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  1. "Newbie here – gurus URGENTLY needed! First court date for foreclosure this coming Tuesday after five months hospitalized in past year" CHICAGO, COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS Background: FIVE hospitalizations in the past 14 months -- the most recent of which was TWO MONTHS LONG. Financial situation dire. Formerly excellent credit along with prompt, in-full payments for all debts until September when I was unable to continue making mortgage payments. Facts So Far: 7/16 - continued making mortgage payments. Got a housing counselor who initiated application process for Housing Hardship Fund, a federal grant/forgivable loan exclusively for paying back any unmet monthly mortgage debt & fees. 8/16 - continued mortgage payments. Telephoned Citimortgage while still current to explore options. I chose not to pursue loan modification or forbearance due to medical duress. 9/16 to present - stopped making mortgage payments. Regularly telephoned/responded to Citimortgage emails to let them know I'm pursuing Housing Hardship Fund to re-pay outstanding mortgage payments. **No responses or contacts whatsoever to me or my housing counselor from Citi's assigned point person. 10/16 - Began receiving Medicaid Began filling out application for SSI. 2/17 - 3/17 2-month hospitalization After months of no replies, received a letter from a law firm representing Citi indicating my home in downtown Chicago, Illinois had been referred for foreclosure. 2/17 to present - never served a summons while in the hospital Only recently told of my court info through Cook county public record, but I don't know how to look that up. Didn't know anything about "Motion to appear & answer" within 30 days of foreclosure referral until a couple of days ago. So I didn't execute that. As Of Today: Researched foreclosure timeline(s). Studied Illinois Legal Aid Fndn foreclosure site and all sublinks. Still in awful medical & financial shape even though I've been discharged from hospital. Questions: What are my options? What would you do next? What, if any, are considered valid reasons for me as the borrower to request a continuance? Would that temporarily *suspend* foreclosure process? Thank you for you for your valuable time with specific replies.

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