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  1. Although I have a twice a year target, I bought another date with my husband on a whim, sitting here sorta dressed up waiting
  2. Thanks- I do have a spreadsheet, I could track it there I'm a little conflicted about whether I should switch groceries over to MR instead of CB, but there's no cap on Gold and if I have Plat I can cash them out too? I've never used points, or bought travel with them. It's likely most of my spending will be on hotels, maybe flights once or twice a year. I wish I'd gotten in this game while my husband was here, he was from Ireland/England so he flew like 4x a year ... no points earned either
  3. Using cards for cash back is relatively new for me, it occurred passively before and because I wasn't budgeting (I use YNAB) now, I didn't really pay attention to it. Now sometimes cash back will post as some sort of transaction which YNAB imports, and I put it into a category called "Cash Back and Statement Credits," but it's not necessarily money I can budget so it kinda sits there. And I am trying to just let it build up. Presumably, the endgame here is when it's a significant amount is to apply it to a payment, and re-budget the money earmarked for that payment. But it just sort of hangs out there now on the cards with cash back. For me that's: NFCU cashRewards (marginal, something like 1.5%? Currently $35 because that card is SDed) Amazon (5% back, it's at about $100) AmEx BCE (about $40) CFU and CSP (about 65K URs when my bonus posts) Although I am not getting MRs yet, I do plan to get the Gold and possibly Plat when I can, and possibly cash in MRs with the 1.25cpp option. Overall, I was sort of hoping that since grocery and dining are my biggest categories, MRs would be a great way to take my kids on trips more inexpensively. (I am still sort of trying to figure all this out or what my best route is for that spend, MRs or URs or cash back, but MRs and URs are sort of forced travel use which I like?) In YNAB cash back is sometimes but not always picked up by the Plaid bank account link - right now it says $47, but that's a $30 and $10 statement credit on Amex and a $7 Chase statement credit. The small amounts of cash back I listed above are not tracked anywhere but on my account page on that particular card. I suppose I don't want to just lose track of them by randomly applying them, and I was wondering how you guys manage them and keep track of them and apply them etc. Thanks
  4. Generally and FWIW, over the years I've heard that a lot since I've worked remotely for over a decade. The advice to relocate to a more affordable area always frustrated me because I was raising two kids on my own, and now I am widowed. Any scenario where I flee suburban NYC for a lower price area meant losing any support system access to family, my kids really only ever having me, and long expensive commutes for visitation. It's advice far more applicable to two-parent households, but solo parents and especially widows are not really in a great position to move away from their entire family. Although I am fairly priced out of the market by myself, my housing situation is such that I am thisclose to buying my house, I just have to wait for a few things unrelated to me to happen. But it took a long time to maneuver there, and it was a lot of complex things falling into place. Also, in the social groups in which I interact (mainly of widows), I've seen many many times a widow or widower moving away after bereavement, and then it spectacularly doesn't work out and they're worse off. It's hard to articulate, but people who are barely getting by are sometimes further screwed over by a move to make things easier.
  5. When I was in college, my roommates believed this rumor they heard that McDonald's just grinds up the entire cow and college was in NYC so the only place TO eat was McDonald's so they'd both get a #2 (two cheeseburgers) with no meat and swear it was basically the same.
  6. I've wondered how much of a choice these people have. If it's opening day, get in here, presumably part of the onus is on management to ensure no one is working out of desperation? This is not a good sign.
  7. Stuck on the o u t e r n e t for hours today, got: draino a cat6 cable an ethernet switch rid of my old cable boxes Pizza Hut lost bc my teenager was driving. The only nearby Pizza Hut also happens to be near the only nearby botánica which closed early, so I am without incense, grave dirt, belladonna, and AA Michael stuff I still have a 10 pack of cards with some left but I gave some away.
  8. Although I'm not practicing, I'm a licensed esthetician, and this is a big annoying thing adjacent to that branch of licensing. There are specific things you must be licensed to do for money, but a lot of MLMs try to confer "skin care specialist" status on their victims. Conversely, it's not uncommon to see licensed estheticians working in cosmetics retail because they pay was good (or was around 2003) versus the volatile spa side of business, but labeling and holding oneself out as a skin care whatever was controversial back then. And MLMs have made it worse.
  9. PenFed sent me an offer to give me $25 if I spend $500 on my Promise Visa.
  10. They worked with YouGov, so it's probably not terrible, but the entire purpose was to generate a result that would favor the product being shoehorned in. The results are not trustworthy because they've clearly been fluffed as someone pointed out, 27% becomes nearly one in three instead of closer to one in four. Press releases are released on occasion to GNews which is where I assume this came from, but none of this appears to be rigorous or reflective of anything but "our payment systems give people flexibility!" It's less the credibility of the claims even than the motivation -- someone selling a thing is selling a thing. The information is tainted and not neutral. The press release also says "study" but means "survey." The AP ran it like it was reporting 🤣https://apnews.com/e4c90f45cdae436ca837eb5fdf90f1c0 FWIW I tried to look at the actual questions asked but it looks like this brand has a habit of frequently trying to spam itself into the news.
  11. If they give us some for the karma we have I will be a wealthy woman
  12. Yesterday on I can't remember which thread, I was lamenting the transmission of PR efforts being laundered into news. This is actually a press release, not even masquerading as reporting. But look: And then, let me check and see if the CEO or CFO or engagement head's got something to say ... brb ... Would you look at that? So your "study" shows consumers need increased flexibility. Why is this a press release? Oh: So this "study" was probably a commissioned landline survey of a whopping 1,384 people -- so ACI could tout their ability to provide flexibility in these trying times. The 27% stat was puffed up to "nearly one in three" and we don't know what they asked. Press releases are trying to sell you something, they are not news.
  13. My cousin shared a picture of a restaurant in Europe using pool noodle hats and all I could think is what if you took someone out to have a serious discussion with them about something important, and you finally get to do that, and they make you wear a pool noodle on your head? "Listen, Linda, this has been great, but I think we should see other people ..."

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