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  1. In tears that is a beautiful story! Hey Heg glad to see you are still around .
  2. I will Breeze and thanks. CB has been always like home to me hoping to catch up with a few of my old CB friends and make some new ones. Does chat still exist or is it gone? I am posting in help I been served trying to fight two of these JDB's suits now keep your fingers crossed for me my nerves are a mess right now.
  3. Hi Breeze, I miss you guys too. I was just going thru some old pm's the ones from Canes had me in tears he was telling me he was sick. Long story short lost my Husband unexpectedly a few years after my mom he was only 39. Now I have serious health issues that are threatening my independence. It really just a lifetime movie story in the making. I am trying to stay on the positive side but just shut down for quite a bit.So thats why I haven't been around or my usual yearly drop in to say hi etc. But I am around for now of course with all this I have serious debt not to worried about credit more of a financial thing. So of course with the amount of debt lawsuits are falling on top of me and I can not file BK yet so. Happy New Years to you too.
  4. Happy New Year to you too! 2014-2017 all terrible but I have hope for 2018 as I do with every year. Something has to change eventually lol!
  5. To all those who remember me I just wanted to say hey. I see a lot of old CB friends are active still and a few made Mod congrats.
  6. Hey There!!! K isnt this your used ID now( I am so confused)- You were one of the messages I was going to send. Also T, Brazen, Marv, Fallon, My Twin, and a few others. So I guess I will just hope they see this and I am sending group hugs. I know I got a few emails over the past year+ half asking if I was OK. I am. The UK I wish I was there right now. I need a vacation.
  7. Hey Breeze!!! I hope all is well with you! Java is always a problem child for me. I can not even click on the member's list I was going to send a few pm's to people to say Hi!
  8. LOL! Does that mean you do not know how to navigate either! I was going to try to do a little catching up.
  9. Hey there!!! I am having a hard time playing around with the new look to the site. When did this happen? It looks nice but I need the CB Forum Navigating Book for dummies. Is there a link to read on how to use the functions, lol! I am lost!
  10. Just dropping by to say hi to everyone. I know it is has been a long time. I wanted to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday Season. All is well on my end just been crazy busy. I do miss hanging around! Also I am very sad to hear the news about SassyInAZ.
  11. Hey UL!!! Depends on the part you go to. Some of Harrisburg is very run down. The downtown area where the stores and bars are is nice to take pictures. There is also a nice park that is close to there that is gorgeous other then that no to much. Some of my inlaws live there so I go quite often.
  12. I am in shock and I can not stop crying. I just logged in to stop by and I saw this. I am so so so heart broken over this. Canes was so good to me and so supportive when my mom was diagonosed and lost her battle with the same type of cancer. The last time I checked he was winning the battle against sarcoma which has such a low survival rate. I only wish I logged in sooner as I would have attended. I will donate on his behalf. I feel such a great sadness for his family and will have them in my prayer's daily. Canes I will miss you. I will miss our chats and pm's. I will miss your good sense of humor and miss your caring soul. A sorrow goodbye to someone I considered a friend. You will always be remembered.
  13. OMG I should stopped by last week. I would love to be here for that lol!!!

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