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  1. Please accept this letter as my request as found under the FCRA and any and all State and Federal Laws. Thank you for considering my application. However I believe you have made an error in not providing to me any and all sources of information. As an example you obtained a Chexsystem report and did not tell me you did. I want my information to be accurate and want to obtain my reports from all sources so that I can review them for any inaccuracies so I am not longer affected by any negative or adverse action from creditors. However I can not do this if you do not disclose any and all sources of information used in making your adverse determination for my application. Please tell me what credit reporting agencies, data providers and/or others you have obtained information about me. Please provide their name, their address and their phone number along with the exact information you requested.
  2. Write a dispute to the cra's as follows: I have reviewed my current credit report and dispute the Chase account ##### This account was never activated and should not be reporting on my credit report since I did not accept and activate the card that Chase sent to me on upon receipt. Please investigate and remove this from my credit report. If you refuse to remove it form my credit report please tell me why you are refusing to remove it from my credit report. Please send to me any and all material used in your investigation. sign your name mail certified mail return receipt requested - get the original green card back. CC a copy to Chase at the address that appears on your credit report.
  3. I have done the credit card drives in the past and actually found a couple great dealerships. One guy from Chrysler took a lot of time with us 2 years ago and no we did not buy... then. But when we were in the market for a new to us truck we went back and found exactly what we were looking for. We asked straight out for him only because he made an impression. Made the sale and drove home. I do not see the days of old when relationships were built. Seems everyone is in it for the quick turn around and forget about tomorrow. jmo...
  4. they are pushing more and more to have you do online dipsutes so are not adding their dispute addresses. However you can find the addresses on each of the websites.
  5. Yep all these fees and taxes really make an impact. I just stayed in Nashville last week - State tax was $39.12, City tax was $7.5, Occupancy Tax was $25.38 for a total of $72 added for the pleasure of visiting their city. And let's not even talk about the $59 rooms you pay $140 dollars for. There are so many places I would like to visit but I don't like to be robbed for that pleasure. and let's not forget about the cable bills, the cell bills, the utility bills - these all have added fees above and beyond.
  6. I know there are people that have not found themselve in an issue with their credit and for them I am happy that life works out for you and applaud your ability to rise about us all. However for those that have either been through the life issues and had to claw your way back or those new I ask you to take this to an attorney representing your interest and ask them if they think it would be a good idea to agree to this. I am cerain that a good consumer would tell you to run the other way and never look back. I am not an attorney by any means - just know several of the best on my state and have been round the block or two in court and have the battle scars. It is easy for those that have not fought the battle to stand here and monday night quarter back...
  7. I don't trust Crap One and wouldn't even if they notarized it... they are sneaky, they lie, they cheat customers. It should not be a questions of "IF" they would do it. They intend something with this in the future or are giving collectors more power. However the question for each of us "Do we want to give a credit card or any creditor that must ability, that much power over us?" As stated... this went through a lot of lawyers to think up this exact language - Crap One pays millions a year to teams to dream up ways to keep their behinds out of court. We can sit back and say there are other laws that will trump this... OK... BUT do you want to be the one spending thousands in court defending yourself? I know people that have and it is not a fund position to be in. So what if they posted on their website that they have no intention... THAT IS NOT THE CONTRACT, not binding and means absolutely zippo. IF Crap One had no intention of visiting or doing any of the negative stuff outlined in this agreement then why put it in there... just because..... sneaky sobs...
  8. "For anyone who's had an unexpected catastrophe in their lives that derailed their finances, this is a promise from Cap 1 to multiply your misery exponentially. Crap One, indeed. So brazen and shameless!"... Exactly I know people are going to be reading this and say you took the money so what's the problem. Or capital one is just putting it in their agreement but they're not actually going to do it. Sorry I've been on the receiving end of creditors doing something just because they could. Years ago my credit lines were cut first by Home Depot, then by Citibank and five months time I went from a 720 score to a 580 score never missing a payment just because the creditors could cut my lines because they could. People don't set out getting credit and then just simply not paying. Something happens to people - they get sick, their children get sick, they get laid off, someone in the family dies, an unexpected emergency comes up, general economy going up that wasn't planned. Life happens. It's easy to point the finger and say you got the money and you just didn't pay the bill but honestly it's not that simple. I don't think most people are trying to find some technical error by a creditor to get out of paying a debt. From the people I work with on a daily basis they really want to pay their bills even when it's not in their best interest. Creditors push people into unnecessary extended delinquencies instead of working the situation out just because they can. If creditors took a step back, reduced the interests, reduce the nonsense extra fees, and actually worked with people to get them back to good paying customers again most of this could be avoided. When you fall into a life issue you don't get extra brownie points for making it right. As an example you run into a life issue and your unable to make your credit card payments because the bank simply won't work with you. Of course you're automatically dinged on your credit report. It then goes to a debt buyer or a collection agency and finally you in a position to make the payments and you make a settlement. Sure they report on your credit report that the debts paid but you're still living with the aftereffects of not paying it in most instances 3 4 5 years. So you continue to suffer even after you did the right thing. For me - I learned the hard way. I've read every agreement and figure out how can I use that agreement to my advantage. Same as capital one rewriting their terms and service to use it for their advantage. This new agreement gives them pretty much carte blanche. I encourage everyone with a capital one card, or at least those that have the financial ability or the guts, to say very loudly "No Enough is enough". I hope that no one reading this ever has to walk in my shoes
