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  1. Are you concerned about the SOL for reporting, because you want to work on your credit file? Or, are you concerned about the SOL for collecting debts, because you are worried about litigation? I was worried about litigation SOL and being served if it came to that
  2. I'm sorry if I didn't make sense I'm bad at online stuff. I guess I was wondering which SOL applies to me, the one where the debt happened 4yr 8 mo ago or the SOL of my current state?
  3. I just lifted this advice for another thread that just came up this morning. Thanks Marv, I read that thread and I think that is for an amount that won't report. Mine is 1k. I would like to know how I get them to validate if they haven't sent me a letter. Also, was wondering in the state this occurred, the SOL on credit is 4 yr and written contracts (which I guess satellite is) is 5. My current state, Texas, is 4 for both and I was wondering if anyone knew if Texas would apply for me. Thanks everyone
  4. I just lifted this advice for another thread that just came up this morning. Ok thank you So do I write them asking for a letter about this? I've read on here to not contact a collector so I want to make sure I don't screw this up Thank you
  5. I haven't received anything from them about this. I've lived at this same address for three years Looks like they acquired the collection Jan 1 of this year (according to Experian). Do I contact them?
  6. Do they have to send me a letter or do I contact them first for a letter ?
  7. I received an alert that my Experian has a new Collection from Convergent for Directv. I ordered the report online but that doesn't show the DOFD, just the "open date." I am ordering my paper copy to get the correct DOFD. I have done the math on paper and this debt is between 4yr6mo to 4yr8mo old (giving them two months for it to become late originally, if that makes sense). This debt was incurred in a state where the SOL is 4yr credit, 5 yr written. I currently live in Texas (past three years) which the SOL is 4yr for both. I am not sure if this helps me or not. My question is, do I wait for my first move until I receive a letter from the Collection Agency. PS- I think I took too long to submit my first post (came back with an error), so sorry if this is reposted twice

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