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  1. [Insert joke about zoom schooling]
  2. You and my husband, for years he tried to wean me off these: Eventually I switched to these, and I could murder a pack right now:
  3. One of my widow friends who is closer in age to my mom than me, her husband was a letter carrier who died not very long after he retired. We meet on Saturdays online and I always say (we acknowledge everyone's partners) that we need his help to save USPS. This is so terrible and so worrisome and people have purportedly died from delayed prescriptions.
  4. OP actually tried to backpedal and use the Shaggy defense! 🤣
  5. If they don't serve ayahuasca I would be very disappointed.
  6. I love that ❤️ For me that song is Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here." It was the last song he sent me, and if I hear it I have to flee wherever it's playing, it just brings me right back to crying and hugging a casket.
  7. The entire incognito chili's thing along with terrible food bestowed doordash credits, so I was able to order BWW for my kids and Indian for me for the second night in a row. I seriously need to go grocery shopping but no regrets.
  8. ETA all that said, I have been looking around for some sort of different way of obtaining groceries in general. I now have a Costco membership but I have not used it yet. I'd love to get my kids to eat one of those meal kits with like, colorful carrots.
  9. This is a song I sent to my husband while we were apart that made him cry: Now this one gets me:
  10. FWIW, if you want produce delivered, IDK that limiting to "ugly" produce is necessary in as much as some ag people have objected to the marketing as misleading: There have been a few of these threads, and if this is reflective of distribution reality, I might just look around for the most ideal available produce deal instead of those particular companies.
  11. Most of them just don't want to graduate with the cost of a house in student debt. Things have gotten beyond ridiculous.
  12. OMG, I was starving after widow zoom and meditating and I saw a new place pop up on DoorDash, It's Just Wings. And they had smoked wings, so I was like ok, I can get my kids to eat this. So I ordered. And it was CHILI'S. Posing as not-Chili's. I knew Chuck E. Cheese was doing that with Pasqually's Pizza, but I felt so lied to. Also it was, of course, terrible.
  13. This happens to me constantly, because at least one person ... do you have the no numbers first.last@gmail.com address? I do, and I nonstop get sensitive documents for another person who has that name. I was just reading about this on Reddit and it seems like every first.last@gmail.com person who has a relatively common name has this issue.

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