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  1. In addition to those things, I asked for proof that they were authorized to collect the debt.
  2. Hello all: I DVd Portfolio Recovery, and they just sent back a copy of a credit card bill. Nothing else. Before I got a chance to send a follow up letter, they sent another debt collection letter. Violation?
  3. My question really is - why is it listed in it's own special block all by itself and different from all the other accounts (collections and OC) on my report? The other 2 collections in my report are listed under "Credit Account Information" and listed uniformly with the same information as the other accounts (both collection and non-collection, good and bad accounts). This one is all by itself with minimal information and doesn't look like the other accounts. It's just strange and I'm wondering what it means.
  4. Received my Equifax report back with addresses deleted (step one, yay!) The full report they sent me, however, had something that really confused me. On the first page, under my "Personal Identification Information", but above "Credit Account Information", there is a block that says: Collection Agency Information (This section includes accounts that credit grantors have placed for collection with a collection agency). Cavalry Portfolio Services; collection reported 2/17 (and then contains the OC, amount, etc). HOWEVER This account is not listed under the credit accounts on the report. There are 2 other collections on the report - they are listed - but this one is not. It also doesn't show up under accounts that I can dispute online. Does anyone know what this is about? If it's a collection, fine, no problem, but why is it listed in this weird, non-disputable block and not down with the other collection accounts? Thanks.
  5. D*-obviously this is no longer available to newbies, but getting in with Amex and getting 4 cards backdated to 1992 helps a lot. 3 of these are still open. The Amex D* - I'm sorry - I tried to read 90 pages but couldn't get thru them all...you're saying this option is no longer available? Thx.
  6. I sent TU a request to delete old addresses, they responded by sending me a copy of my CR. They did not address my concern at all. *sigh*. I'm requesting again *second request*.
  7. First question: I have a repo on my credit report (it's showing as a charge off). I understand that the drop off clock begins on the first 30 day late, or past due month that preceded the charge off. However, I have one 30 day late for May 2012. Then NR until October 2012, then late consistently (30 or 60 days) for a while. Current again in March of 2015, then 30 days late again May 2015, and stayed that way until repo November 2015. So am I understanding correctly that the 7 year drop off point would be May 2019? Or would it be May 2022? Second question. My state (VA) has a 5 year SOL for this type of debt. When does that 5 years start? I think I read that the 5 years begins from the date of LAST PAYMENT. Is this correct? Just planning my strategies. If I'm still in SOL, I don't want to poke the bear. Thanks.
  8. I just had a thought - could we set ourselves up as CR specialists while we are working on our CR and deduct these CMRRRs? They get so expensive. Please don't flame me if it's a bad idea. Just a thought.
  9. Called today and followed up. No issues, got right in! That's the good news. But then I applied for the credit card and was declined. Boo. :-(

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