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  1. I'll definitely try GW with Sync/Amazon again--I wasn't burned by them after it was closed in 2013 and was able to open a new Sync/Amazon card in late 2016. Could you PM me the email you used? Thanks!
  2. My credit's been perfect since January 2014, so I'm sure that's helped. I've also opened a good number of accounts over the years and have ~$95k of available credit with $200 reporting, so I've maxed out the current scoring aspect of the FICO algorithm.
  3. The last active baddie on my reports was deleted from EQ this week, so now *all* I've got left are a bunch of lates from 2011-2013 on closed accounts. My scores are decent now, so I view the old lates as a lesser priority, but I still want to try to get them off before they fall off on their own. Here's what I'm facing, along with my GW efforts to date since I started my rebuild in 2015. USAA Amex: 2x30 DL in 2013. Sent 3 GW letters from 2015-2016, denial on the first two and no response on the third USAA loan: 8x30, 1x60 day late, 6 of the 30s in 2012, the rest in 2013. Sent 3-4 GWs in 2015-2016, denied each time Wells Fargo/Mattress Firm: 1x30, 1x60 DL in 2011. Sent 1 GW in 2016 that resulted in a dispute flag and no response, sent another in February 2017 that resulted in no response CareCredit: 3x30 and 1x60 DL in 2013. Sent 1 GW in 2016 and 1 in February 2017, both resulted in no response. Kohls: 7x30, 3x60, 3x90, 1x120 DL in 2012 and 2013. Sent 4 (I think it was 4) GWs from 2015-2016, all of them were shot down. Funnily enough, they were all shot down by the same person in their EO, and she included a copy of her previous denials in each consecutive denial letter. Troll level: 1000. FedLoan Servicing: A metric f-ton of 60-180 DL in 2013 across 11 different accounts. Really long story, but the short story is that they applied a retroactive forebearance but refuse to mark them as current during the forebearance period. I've sent GWs, disputes, 623(a)(2) disputes, and CFPB complaints about it in 2015-2016, very firm denials from them so far Synchrony/Amazon: 5x30, 3x60, 1x90, 1x120 DL from 2012-2013. I sent 2 GWs in 2016, both denied, and 1 unanswered GW in February 2017 Synchrony/PayPal: 1x30 DL in 2013. Sent 2 GWs in 2015, denied on the first, no response on the second All of those accounts are closed, paid as agreed. Here's my planned approach: Everything except FedLoan Servicing: Resume GW campaign, start sending them out once a month until they give up out of sheer frustration with me and grant the GW adjustment, or the items fall off on their own FedLoan Servicing: After talking to a consumer finance lawyer last year, he thinks a civil suit is the way to go with this, especially with the FTC's Harris advisory opinion. I don't have the resources at the moment to throw at a civil suit, so I'm looking into a small claims suit. It's by far the worst of the baddies on my report, since between the 11 trade lines, that's a solid 60+ late payments on each bureau Any tips or advice on the general game plan or specific items? Current FICO 08 scores as of 11/15/17: EX-733, TU-729, EQ-713
  4. Woohoo! Just pulled this month's 3B report on MF and Kia was deleted from EQ!!! By far not the last baddie on my reports (got a whole string of student loan lates from 2013 that I've been verrrrrrry slowly fighting FedLoan Servicing over), but this was the only active major derogatory! Whoop whoop!
  5. What happens if a company doesn't respond to a CFPB complaint within 15 days? Here's what it says on the CFPB page: Today is the 15th day since I submitted my complaint, with nary a peep from EQ.
  6. Check-in: I submitted the CFPB complaint a week ago. No news on that front. Yesterday I got the hard copy dispute results from EQ for the WhyChat dispute I submitted in September--same message as posted online, just boilerplate that they verified the account as mine, nothing about their MOV.
