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  1. Can you clarify on this. Do you mean take the lower interest rate option with closing the account then see if they will open back up the account once it's current for 90 days?
  2. I have 2 other cards with them I was going to keep open but that would be my least worry. To be honest the Chase rep was almost trying to talk me into closing the accounts and going with the lower interest plan. I pretty much shut the option down because it seemed like there was a catch... other than the obvious credit ding. I applied to see the terms after I got off the phone just to read the find print. Just not sure how this would report if I went with the lower interest rate and payment plan.
  3. Hello, due to a lawsuit I missed my cc payments last month. They have not gone 30 days late yet on my credit but almost there. When I logged in there was a link to see if I would be approved for a payment plan. These two options were offered below. Can someone explain to me how either of these would show on my credit report and what impact they would have on my credit? Balance liquidation plan: Pay your full account balance over a set period of time by making regular fixed payments at a reduced interest rate. Once you've accepted this plan, we'll close your account if it isn't closed already. 12.0% APR 60 months Settlement plan: Pay a portion of your account balance, and we'll cancel the remaining amount due. You can make a single payment or up to 4 payments, and we must receive your final payment within 93 days. Once you've accepted this plan, we'll close your account if it isn't closed already. 85% settlement percentage I was awarded a large sum of money from the lawsuit so I could pay everything off within 90-120 days. I'm in jeopardy of going 30 days late which is my main reason for exploring options to avoid that. Would be my only late. Not sure if it would make more sense to take the 30 day ding opposed to one of these plans below. The savings are enticing as well as I'm at like 21% interest. Appreciate any feedback.
  4. Long story short but I've been suing someone who owes my company money and also harmed my business by posting false defamatory statements online. The lawsuit has dragged out over two years and I just finally was awarded a judgment for over half a million. Due to attorney fee's, income lost and other expenses related to this lawsuit I've maxed out my cards and I still have a large attorney bill I need to take care of so we can proceed with collecting on this judgment. Without going into specifics my attorney is confident we can collect. Last month was the first month I was unable to make my auto & cc payments. My credit is perfect other than the maxed out cards and I don't want it to get ruined with the late payments. I have 3 CC's with Chase & a CC, CLOC and Auto with NFCU. I'll pay everything off once I start collecting on my judgment but that could take 90-120 days. How should I approach Chase & NFCU with this situation and what options can I realistically expect given the circumstances. Chase has a questionnaire to request a payment plan but a big portion of my income was part of this lawsuit. My business needs capital to operate so future income is hard to predict until I start collecting. Also, I've already tried the personal loan route and was turned down. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I'm a member of Navy Federal but the feedback I've been getting is since I have a $25k CC at 89% and a $15k CLOC at 89% util they may not be willing to extend any more credit to me. I also have a car loan and I'm on a $17.8k CC at 0% util as an authorized user which I would think may help?
  6. Thanks, $35k would certainly help but just wanted to know best option out of the list considering the self-employment situation.
  7. No baddies, perfect payment history. Appreciate the feedback!
  8. Few more I found: Barclays Best Egg Upgrade Net Credit Avant/Web Bank
  9. Looking for the best loan option to consolidate CC debt below. Fico 8 scores in the low 700's. Was planning on applying for a Marcus Loan but they will only accept personal bank statements and I run everything through my business. Good income but high CC debt due to legal fee's trying to collect in a lawsuit. Business loan a possible option too, 80 Paydex & 87 Experian, 13 old LLC. Any advice appreciated! Limit / balance % / Creditor $35,500 > $31,500 > 89% (Chase) $25,000 > $19,557 > 78% NFCU CC $ 5,000 > $ 1,445 > 28% (Chase) $ 3,000 > $ 867 > 28% (Chase) $ 1,000 > $ 0 > 0% (Wells) $15,000 > $8,525 > 58% NFCU CLOC $25k 1/year > NFCU Auto Loan Auth User CC's $17,800 > $ 0 > 0% NFCU CC / 0% $15,800 > $ 0 > 0% (Chase) $ 9,000 > $ 0 > 0% (Chase) $ 4,100 > $ 150 > 3% (Wells) Compiled this list for loan options so far: Marcus (require 3/mos personal bank statements) Discover Lending Club Lightstream SoFi AmEx "NextStep" loan Prosper
  10. I was planning on apping with Marus for the consolidation loan first but they only use personal bank statements and I run everything through my company. Anyone in particular that you'd recommend?
  11. Yeah I have the freeze already just wasn't sure if anyone else had experience with them. Appreciate the advice!
  12. Thanks for the response. Well depends how they factor things. I always pay early and pay off in bigger chunks, most of the CC balance is from balance transfers from my Chase cards that are a higher APR. Also I would assume they would base some off the business which is a 13 year old LLC with 10 or so good trades. Was actually considering US bank or a card backed by Elan. Are the ones you sent easier to get approved for or do you just think NFCU will just look at my high util on their cards and not want to take the risk?
  13. Also score is 701 so will probably knock that under 700 once it's pulled
  14. Thanks DTI & income is fine. I listed all my cards, not sure how they view auth users but I do have a $17,800 Navy Card with zero balance and a $15,800 Chase zero balance. Actually just pulled my report and my scores are over 700, not sure if that matters much.
  15. I know most people on here say not to worry about inquiries but it's caused issues for me in the past and my fiancee was just turned down for a balance increase on a 11 year old Wells Fargo card she has because of inquiries and she has 780+ credit. In addition to applying for a business card, I was also going to apply for a personal loan to consolidate some of the CC debt. Not sure how they will look at it as well. Just trying to play it safe which I didn't do in the past.

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