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  1. Perfect Circle Credit Union
  2. I disputed it online thru Equifax and I also called the bank where the car loan is thru. I am going to get paper reports as well. I realize Ive got to get the reports clean and the scores will follow. Im just in desperate need of a new car. Well not new. Just new to me. Ive been holding off for the last 4 years and am really frustrated to see this inaccurate info cause I know it has to be hurting my husbands score. I just want to get the best interest rate possible.
  3. I called the Credit Union where I am wanting to get a car loan. They said they use Experian's score only. How do I go about getting an accurate Experian score?
  4. So should I find another way to find out my FICO? Am I wasting my time and money on Equifax? If so, what would you suggest?
  5. I did try to get a deletion. They refused.
  6. I should add that I have contacted the bank that carried the loan. They are sending me a letter of pay off.
  7. My husband & I settled a charge off in Feb 2017. We missed out first payment approx May 2015. It was charged off in Nov 2015. Question. When does the clock start ticking on the 7 yrs this sits on our credit report? When we first became delinquent? When it was charged off? Or when we settled?
  8. Hello. I will get straight to the point. Up until 4 years ago my husband & I had good credit. For 22 yrs our scores stayed around 750-760. Suddenly, 4 years ago we came upon hard times. As a result we got behind on several things. To be honest I couldn't bare to look at our scores and don't really know just how low they went. When I finally looked at mine all 3 were around 550. We finally got caught up on everything but we did settle a $14,000 home equity line for $7000 2 years ago. Everything else has been caught up and have had on time payments for 3 years now. I have been monitoring my credit on Equifax.com and have watched my score increase steadily and am quite proud. I finally decided to add my husband to my Equifax account and found that his scores were quite a bit lower. I couldn't understand this and upon further investigation I found that an old auto loan that was paid off in Aug 2017 was being reported as 60 days late and left owing $7000. This same account is accurate on my credit reports and shows that yes, it was as much as 60 days late at one time but had been on time every month for 2 yrs prior to the pay off in Aug 2017. I have submitted a dispute to all 3 CA's. My question is this. Do you think once this is corrected it could increase my husbands score significantly? When I say significantly I am asking is it possible it could increase by 75 or 100 points? Given the fact that it hasn't reflected that this account has been in good standing for almost 4 years?
  9. Ang1368

    Settled Debt

    myFICO. com. Will they let me see my 3 reports online? OR will I have to wait for a paper version in the snail mail?
  10. Ang1368

    Settled Debt

    I admit to looking at scores on Credit Karma although I know they aren't highly accurate. I also got scores from my mortgage company which were fairly close to what CK had. They are not todays score but it gave me a ball park of where I am starting. I actually assumed I would be in the 3 or 400 range so I am pleased that I am in the high 5's. I realize I need to order my actual written reports. Sorry my last paragraph in my original question was confusing. Yes, I was at least 90 days late on a couple accounts and at least 60 on several. What I meant by that last statement was I have been current on everything for a little over a year except for the HELOC. I just recently settled on it but have actually been making payments on it here and there for a year as well. So now that it is at a zero balance and everything else is current I am working very hard at getting my scores back up although I know the settlement will hurt me for 7 years. But by hurting me is that just because it shows on my report to potential lenders? OR will it continue to bog my scores down? I don't see needing any major loans other than a car. The one I have now is on its last leg and I am hoping to get another year out of it while I work on improving my scores. I know I wont get to 750 in a year. But could it increase enough that I might get a decent interest rate? I will ride a bike before I pay 20%. I have 3 CC"s with high amounts that should be at 30% utilization within 3 to 4 months also.
  11. Ang1368

    Settled Debt

    So is it possible to get my score back up to a 750 while this settlement is still on my credit report for the next 7 years? I realize the settlement will show and hurt me if I try to get a mortgage. But can my score still go up that high within lets say 3 years? Or am I doomed for 7 years?
  12. Hello. Up until 2 years ago I kept a credit score of around 750 for 23 years. Due to some health problems, surgery and just plain bad luck I fell on hard times. I have a rental property that I fell behind on.This happened because the renter who was family (go figure) left me owing rent and I was unable to rent it for a few months. Trying to not go into foreclosure and lose the home I fell behind on several things trying to keep the home from going over 3 months late. This rental also had a HELOC. I just couldn't keep up and did eventually go over 3 months on it and it was charged off. I have been caught up and have made on time payments on everything for a year. I never fell behind on the house I live in. In all this time thru this hardship I never looked at my credit report or score. Honestly I didnt want to know. It made me sick, Last month I finally looked at my report and my scores were ranging from 569 to 614. Honestly not as bad as I feared, but bad. Since checking this score I settled on the HELOC. There was no way I could pay it in full. I owed 13,900 and settled for 5,300. When I settled the bank rep I settled with was so kind and understanding. HE told me that he too had been in my shoes. He said you do not think so at this time but you can and will rebuild your credit. HE suggested I try to get a secure CC. I told him I already had a couple of unsecure CC that I am current on and have been for about a year. I also have a couple of store CC that I am current on and have been for a year. They do have high amounts on them and I am working on getting those down. The only thing I was behind on was this HELOC. I have no collections either. He seemed very impressed that I still had any CC's and said that I was well on my way to rebuilding. My question is this. Anyone have any experience on how much this settlement will hurt me once it hits my report? And once my report takes a hit will it only be uphill after that? I know the settlement stays on my report for 7 years. But will it keep lowering my score for 7 years? In other words can I rebuild to a 750 credit score again while this settlement is still on my credit? I realize any lenders will have to take into account that I have this settlement on my report no matter what. But can my score go up to a decent number before 7 years?

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