  7. The initial steps are to opt out and delete old addresses. https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html To follow the "repo guide" https://whychat.me/repoltr.html he should have FIRST ( after opting out and deleting old addresses) have sent the CRAs the initial dispute letter https://whychat.me/initdispltrsol.html If it is only left on Eq. he should file a CFPB complaint against Eq as it is too late to try to backtrack the process https://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/ In his complaint he should state that he properly disputed an UNKNOWN entry on his Eq report and that Eq refused to properly investigate and delete. He should also state that the same account was properly disputed with Ex and TU and they correctly investigated and deleted. I don't know what else to suggest to the poster as he got himself enmeshed in the Eq. automated computer response system so any subsequent disputes would be treated as previously disputed. ( The guides CLEARLY indicate how to dispute properly to get the optimum results) Thanks for responding, Why Chat. Several years ago, way before I found these forums, I'd disputed this account on all the credit bureaus and it came back verified (pretty sure I'd selected the verify all account info dispute reason). Since I had previously disputed it once online, I assumed that sending your initial dispute letter would be duplicative; additionally, there were no inaccuracies in the account info (creditor, address, DOFD). What I've done to date: Opted out Deleted old addresses Sent the first repo letter to the creditor Sent the second, handwritten, repo letter to EX, EQ, and TUAt no point did I opt in for online delivery of EQ dispute results I've filed the CFPB complaint, I'll see where it goes from here.
  8. Got an email from EQ saying the results of my dispute investigation are available online...which is odd, since I did not request online delivery... Anyways, I went ahead and checked it out. What's my next step? The WhyChat letter I sent EQ included a MOV request, which EQ clearly did not provide. CFPB complaint? Another letter to EQ? On a side note, the check dispute status page shows two other EQ disputes, both pending (one from 10/8 and the other from 10/22), and says results were mailed for both. I haven't submitted any other disputes to EQ besides the WhyChat repo dispute, so I've got no idea what these are about.
  9. Pulled my monthly 3B report from MF today...TU deleted Kia, too, increasing my score about 25 points! Bad news so far is that EQ updated the account to add a charge off notation for each month dating back to at least 10/15. Previously, the account hadn't been updated since 1/15. That dropped my score about 35 points. There's still the reinvestigation in progress notation on that item, and I haven't received anything from EQ, so hopefully it will disappear in the next week or two.
  10. I have credit monitoring through Experian and just checked that report...Kia was deleted today and my score went up 20 points! One down, two to go!
  11. Another set of minor updates: Got a letter from EQ on 10/14 saying they received my report of fraudulent activity. Nothing else, just a letter saying that. Got an alert on MF today, 10/15, saying EX added a fraud alert to my report. Counting down the days to 11/3!
  12. Status update...despite USPS totally failing at the whole tracking thing, all three CRAs have my dispute. Equifax: USPS says available for pickup since 9/29. Alert on MF on 10/8 that EQ updated the Kia account to say in dispute. Received an email today saying the investigation process has started and can take up to 30 days, and asking me to opt in to online dispute results. I'm giving them till 11/3, if I don't have a letter from them by then, I will send them one noting that they're in violation of the 30 day limit. TransUnion: USPS lost tracking info for it as of 9/30. I got an alert on MF about a new inquiry on TU so tried to log in via the backdoor to see what it was and inadvertently opted in to online dispute results for the current dispute with an ETA of 10/28. Crud. On the plus side, at least I know they did actually get my dispute and USPS' incompetence (in this case) stretches just to the tracking... Experian: Delivered 9/29, no updates since then. Like with EQ, if I don't get a letter from them by 11/3, I'll send them a violation notice. Just going to keep waiting...
  13. Ugh, sometimes I really hate USPS... My dispute letter to TU seems to have vanished into thin air. Tracking shows delayed in transit with a last activity date of 9/30, and the missing item search I filed on 10/3 has turned up nothing. My dispute letter to EQ has been available for pickup since 9/29, hasn't been picked up yet according to tracking. Should I just send another copy of the same dispute to EQ and TU and hope USPS magically doesn't drop the ball this time?
  14. Right, but that doesn't address the question. What is the best path forward for Chase? Do I reapply or recon? Don't keeping applying! Especially with different business names. Your going to get flagged and won't get approved for anything. Recon.. Should have done it after the first denial. Thanks, I'll recon late next week. By that point, all but one of my credit cards will have reported a zero balance for the October reporting cycle.
