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  1. Like I said, the only charge on the statement was a fraudulent charge that was disputed and the account was set up to automatically pay in full any balance. When they changed the card number it canceled the auto payment for the disputed amount that would have been paid by default, and as the account was un used and set up to autopay, I did not check the digital statements that I'm sure they'd emailed to me. The fault lies in their canceling my autopay and refusing to remove the derogatory Marks that occurred when they did so without informing me.
  2. Hi, Long story short - I had NFCU credit card that was closed in 2019 after a fraudulent charge I'd reported. They sent me a new card, but in the process of this they turned off my auto pay, I wasnt using the card at the time and they marked the account as 60 days late over a $20 balance that was in dispute. The funds were available but their system canceled the autopay and they made no attempt to contact me before closing the account and marking as a derogatory. $20 balance on a 5 year old $25k credit line. I called them recently and they were less than helpful, so I disputed with
  3. http://20sbeginhere.com/alaska-airlines-virgin-america
  4. I napped chase freedom a few days ago, first chase card, got 30 day notice, called recon, approved. Got notice today from original app that they wanted personal or verification for approval.
  5. Right now I have a secured platinum its been sitting in a drawer, CS just below 700. I'm waiting for my new amex with highest CL on account to post to reports. Its not posted and 2nd statement closes Thursday. I'd like to pc to quick silver, but im a 4 out of 5 on 5/24 for chase & would like to app them next. Is pc considered a new account?
  6. Unfortunately I have to app Chase before I app NFCU because of 5/24. Should I app after 1 year mark on cap 1?
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