  9. I must say I was taken aback to read this today. Being Capital One I'm not much surprised. Do we as consumers really want or need this type of garbage this bad. Isn't it about time we start the ball rolling and just saying NO WAY! They put this in their business practice for several reasons I would believe: 1) contact you by mail, telephone, email, fax, recorded message, text message or personal visit; While capital one may not take the bold step to visit you at home or at work I would not put it past companies such as Midland are Unifund to set the stage for their local collection mill attorney firms to visit you in that manner. Remember if this becomes a terms of service that you agree to, and remember unless you write them a letter not agree into it you did, then it will transfer when the debt transfers to some debt by 2) contact you using an automated dialing or similar device (“Autodialer”); Convenient way for capital one to try to get rid of the TCPA. If they make it a part of their terms and conditions then how do you revoke your permission 3) contact you at your home and at your place of employment; Again it becomes part of the terms and conditions so how do you tell them don't call me anymore are don't call my business anymore. Won't be so simple as to just write them a letter. 4) contact you on your mobile telephone; Let's try and get rid of the TCPA again. And let's get bombarded with text messages we can't stop because remember their phone numbers will change like we change our dirty underwear. 5) contact you at any time, including weekends and holidays; Remember the outrage when they call you on Christmas Eve or New Year's Day or Easter. They want to be able to call you 24 seven 365. This will give them no days. 6) contact you with any frequency; This one is really good. If we want to call you every five minutes you agree to it so what your problem. 7) leave prerecorded and other messages on your answering machine/ service and with others; and Oh now they can call your neighbors your coworkers your family your friends your doctor your preacher and on and on 8) identify ourselves, your relationship with us and our purpose for contacting you even if others might hear or read it. And here's the icing on the cake: your right to privacy just went out the window because they can say hello this is capital one Joe blow has a credit card with us and we're trying to collect the money that he is 64 days past due on. Our contacts with you about your Account are not unsolicited and might result from information we obtain from you or others. We may monitor or record any conversation or other communication with you. If you decide these are terms that you can live with that I like this part of it because it puts everything in a disclosure where you can record the call with no fear of some overzealous law enforcement coming after you. Unless the law says we cannot, we may modify or suppress caller ID and similar services and identify ourselves on these services in any manner we choose. So this gives him the okay to put on their that it's your hospital calling, or your Police Department calling, or your local school calling, or your church calling thereby increasing the odds that you will answer the phone when clearly you don't want to talk to him. Really When you give us or we obtain your mobile telephone number, we may contact you at this number using an Autodialer and can also leave prerecorded and other messages. Again I'm sure they are getting tired of being sued over the TCPA so this is one way to get around it We may do these things whether we contact you or you contact us. First I'll have a capital one card... Got rid of that long-ago. So for me it would be a cold day in toothpick land before I would ever call the I am hoping people read this and say you know this is a card we just don't need, and we don't want to do business with the company that wants to operate in such a manner. If as consumers people do not leave capital one and rolled over this in the next couple of months another credit cards can a follow and another and another.
  10. I received an in house mod - went from adjustable to fixed rate and that rate dropped 1.34%, dropped my payments $77 month. Back payments put to the end of the loan. I have also applied for the independent mortgage review and will apply for this new program as soon as BofA starts accepting apps on it.
  11. Unless you get a judgement that the CRA's may pick up the foreclosure will only report on the account once. CRA's at this time are not searching the public records and adding these foreclosures to the public records section of your credit report... yet!
  12. For Alabama try Watts & Herring Birmingham, AL 205-879-2447 http://www.suedbyadebtcollector.com http://www.alabamaconsumerprotection.com/ http://www.alabamaconsumer.com/ sign up for their weekly newsletter http://www.consumerpowernewsletter.com/ they have been successful for me in both State and Federal.
  13. I understand the need for a hardship program and know that consumers WANT to pay their bills and will do most anything they can to do that. BUT these creditors will also say most anything to get that money out of your hands into theirs! With that said have any of you asked for the program in writing? Let's take US Air - they called me and offered a one time payment as payment in full of the account. Offer letter that I requested said "we will note your account as settled in full. We will also forward this information to the consumer credit reporting agencies. This will result in your credit report showing a smaller portion of the loan as charged off." My account was not in CHARGE OFF status and this was never discussed and not part of the agreement! AND it was agreed to PAYMENT IN FULL! AND let's add the 1099 not part of the agreement - again NEVER discussed! My point is to make sure you understand EXACTLY what is happening. I can't tell you to record the calls because of each states laws BUT document the call and send a confirmation letter. Have a witness if you can. Go over every detail. What they say and what they do are entirely two different things. And finally what happens after that 6 months or year IF you did not pay it off? Hooters tells you that they will renew the program and won't give it to you in writing and their letter clearly says you will go back to the original terms. AND they report you in a credit consuling program. BIG RED Flag if they won't even give it to you in writing. BE CAREFUL!
  14. we need more of these all across the country!
  15. I too am dealing with First Franklin and going through the mod process. The first app I sent in was answered with a second app to fill out and send which I did. I was told that being late would put me in a better position to get the mod so I became late. Not happy about it BUT had to make the decision based on business. Like the other poster said - you have to decide which is more important - credit or your home - hubby and I chose our home and went over our bills and decided what we were going to pay and what we were going to just wait on and see what happens. For us our home is where we will be at for the next 10 years. And we have newer vehicles that we can drive for the next 7-8 years. What we could not do any longer was continue the down hill slide of credit cards so we let them go. It was a tough decision but a good "business" decision. We have already saved $3000 with Wells Fargo - we owed $5500 and they sent a letter to settle for $2500 over 6 months. I hate that we have to loose our credit BUT this is the system they set up.

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