  15. Latest updates on dispute letters via USPS tracking: Experian: delivered 9/29 Exquifax: ready for pickup as of 9/29, not picked up yet TransUnion: "In transit, delayed" since 9/27, when it left the Philly distribution center headed to Chester, PA (a whopping 18 miles). I filed a missing mail search claim today... Go figure!
  16. Right, but that doesn't address the question. What is the best path forward for Chase? Do I reapply or recon?
  17. I've got a number of LLCs and am trying to get cards from Chase and Amex for two of them. Background on the two LLCs: LLC #1 originally formed as a sole proprietorship in SC in 2010. It went dormant from 2012 to 2016, then I reactivated it and got an EIN in 2016 and it's now active in VA. LLC #2 formed in late 2016 in VA. D&B doesn't have any records for either of those two LLCs, or for any of my other LLCs, for that matter, which were all formed from 2013-2015, two of which have Spark cards that have been in good standing for 2+ years. Here's my application history for the two LLCs. LLC #1: Applied for an Amex in August, got a Blue Business Plus with no hassle, but a toy limit of $2000. Requested a CLI the day after the application was approved and they bumped the limit to $4000. Applied for two Chase business cards in August, a week apart. Phone status initially said 30 days, then the next day switched to 14 days, then 7-10 days a day or two later. Received requests to submit proof of business name and address, which I did. A few weeks ago, both were denied due to something along the lines of "too many applications for products with Chase." LLC #2: Applied for an Amex in August, a week after #1's application. Received a request to supply DUNS number, which I don't have. No movement on that application since then. Applied for one Chase business card in the same timeframe as the applications for #1. Phone status went through the same 30/14/7-10 rotation as for #1, and got the same request for proof of business name and address. Sent that in 4 weeks ago and have heard nothing since. What should I do at this point? Should I recon Chase for the two applications for #1 that were denied? Should I call to figure out what happened with the app for #2? Should I just reapply? I'm not willing to touch D&B with a ten foot pole, so I guess Amex is out for #2. I'm sitting at 3/24 right now. Last time I applied with Chase before this was a personal Marriott back in 2015, which was denied. My scores are currently in the 680-690 range due to ~35% utilization on ~$85k in available credit, should jump into the low 700s in the October reporting cycle since I paid off all credit cards this week but one, which is now at 1%.
  18. In the absence of any additional guidance, I wrote the dispute letter on yellow legal pad paper using a pinkish/purplish pen and mailed them CMRR. Now I wait. Hopefully they'll delete and not come back with a boilerplate response!
  19. To make a long story short, I've got an ~$8k deficiency reporting from a Kia repo and sale in August 2012. More background on the issue here. I started Why Chat's repo process as described here: https://whychat.me/repoltr.html. I sent the first letter to the dealership and to Kia, and the 14 day deadline for Kia to respond expired today. I'm planning to send the second letter to the CRAs in the next day or two. A few questions about the second letter: Does it need to be handwritten or can it be printed? White paper or something like blue or purple paper? Why not send it CMRRR? I've had no problems sending CMRRR letters to PO boxes before. Beyond the technical questions about the second letter, I've got a more philosopical question about what the overall outcome is. If the CRAs do not delete the account and just give the typical boilerplate response that the account was verified and meets FCRA requirements, what do I do then? Do I send them an ITS letter? Do I start a jack attack? Do I file a CFPB complaint?
  20. All right, if I don't get a letter from Kia tomorrow, then they will not have responded in the 14 day window provided by the first WhyChat letter. In that case, I'll send the CRA dispute letter on Monday. What am I expecting in response to the CRA letter? I get that I'm asking them for their method of verification, but what if they blow me off? What's my next step? CFPB complaint? Jack attack? ITS letter?
  21. Ordered all three paper reports today. Well, I think I ordered all three...no problems ordering EX and TU on the phone, took two tries for EQ and the second time I got a confirmation number then it immediately went into a loop about the automated system not functioning and told me to call back...so I think I ordered the EQ report?
  22. 7 days down, already got the second WhyChat letter ready to go out next Monday if I don't get anything from Kia by then. Hopefully good things happening in the next few weeks!
  23. The dealer got their letter on 9/7, Kia got theirs today. 14 day countdown begins!
  24. So what's the process when each report lists a different address and the company's website lists a 4th address?

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