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  1. https://www.navyfederal.org/how-to-become-a-member/how-to-become-a-member.php Click through and it will tell you whether or not you are eligible for membership.
  2. It depends on the bank. There are some secured cards that automatically unsecure after 12-18 months of proper usage and there are others that will never unsecure no matter what you do. My suggestion is to go in and talk to a rep from a local credit union and see if they will issue you an unsecured card. My experience has been that they will almost always work with you.
  3. Well, I'm going to say the door's closed. I called several of times over a few days last week and tried to get an application. Each time I was transferred to PB and the rep said PB was a requirement. I then downloaded a copy of the application from FT and faxed it in this morning. I got a call within about an hour from a private banker who said that they will not proccess an application for anyone who does not use private banking.
  4. If this is Capital One they did the same thing to me. Be prepared to dig in for the long haul because they are pretty much impossible to remove without getting someone like the VA attorney general involved. I fought them hard for 3+ years with no positive results. They always verified when I disputed, sent back useless responses or ignored 623 letters, and just were generally completely unwilling to work with me in any way. Unfortunately they stayed just right on the edge of the law and I could never get enough leverage to justify filing suit against them. It's been around 5 years
  5. I personally like Amazon prime much more than ebay and GE Money backs the amazon card also (or at least they did when I got mine.)
  6. jtoast


    I use them as my primary bank and have a motorcycle loan through them. I love their deposit by phone and deposit at home features and use them to deposit checks that I receive. I also love their customer service. Back in March of last year I accidentally sent my ex-wife 2 child support checks for the same month. I called her, she agreed to destroy one, and I placed a stop payment on it. About 7 months later (after the 6 month stop payment had expired) I see that check come through the account. I called USAA and explained the problem. They immediately reversed the check and the money was b
  7. Citi hates me too. I've got 3 AMEX cards including the Platinum card, 2 Chase cards (they approved me for a $14K SW airlines card last week), god knows how many store cards from GE Moneybank, A Visa From NFCU, A MC From USAA, etc etc, the list goes on and Citi STILL won't approve me. This is with less than 1% utilization and pretty much perfect payment history (1 30 day late from 2007)
  8. I did a few tests out of curiosity. Safara on a Mac: no issues Safari on a PC: No Issues Firefox and Opera on linux: No issues IE10, chrome, firefox on Windows 8: No issues IE9, firefox, chrome on W7: No issues Now yes, there were formatting differences but all the content was there and all of the buttons I clicked worked.
  9. Can you combine the points for platinum and gold? I recently upgraded to platinum and was considering going the PRG route for my wife also.
  10. Paid chargeoffs are tough because you have zero leverage. There are really 2 options. 1) Goodwill letters. Some companiies will work with you and some won't. I think a lot of it is the mood of the person when they read your letter. I personally have managed to get several lates removed using this method. 2) Fight. Take a look at how its reporting and find errors to justify a jack attack dispute, work with possibly the better business bureau, states attorney general office, etc. This route takes a lot more research and planning but if you can find the right law (especially
  11. $8K/month is nowhere near centurian status lol. My point was that amex timelines are really only guidelines...although I haven't yet been able to get them to break the "6 month between CLI's" rule (I've got a delta, blue and hilton honors amex also.)
  12. As long as they can find you in the system, it should only take one call. Mine was closed for over 15 years and they backdated me with no questions asked.
  13. I doubt I'm the oldest but mine is 1990. An underwriter became concerned awhile back because my wifes report (she's an AU) says account opened in 1990 and her DOB is 1981...heh.
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