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  1. Generally speaking,you don't want to take unsecured CC debt and secure it by tying it to your house. If you must do a consolidation loan, it would be better to do Prosper etc over a home equity loan.
  2. I'm on my 2nd Galaxy - I had the SII and now the SIII....DH is getting the S4 today. I've overall been very happy with the Galaxy line up.
  3. I have Credit One...closing next week now that Cap One has more than made up for this CL...I see a refresh every month of my score, but don't have a FICO to compare it to. It seems fairly accurate EX is my worst report and it's about 30 points off from my TU FICO.
  4. probably frivolous....one of their alternate explanations (not one I got, but listed in the possible reasons they give) is "Account past due in the last 9 months"
  5. I think I've checked my account 5 times now LOL
  6. 2.5 years...I literally got this within a week of discharge. Tried before and got the "account not eligible" line of BS, then some other nonsense reason last month. I got a small CLI on my other account after contacting the EO, but nada here. This is my highest limit now.
  7. Congrats! They seem to be in a good mood...they tripled my CL
  8. without EO contact! I was shocked. I logged in to CK today and it had an alert that I had a CLI on one of my Cap One accounts. I was like HUH? I was denied a few weeks ago when I requested CLI. Sure enough, I logged in to Cap 1 and my CL went from $750 to $2250! This was a credit steps card that I got right out of BK7.
  9. It was not a fun afternoon...most of the tornadoes were about 30 miles south of us, but we got hammered with straight line winds and flooding rains and did have 1 tornado about 2 miles away. DD built herself a little nest in the hallway (our only "safe spot") and hid out for over an hour. I'm grateful that my friends in that area are safe and praying for the families that weren't so lucky.
  10. That's not correct - the SOL referred to in that article is the amount of time the OC/CA has to sue, not how long it can remain on your CR. Reporting SOL and legal action SOL are two very different things.
  11. I did BF for the first time last year - but only at Kohl's. I wasn't not brave enough to face any of the other stores. You might be able to score a similar deal Cyber Monday
  12. sweetjaze


    I compromised with my school and graduated at the end of my junior year rather than drop out - I had to take 1 summer school class, but other than that I had enough "credits" and required courses to be done. Now, I regret it. I should have coasted that next year and dealt with it. I would have gone straight to college and done something better with my life. Not that I'm not in a decent spot, but it would be very different if I had gotten that silly degree rather than working.
  13. I opened Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, TJ Maxx, Amazon, and Lowe's within a 2 week period. These are actually cards I will use though

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