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  1. For my own clarification...what does PC mean? I know it is a Product Change...but that is a term that I am not familiar with and want to be sure I understand it correctly. My initial thought was that a PC meant the Secured Card would graduate from Secured to Unsecured.
  2. Does BOA still offer that 99/500 Card?
  3. I am not sure if they will graduate the Secured Card or not. I would have to check and see. It seems the last time I called and asked (been a while) that they said I would have to reapply. Regarding Elan being owned by US Bank...would I be better off just trying to get a Secured Card issued by US Bank?
  4. I inquired with a local CU about their Secured Card options. They do have a Secured Card option...but they said it was through Elan Financial Services. Does anyone know anything about them? From what I was told and their site...it's a minimum deposit of $300-$5000 and won't be considered for at least 12 months before it could go Unsecured. I don't know if this is something worth considering or if I should move on to other options.
  5. I did the Capital One prequalifier and applied. I was approved for a Secured Card with $99 deposit. Are you limited to ONLY paying the $99 deposit for a $200 CL or can you pay more which would increase your CL by the additional amount you pay? I was also wondering...if that is the case...is this option only available at the time of deposit?
  6. Thanks for the help! I think what you said helps me to understand the part about determining what we owe. The other part of the equation is where I really don't know how to proceed. I don't know if I should respond to the Collection Letter that I received. Even going off of what the Provider states that I owe them...the fees associated with the collection seem to be double what the Provider states. I have had collections before...but this is the first time where a collector has added roughly $500-$600 (which is about the same as what I owe the Provider) in addition to the stated balance with t
  7. Thank you for your response. I just wanted to clarify that in taking this approach...do I need to still do some type of DV disputing the amounts inside the 30 day window as well or do I somehow also reference a DV with the same correspondence to the Provider and the Attorney? They did state that what the insurer was saying was not right (in their opinion) and they didn't have to adhere to the mandated writeoff's the insurance said they did. I talked with the insurance multiple times on different days to make sure this was right. The Provider never said what the outcome of checking
  8. Yes we did. At first we had a discussion with them on the phone with a person who identified as the Office Manager who said she doesn't usually talk to anyone...but would not identify her name. We had an agreement for me to pay the amount that the insurance said we owed...but she also said they were going to check with their attorneys and the insurance as to whether we only have to pay the insurance amount minus what we paid at DOS or what they say we owed. I tried to pay the payment and get it in writing...but no one was available at the office when instructed to come by and by the next day
  9. Around July/Aug 2020 I was sent to a local healthcare provider to have a simple procedure done. They never sent it to the insurance until closer to the end of 2020 and by that time my insurance benefit was used by other claims. When I had the procedure done I paid a portion up front and they were anticipating the insurance payment. Around January of this year I got a letter stating that I needed to pay or I would be sent immediately to collections. I called them and explained I wasn't aware that I owed them b/c I received no call or EOB's b/c they just submitted shortly before they sent me a
  10. I got an email from Experian stating that they couldn't automatically update my FICO score based on data that they pulled and that if I planned on applying for credit how some others in similar situations have generated a FICO score. It gave 3 possible reasons for this issue: (1) New accounts or not enough of them; (2) No recent account activity; (3) Mistakenly reported as deceased. I just looked at my report (ONLINE) with EX. I will request a paper copy to for accuracy. I have no Open accounts and no PR and no Collections. I am not surprised by the Open accounts b/c I had some acc
  11. UPDATE: We were able to get the car back. The loan is now current. We owe more than it is worth. I still need to get my reports...but I don't think it was reporting to any of them. The only one that it may have been reporting would be EQ...but that was a few months ago. I don't think I saw it on there and we had paper copies when we reviewed it then. If the repo does report and I imagine it will and now that we have redeemed it (that is what they kept calling it)...how long does it take to show up and is it a PR or what kind of impact can I expect in this situation of a repossessio
  12. For some reason since ACA took the loan over about 2-3 years ago...it hasn’t reported to any of the CRA’s unless they start all of a sudden. I don’t know why it hasn’t been reporting and have never asked them. It did report with the Original Lender.
  13. I got in a situation where I was trying to work with the Lender to prevent a repossession. I finally lost the battle and they repossessed the car last night. This is fresh and I am working through it...but after talking to the Lender...it looks like I can get my personal belongings from the vehicle and they told me around how much it would take to redeem the vehicle along with the repossession fee. Given my situation...I can't really come up with the money at the moment. I know if I let the car go it will go to auction and be sold for pennies on the dollar and we were already in a
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