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  1. hello all. I have a small Victoria Secret account that has been closed. i left the country last year to work and due to travel issues wasn't getting mail forwarded. Now this account is be actively collected by Commenity Bank. Meaning they continue to send bill. As well as a collection company. So both are on my reports. My question is should i pay Comenity Bank and dispute the collection as you don't have a leg to stand on or is there another route. I have the money to pay it just working 7 days a week for the last year i guess you forget about those things. I will be coming home soon and have some things i want to get and while i have the money to pay for them i need to repair and rebuild. thanks mike
  2. i have the money to pay the entire debt off, while i would prefer not to let loose of that much money. i could do so, and i will if they would let me. Issue is the house at a breakeven place after more then 10 years. if sold today i may or may not loose, gain or breakeven. it would depend on the buyer.
  3. my wife has intractable epilepsy. She can still get the mail from the box There was none that stated the foreclosure. But alas we are getting off tract. My question is what can be done at this point. I have the money to bring it current. I just want to go about it the right way . As stated i got a notice from the sheriff that stated i refused to leave, when in fact i never even knew about it . I also received a bill from FCI on said account that states the amount due . My question is doing pay FCI and take a chance that i will be out the money and the house will goto PPR.
  4. partner for payment relief but i am receiving a bill from FCI
  5. i live in mississippi, i owe 90K on the 1st and the 2nd 21k. total 1s 111k. If a house like mine were listed it would list for 120. last year one identical to it foreclosed, the investor told me he got it for 50k. The notice said the foreclosed in november . I did not receive notice but i have been out of the country since september. Now i just received a bill last week from FCI on this but Partners for Payment Relief is who said they foreclosed in november. The 1st mortgage i called and is still billing to me with a payment due april 1. i have enough money to pay FCI what back balance there is. At this point i am trying to get my options. Should i call to see if the 1st was notified and why the 2nd did not let me know so i continued to pay the 1st for 5 months. From what ia was told FCI and PPR are affiliated somehow. I just need to get in front of this. TIA Mike
  6. i have a 80/20 loan to start with. A while back i lost my job and then had to take another that paid substantially less then i was making.The area i live was hit pretty hard during the financial crisis. The state had a grant oppurtunity to help homeowners stay in their home . I was approved and all was good. What i did not know was the program was taking care of the first mortgage but not the second. Recently i received a summons to court for evection. It said the company had forclosed in November of last year on the second . Mind you the first is up to date. I called the company that has the 1st and verified that yes my next payment due april 1. My question is can the 2nd foreclose and have me evicted when i still pay the 1st? in addition i have a collection company that just sent me a bill for the 2nd. Which i can pay. However they are 2 different companies . I was told they were sister companies . I think they are the collector for the 2nd mortgage company. Ideas

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