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  1. Hello! I was on the boards years ago and got great advice for cleaning up my own credit and learned so much! Thank you to everyone for that! We are doing well with ours. Recently, I've started helping a family member with his credit. Long story short, he had a job loss in 2018 and everything rolled down the proverbial hill. He's doing better now, just needs to get his utilization down on current cards (he's working on that!). We got his credit reports and he has 2 "baddies" on them, Sprint and Verizon. First, Sprint is now with Source Receivables MNGMN. It says "date opened" is 4/5/19, and I'm guessing that's when it went to Source from Sprint (Sprint, the original creditor, does not appear on the credit reports), as the original debt happened Feb 2018ish. It's a big amount that he doesn't have the full amount for at this time. My question is how do we approach this? Is it too new to validate? I remembered we aren't supposed to contact them, but is that the option now with a more recent debt? He doesn't mind making monthly payments on it, he just can't pay it in full. Do we wait until he can pay in full (early to mid next year maybe?)? Will they sue? He has gotten zero correspondence in the mail (has an updated address w/ post office that also appears on CR's), but I think he's gotten calls (he doesn't answer). Second, he has a sizable Verizon cable baddie, too. This shows as still with Verizon. Updated 4/15/19, but original date was 2/19/18. Same deal as Sprint, he doesn't mind making monthly payments or setting up some sort of arrangement, but I said not to do anything until I checked here. I don't know how this would work being listed as a utility and such. I assume they could provide validation on such a recent debt (and since they are the OC), but I am unfamiliar with both Sprint and Verizon cable. Lastly, on Experian only, it has a social security number variation. The last two numbers are flipped. How do we dispute that? I've been reading for a few days, but haven't found concrete answers AND I don't want to do an outdated method. If I've missed a thread that will address this, please point me in the right direction! THANK YOU in advance! Jenn

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