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  1. This is great news for all of you! 5 years, eh? Not bad. I am sure that helps a lot, eh? It didn't help as much this year as it would have when I became an AU. When it hit the past few weeks my scores remained static except for TU which bumped up three points. The waiting was the hardest part because back then this AU was a major part of my strategy. Day after day became week after week until I realized it wasn't happening/reporting. Of course back then we didn't know what was ahead for the AMEX back dating bonanza. That really sealed the deal with my rebuilding, giving me two Amex cards back dated to 1990. Now if Amex's competitors would just join in on back dating to take away Amex's advantage ... it could get interesting.
  2. ABSOLUTELY true. Have been AU on parents Macys VISA for at least 5 years. Never reported. A week ago it suddenly appears on EX. Two day ago the same account shows up on TU. Not on Equifax .... YET!!!
  3. Just tried this with J. Crew. Filled out all information but NO box. Just PLACE ORDER. Perhaps I don't qualify ... but definitely intrigued by an inquiry-less new account.
  4. Perhaps you're thinking of Ikea ... from Sweden? The Ikea card is by GE Money.
  5. Very very interesting! All of us holding a National City card are hoping they keep a customer-friendly attitude when they convert all National City cards to PNC. So far so good ...
  6. Congrats Snark! Funny that you would think Speedway would be your first quick approval ... an it might just be your last (approval, I'm hoping).
  7. Sketch


  8. I would guess this local stipulation is because they are rolling out the program ... first in the area that the OP resides in. It wouldn't make any sense to restrict a rewards program to just local purchases and lose all purchases while traveling or while out of the local area. If they are moving to this system the local restriction should be rescinded as soon as it is available in all parts of the country. Of course, I'm just guessing here.
  9. For me it's not even close ... the 3% off wins hands down. The coupons are easy to misplace, and they expire too fast. And you feel pressured to spend like hell during your 10% off day, buying things you wouldn't otherwise because it's your 10% off day. And rewards for purchases outside of Target are not every attractive--just 1/2 point for every $1 in purchases. There are other better rewards cards to use outside of Target. Hope this thing works and goes national. I would think, however, that this new 3% discount on everything in the store everyday would be more costly for Target than their current program.
  10. After Juniper caught their mistake ... and were reevaluating all the approvals ... we were all holding our breath. But ironically after all the excitement subsided, it turned out that many of our limits were relatively safe. I started at $7,700 (I applied late in Junami, on Sunday night) and earlier this year asked for a CLI. They pulled a TU hard and bumped me up to $10,000--even with just a little use on the card. That's not Credit Matters or Hegemony or Bob Wang $$$$, but very very good for me. Long may it last ....
  11. Just received my reissued Emigrant Direct card too. Shocked that since Junami Juniper hasn't thrown some $$$ at designing a new card. Still as ugly as ever ... although on the back it now says it's issued by Barclays instead of Juniper. Barclami doesn't have quite the same ring!
  12. Has anyone got this new HRC card? The Providian (subsequently WaMu) HRC Visa was my first major rebuilder in 2005 and had sentimental value. But my credit has improved ... and this BofA version looks lame. You don't read much on CB about BofA's World Points program because it's pretty much agreed that it's lousy. For anyone who has the new card .... Is there any upside to this card, other than the obvious contribution to the HRC?
  13. Sorry about the CLD. I just slipped in under the wire early last month for a $2,000 CLI to $10,000. But I use the card for about $800-$1000 monthly. Maybe if you use it a little more often you can get it bumped back up in the next year or two when they begin increasing limits again.
  14. Definitely the only game in town after most competitors killed daily pulls. And last week a TU inquiry hit my CCT a few days BEFORE MyFico's TU report!

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