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  1. Congratulations....do you mind posting your scores at time and who they pulled from?
  2. PlatinumRides I'm looking crazy amazed you could even do that?! Please explain more if you don't mind!
  3. Can I ask what was your son scores?? Just got my daughter in similar background...nervous about her applying until she Credit worthy*
  4. Thanx you ttyman I appreciate the input....still not able to use the credit pull yet* Hopefully soon!😩🤣
  5. Wow...this Introvert thing can really keep you from meeting new amazing people! But better late then never...found u guys from a mention on Facebook. Did my research and fell in Løve with the valuable knowledge! You guys have made me strong in fighting my financial demons and yes I've had great success... with more to come*
  6. No Hard Pull For Me With NFCU...Got My Golden Ticket Almost 2 months Ago*
  7. Good luck to everyone!! Can anyone give more detail on the creditor Used and what FICO score they had at approval time for both secured or unsecured!? Thanx

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