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  1. Go to court, tell the judge you offered to return the collateral in satisfaction of the debt. See what happens. Could go south, or could go well. Don't see much worse than the current situation.
  2. TLDR, but hope things are good now... Can you post a condensed version?
  3. If there is nothing else on the horizon for you money wise, go and see a couple of BK attys. They will give you free consults, and if any stress that you must FILE NOW, walk right out. You appear to be judgment proof, meaning nobody can take anything in most states. Since you have the car title, you might be in the clear for that, but it is an asset in a BK scenario. Best of luck, and always remember, this is a business decision, and don't attach any self-worth to the decision.
  4. Glad you were able to find a solution. BK sucks, but it is doable. I went through it, and just now, ten years later, have a clean slate unless they look farther back like a mortgage provider or the gov if you want any gov job. Credit card providers are very agressive when it comes to people who can actually pay, so your solution is a good one. Farewell. Tight lines!
  5. I will say that the USAA car buying service saved me a grand because they had some sort of grand off code that I used at a no haggle dealer. I didn't use USAA for a loan or anything else. Just some sort of random code that popped up when searching for a truck, so I printed it out and cha-ching it worked at the dealer I bought from for cash. I have used USAA for my vehicle insurance for many years, which they never shut off after BK-ing them for about 30K back in the day. They are certainly a strange bunch.
  6. Good thing I went Gluten-free a while back.
  7. Funny thing is, today I got an alert from wallethub saying YOU MAY HAVE MISSED A PAYMENT!! Almost shat myself, all this work and a missed payment? NOPE. Just some marketing crap from wallethub. Might have to find the delete button there, even though I do appreciate the almost real-time reporting of hard pulls.
  8. whipster

    800 Club

    Thanks to information gathered here through the years I have been able to accumulate a bunch of quality credit. Now that the BK has fallen off all the bureaus, my scores are all 800+ across the board. There is life after BK. Thanks to all! Carry on!
  9. Nice going! After I got off the blacklist/BK list I was able to do a couple of the 3x CLI's and now have a decent limit on the AX revolver. They do grow with you nicely. Next time will be in July when I will try for the fabled 50K+ limit.
  10. Agree, they gave me credit soon after BK and I get a few 0% BT offers which I take advantage of here and there. Subprime, but they are MY subprime
  11. Boredom I would say. Most bulletin boards don't allow new posts after several months of non-use, and should be an easy fix...with the new software and all...
  12. I will chime in here to say that Choice properties allow cancellations up till the day/hour of arrival, whereas most of the upper scale properties where I am traveling to in the Texas oil patch only let you cancel a few days ahead. Certainly I would love to stay at the Hilton or similar, but I can't eat the cost if the schedule gets changed last minute. As for quality of Choice properties...they have been from negative stars to a strong 4 depending on the town. Always go take a look at the room before giving any bucks over the counter. Carry on!
  13. Is she imitating a Camel's walk? Quite a nimble "toe" she has for it...
  14. Sorry for the late response, I sent an online dispute to TU on 1-2-2019, and the file date was 7-2-2009. My dispute was "Obsolete"...Was deleted the next day. Just as a data point, disputed the other 2 in pretty much the same time frame, and no luck at all.
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