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  1. A little update: I googled the number and called them today and it is a valid offer. I think we are going to go ahead and take the settlement. They said once it's paid then our account will be closed and it will say something like "settled for amount less than total balance." Is there anything else I need to know before I officially accept the offer?
  2. for this one, if the case was dismissed with prejudice, she should find a FDCPA lawyer and file suit, with the money she gets, she could pay off others. and once she is a FDCPA litigant, no one will ever file suit or buy any of her charged off debts - she will be on the FDCPA scrub list. On the order, it says it was dismissed for lack of prosecution. Is that the same thing as dismissed with prejudice? I have found an attorney in my area that deals with these things, so I will reach out for a consultation, either way, but until then I'm curious if it's the same thing.
  3. Can you afford to pay them? There are a few old utility bills that I can afford to pay, but a couple that I can not at this moment. what state are you in, and what was the DOFD on the accounts in quesiton? I'm in FL the accounts in question are: Cap1-DOFD, 09/2014, balance $5,473 (Received a settlement offer in the mail, figuring out what to do about that) Conserve- DOFD- 05/2015 balance $1,173 Gulf Coast Collection- DOFD- 05/2016 -balance $463 Credit protection- DOFD- 12/2014- balance $523 Hunter Warfield, INC- DOFD- 10/2014 balance $517 She also has one on there from portfolio recovery(DC) and SNCBY/Carecredit (OC), so 2 different TLs for the same account, that for the same account that they actually sued her for and she went to court and was found that she didn't owe them, but they are still reporting it on her accounts. How would we go about getting those removed? Well if you want to go to Court and get a Judgment and % and court costs added to said Judgmet go and poke those Bears. Many people put all the time and effort into trying to get a clean report and forget the other side of Credit repair, which is to add + reporting tradelines If you start now with a few on time reporting tradelines in 2 to 3 years when those bad debts our out of the SOL, you could go after them or wait until they fall off. When those bad debts fall off you'll have a nice looking report. Now on the other hand if you want to go poke that bear you could have a Court Judgment reporting for years. If you have bad debt some how along the lines you screwed up you're credit< Most people, Not All people > That come here have " Rome was not built in a day" Same as rebuliding one's credit will take time. Good luck happy reading and Onward and upward.. We would achieve this through secured credit cards I assume?
  4. I'm not sure if the amount is correct, but the debt is legitimate. Our car was repoed and we never paid the rest of the balance. How would I go about figuring out the correct amount and if it's a valid offer??
  5. I'm feeling confused about what I should be doing. I understand why you want things to be outside of the SOL, but what do you do if it is still in it. I have several things that are 2-3 years from being outside of the limit and I have a hard time just not doing anything about it. Am I understanding things correctly?
  6. The other day my wife got a letter in the mail from Capital one auto. It's a charged off account for $5,400 from 2014. Their offer was to settle for $544. Obviously this sounds like a good deal to us, however, I was informed that it's not going to do much for her credit score. I'm looking for advice on how to proceed? Thoughts?
  7. The FTC says that lates in this situation should be removed. This is exactly what happened to my wife. I'm going to go read the FTC again and see what I can find about getting her lates removed.
  8. I am in the process of cleaning up my wife's credit report. Right now she has 11 adverse accounts that are student loans through Department of Ed/Nelnet. We are no longer in school and by simple negligence she let her loans get 120 days past due. Once she realized what was going on she quickly corrected the problem and has had paid as agreed since then. These loans aren't going anywhere anytime soon and clearly having 11 adverse accounts reporting the same 120 days past due is not helping her credit any. Would consolidating her loans resolve this issue? I'm understanding it takes all of the loans and rolls them into one, so essentially all of her currently loans would be marked as paid. Is there another option that I am missing? Can someone who understands this better help me?

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