have. Would bankruptcy be the only way to make this disappear? Long term goal here is to buy a
  12. So just to make sure I have this right. Should I not respond to this letter?
  13. Ok. Thank you guys for the replies, I do appreciate it. I’ll contact the court from that county in Tennessee on Tuesday and see what I can get. I was afraid I would have to respond immediately but like you said centex, I don’t have all the information. i know you said it was like it was a response to a dispute, just want to say I haven’t disputed this at all. It fell off my reports before I started trying to clean them up. Tax refunds are around the corner and I planned on using them to pay off some cc’s fully , just afraid to get sued over this and that go to waste if
  14. I was in my early 20's and obviously not smart about all of this. I proved that I was financially unable to make the payments, proved I live don my own and in school, They stopped. Then I get refunded the money, which I do not have copies of any of that anymore. So I guess I can call the court house in Tennessee and get some mor einformation. How should I respond to this letter though ? from the sounds of the letter, they would have to get and send copies of all this anyways.
  15. Not sure when the sale took place, never received anything after the vehicle was repossessed. Honestly, I don't know if I was sued over this or not. Reason I say this, is because I had a garnishment out of my check for a judgement that was placed against me in 2013. I'm not sure what it was over, I was never subpoened and never received any notification of anything until money was taken out of my check. I called the court house but forget what it was over. I went down to the court house to get it resolved, the court stopped the payments. A few months later I get a letter from a law firm that s
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