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  1. It's not you. It's a recent change with Photobucket. GREAT TO KNOW I AM NOT CRAZY! YIKES!!! The letter reads as follows Dear xXXXX Our client has agreed to accept 9 monthly payments of $68 as a full and final resolution on this account! We represent the above client, Merrick Bank Corporation, who is the owner of your account referenced above. By taking advantage of this offer, you will save $737.07 and have your account resolved! Want to save more? Set up a one-time payment for $538 to resolve your account in full and save $805.07! Thirty days after we receive final payment, we will send you written confirmation that your account has been resolved and you will not be contacted by us again concerning this debt. Sincerely, XXXX Ops Manager Should I sent a DV letter?
  2. I have never felt soooooooo slow. I cannot figure out how to upload!
  3. Hi guys, I have posted about Merrick Bank plenty of times and I cant get them removed. I have made several attempts over the months to dispute with CRA and the continue to "verify" the information. A few days ago I received a letter from Total Card Inc... wanting to settle for Merrick Bank. I am assuming Total Card is affiliated with Merrick Bank in some way. Please see letter and below. Based on my credit reports, the debt is still with Merrick Bank( hasn't been sold to any collection agency) What are the consequences if I settle... pay in full.... ignore.... I need help on this one!. Thank you! Account opened: 11/2012 Date of Last Payment: 10/2014 DOFD: 11/2014 Amount: $1,343 SOL: 4 years. I am in Texas
  4. Both have the same balance $600. I am wanting to pay either one in full- but I want to know which one could potentially give me the most points when paid off? Would it be the credit card since its revolving?
  5. In my area for every 100 cases Merrick Bank files NFCU files 10. I looked up two random cases and the amounts are about $650 and $750. Any more info anyone wants to know about lawsuits, I have a dataset of 100,000 cases. How can I find out about cases Merrick has filed in Texas?
  6. Good morning! It's been on my mind so I figured I'd ask. I have several store cards with super low limits that I do not foresee using at all. Many opened in 2016 ( for example Pier 1 $350 limit). Does chase factor in closed accounts with their 5/24 rule? I'm not looking to apply until end of the year but I just wondered.

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