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  1. whipster

    Free TrustedID Going Away?

    Yes the soft inqs were nice.
  2. There are some beautiful areas near the Ouachita mountains and Hot Springs.
  3. Pay a few bucks more. The interest shows up when the statement cuts. You can estimate what that is by looking at a few of the earlier statements and pay accordingly. So what if you have a credit balance?
  4. A BK is about the only way out here. All the fraudulent transfers that some have suggested will be undone anyway. The IRS will never go away, and upon filing you will have to catch up but the penalties and interest will be stopped. You are WAY in the hole, son, and really overthinking it. Go see an attorney or see several.
  5. Every year or so I look and see if there are points on all my cards/hotels/airfare etc to get amazon cards. Somehow, PenFed had me at a $25.00 dollar level for amazon. All I can say is "Cha Ching". I truly have no idea when I have bought anything other than the sock drawer tank of gas now and then.
  6. Yay! Finally after about a year of zilch got 3K of Luv. Christmas spirit?
  7. whipster

    shifter's Rebuilding Thread

    Wow nice! I have not tried Citi since my BK way back in 2009. I do have a BB Citi with a tiny CL which was converted from some other bank. I keep it around just to have a Citi. I would like the Costco card though...
  8. whipster

    What constitutes keeping an account active?

    +6000... but he should pay that bill.U don't know how discover works anything under $2.00 they give a credit. That's why K-Man said only spend $1.50 and forget it. That doesn't make it right. How can they give a credit on an outstanding balance? Because they do.
  9. whipster

    How do I get "hard copy" / Paper credit reports?

    Check my siggy, they all still work I think. Get the L/N freebie also. Several others out there while you are at it.
  10. Last BT I did with them took about 8 business days.
  11. whipster

    No credit history

    If you have cash to set aside for a bit you can get a secured loan from your bank, make a few payments then pay it off.
  12. whipster

    American Express Question for Those In the Know

    Best way to know if you are still blacklisted is to apply.
  13. Been getting 500 a shot last two months...now hitting the 25K level.
  14. Cross-collateralized debt I reckon. They could haul it away if they wanted to.
  15. Spooktacular! 3 more posts and I think you win a prize!

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