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  1. how many months were you behind ? I’m 4 months behind at the moment. What was the amount you owed? I have no other accounts with navy besides another credit card that I haven’t used with zero balance.
  2. Hey guys I want some opinions. I have a credit card that’s past due 4 months I owe 25k on it. I lost my job don’t have much income. They offered to settle with me for 9k which I can afford. Is it worth settling ? I wanna get start re building my credit. I can’t afford to pay in full. It’s NFCU credit card thanks
  3. Hey guys I have a question I have a high 700 credit score. I was thinking about applying nfcu card will they give me high cl? For me to apply do I need to be a member is it worth me applying? My highest cl is 8k as of now and I currently have no revolving debt. Thanks
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