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  1. I have two stubborn late payments from 2018 from Opensky (Capital Credit) and have not had any success in getting them removed. My scores are above 700 and was wondering how much weight would the late payments have three years later if all my other tradelines are positive.
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    Is there a limit to the number of ELANS credit cards that can be approved. I just realized that both of my credit union's credit cards are issued by ELANS. I wasn't sure since I was already approved for one VISA for $18,000 at one credit union if I could apply at the other.
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  4. It was originally on all three credit bureaus with a late payment. I disputed it with the Fair Credit Reporting Act on Equifax, Experian and Transunion. Each credit bureau deleted the late payment. However, now the entire credit history for that loan is no longer reporting on Equifax.
  5. After I challenged a delinquency on my mortgage it was deleted. Two months later my entire mortgage history has now disappeared. Trying to figure out how to get my positive mortgage history to reappear.
  6. Thanks Jack, will draft a letter now.
  7. Hi, have been negotiating with Bank of America on a $12,000 credit card and have received a settlement offer of $2500 but would like to get some help on countering the letter. My first concern was that it is not on any letterhead but did come with a fax coversheet with Bank of America logo. the letter reads as follows Dear XXXX "Per our conversation, this letter sets forth a proposal to settle the above-referenced account. We will accept $2500 as a settlement on this account. To accept this offer, you must agree to send the first installment payment of $733.54 by 10/31/08. Each future installment is listed below. 11/28/08 12/31/08 1/31/08 By completing this payment plan, your account will be considered settled, and you will not be obligated to pay the remaining balance, provided NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES APPEAR ON THIS ACCOUNT AFTER THE DATE OF THIS LETTER. Also, any FUTURE ACCOUNT ACTIVITY THAT RESULTS IN A CREDIT BALANCE WILL BECOME THE PROPERTY OF FIA Card Services. Any violation of this agreement will result in the full balance of $12,300 being due immediately. All paymetns must be received by the above stated due date." So what if I pay the three installments, and the bank still continues to add interest charges, will this leave me being set up to be liable for the entire amount by collection company FIA Card Services? Is there language that I can add to prevent this from being reported as a paid collection account? Thanks in advance for any help!!!
  8. Just discovered that I have a paid collection reporting for ATT for $94. Was wondering if validation is still effective to attempt to get this removed and if anyone has any recent experience with this.
  9. We have a new director for the IRS and yes it is true that in the 90's the IRS was operating under a "kinder and gentler program". But face track to the present and we have a new new director who has a new mission to collect back taxes as quickly as possible. The OIC program is a former ghost of its old self and the only real resource people have now is to come to some installment agreement.
  10. Thanks could you explain what a VOM is.
  11. I purchased a home 13 years ago and was a victim of identify theft 4 years ago. My mortgage is still reporting under my old social security number and is current but I would like to purchase a second home. Informed my mortgage company of my new social but they have yet to change it. My credit scores are all 690's. I can put down 20 percent on a new home or pay off my old mortgage in full but would like to keep the current home as rental property. Just received a big payday for $220k this month and will pay my credit cards down to 15 percent. After this I will have $170k in reserves. How can I purchase a new home now after the identity theft is still now reflecting my current mortgage on my credit report? The price of the home I would like to purchase is $525k. It's been a battle establishing credit the last 4 years but since I found this forum it's opened up so many opportunities. Thanks for any assistance. (PS currently professional license for the last 15 years in the same profession.)
  12. March 1, 2007 "Citi is ending "universal default" on all Citi-branded consumer credit cards, effective immediately, the company said. Universal default, is a comon practice among credit-card issuers, is when the company increases a consumer's interest rate when that consumer is late paying other creditors' bills Also, Citi said it would eliminate its "any time for any reason"rate increases, which allow the company to raise interst rates and change terms at any time and for any reason another common practice among card issuers. Citi said the policy is effective immediately for new customers and will go into effect for current customers by April." http://marketwatch.com
  13. Received 10k on Hooters last month. They pulled TU and I believe my score was 694.
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