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  1. Care to elaborate who is MMI? Anyone heard of Incharge debt solutions or work with them?
  2. Great advise. I am on the same situation as the original poster. I am leaning toward DMP. I just want to make sure that this is the same company "www.greenpath.com" that we are talking about. Thank you again for all the great advice.
  3. http://www.privacymatters.com/
  4. I would like to know the answer to this question. I'm on the same situation right now with BOA. Congrats on your new CC!!
  5. Personally, I would close it and not worry about FICO in this case. Congrats on your new card. ETA: I'm puzzled, why didn't BOA upgrade your secured card to an unsecured with no fee? Don't close. Call them and tell me to convert it to an unsecured. Thanks for the quick response. I must add that the account was converted to unsecure about 6 month ago. CarlosM do you think this will make any reason to keep it. I just the new card with 10k CLI and no annual fee.
  6. I had the BOA secure card for year and half. The total CLI was 1500. The annual fee is 30.00. I was wondering if this is the time to close this account since I just reapplied for a new card with BOA with 10k CLI and annual fee. My main concern is the account history. Will this affect my credit scores. Any suggestion will be glady appreciated?
  7. vixer03

    Citi Card

    I tried applying for a citi card about 3 month ago and got denied for insufficient credit. How long do you need to wait before applying again? or what other card do you suggest for applying? which card is good from citi. I need an overall card with a little bit of benefit on everything?
  8. vixer03


    Company account # date open Balance Status LvnvFndg not on record not on record 1,650 120+days past CBUsasears not on record 11/1993 0 120+days past HSBC/BB not on record 9/1995 0 bad debt/collection Originally, CBUsasear was transfer to Resurgent capital (CA). They sent me a notification that this account was deleted and it was. The OC trade line was delete long time ago. It also happens that Lvnv also had my account with BB. The OC trade line for HSBC/BB was deleted awhile ago too. So, I finally had the LVNVfndg bad account which was the HSBC/BB account they bought. After, the letter was sent to the BBB they responded and they delete the last trade line but after a week all three account are now in my report. Any suggestion on how to tackle this situation will be gladly appreciated.
  9. vixer03


    I'm in FL. Yes, I have the actual response from Resurgent Capital aka sherman, LVNV that they purchased the account fromOC on 2002. This account has been closed. MR. XXXX should no longer be contacted by Resurgent capital services, LP or any affiliate companies regarding this debt. The three major CRA will be instructed to delete the tradeline during the next reporting cycle. In addition, this account will not be transferred or sold. This account dates back to 1999.
  10. vixer03


    Hello, Everyone I finally had the courage after several months of dealing with the CRA and LVNV to contact the AG and BBB. LVNV kept reporting as a revolving account and 120 days past due. Just to simplify they are plain ignoring my DV letter and they continue to report an account dated as charge-off in 2000 as current and 120 past due. In addition, every time I disputed the account it came back verified. So, I fired a letter to the BBB and AG. I got my response from the BBB after several week and the outcome was that sherman which is part of LVNV scum society said that this account will be closed and not transfer at all. I have this in writing that the lady from sherman responded to the BBB in regards my inquiry. I finally decide to look at my credit report and WOOHHHH!! my last baddy gone!! all my score are 800. I thought that this was going to be my end of a long battle and returning to a normal life. I realized a week later after pulling my credit report from chaseidentity that they not only reinserted the LVNV trade line, they added the OC trade line, and they added another trade line that they were handling before which they closed a while back. So, I thought i was deleting my only bad trade line but instead I got 3 trade line. I told the BBB of what they did and they told me to wait a month and see. Can anyone suggest a plan of action. I can't believe that CRA don't have a sense of handling information. I now truly believe that no one should worry to much about identity theft because the real problem lies within the CRA reporting wrong information. Any suggestion on how to deal with the CRA in case if i need to go that route? I will have the BBB and AG on sherman and LVNV.

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