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  1. Agree, they gave me credit soon after BK and I get a few 0% BT offers which I take advantage of here and there. Subprime, but they are MY subprime
  2. Boredom I would say. Most bulletin boards don't allow new posts after several months of non-use, and should be an easy fix...with the new software and all...
  3. I will chime in here to say that Choice properties allow cancellations up till the day/hour of arrival, whereas most of the upper scale properties where I am traveling to in the Texas oil patch only let you cancel a few days ahead. Certainly I would love to stay at the Hilton or similar, but I can't eat the cost if the schedule gets changed last minute. As for quality of Choice properties...they have been from negative stars to a strong 4 depending on the town. Always go take a look at the room before giving any bucks over the counter. Carry on!
  4. Is she imitating a Camel's walk? Quite a nimble "toe" she has for it...
  5. Sorry for the late response, I sent an online dispute to TU on 1-2-2019, and the file date was 7-2-2009. My dispute was "Obsolete"...Was deleted the next day. Just as a data point, disputed the other 2 in pretty much the same time frame, and no luck at all.
  6. My current income. That's what they ask for.
  7. 4506-T, but my 2017 income was about half 2018 (current) income. Will hit them up again after the 2018 return is in the system, plus the last BK will be off of EQ and EX by then.
  8. AMEX BCE been stuck at 25K a couple of years because of BK still on reports. Asked for 40K, got the verification request ...backed out....asked for 1K less each time....finally at 34K had the winner! BCE from 25K to 34K Winner!
  9. Data Point: Disputed BK 7, file date was July 2 2009. Deleted 6 months early on TU. Will try the others soon.
  10. I BK'ed BOA in 2009, and have not tried to apply with them since. I assume I am off whatever blacklist they have by now, and was wondering which card the unwashed masses have had the most luck with here? Looking for some decent cash back, something that grows, and maybe a sweet chunk of free money SUB. The Cash Rewards has a 200/500 spend deal which looks good. Scores should be in the 750+ area when the BK drops. Thoughts?
  11. If you just bought a home, ask your mortgage company for a copy of your reports to see what's on there.
  12. This is in the BK forum, but I think the main forum could benefit since more than a few have gone through BK and there is already a "how I got BK deleted" thread here.
  13. There are some beautiful areas near the Ouachita mountains and Hot Springs.

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