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    collecting dirt samples from around the world....
  1. Got them off with BBB complaint...frankly they folded easily!
  2. Update: Deleted..... :clapping: Good ole BBB complaint did it!
  3. Freezing all 3 really helped me during my bankruptcy and clean up. I only have EX frozen now - until one account is corrected. But I really suggest that you freeze them for quicker clean up. Just my 2 cents
  4. Innovis was the easiest to clean up...but I don't see the value in continued watching them. One time clean and that it. Maybe in the future this one will become a big dog but now -their still nursing on mom's milk!
  5. Got some feedback from FL AG...I was told to make complaint to OFR and the FL DACS. I did complain to BBB and NY AG as well. RJM also verifed again...keeping paper trail as we go. So I'm off to make copies and send in those new complaints.
  6. Yes, this debt was included in BK. I have kept documentation of the disputes and hard copies of each CR. One of the biggest issue I have after researching is that RJM seems to have a pattern of reporting like this only on EX. Also, EX response that they don't have a "collection" as a type when other accts on the same report list as collection. RJM can list in pay history "collection" but under type "installment" then have the nerve to update the balance after the discharge after being notified of the filing and discharge from courts & myself. I'm not sure FL regulations on can Ca report a purchased debt collection as installment. I really don't see FL doing that... but I could be wrong. If I'm right, I think that EX should have deleted the account just for update of the balance when RJM verified. It seems that they allow RJM to report obviously inaccurate information then say take it up with RJM. What is to stop RJM from continuing to violate the law and harming a individuals credit?
  7. I would just work on EQ,EX, and TU for now....that should keep you busy then branch out to the others!
  8. Just got my letter in mail today....ChexSystems deleted account IIBK. I'm totally clean with them!
  9. Not a chance will they get any money on discharged debt. If anything, I might entertain the a civil suit against them. But I'll settle for the delete 1st then maybe correct reporting. My problem is with EX mainly for allowing them to obviously report incorrectly!
  10. So RJM purchased this account then can report as installment? To report as installment would there not be a installment agreement? Yet, place it as collection on pay history? I still don't understand that... Then they update recent balance to show after BK discharge date. Verifying with EX and Ex doesn't see a problem with that? I see from some researching of RJM this is something they seem to do! Ex seems to protect them. Just my opinion....
  11. No I haven't send RJM anything new. But EX csr start another disputed based on recent balance - she state that's not right because its reporting after BK. I'm in the process of typing up a letter about the violations....
  12. Here's a little information.... EX report RJM Acquisitions OC: wachovia checking acct type: installment recent balance: $ 0 as of Jan 2011 date open: 5/2009 1st reported: 10/2010 date status: 12/2010 High balance: not reported terms: 1 month monthly payment: not reported credit limit/original amount: $ 93 Pay history: 10/09 to 10/2010 as C (collection) Status: IIbk discharged Acct history: IIBk discharged 12/2010 Called EX....because RJM verified the type and update pay history. Ex csr attempted to tell me that there are only two types account types (installment and revolving) but I stop her because I have couple accounts reporting as "collections". I also told her that RJM is a debt collector and reports in pay history as collection - so how could this be an "installment". She then took a moment...stated I need to dispute with RJM because they have verified as correct and the EX could not change it. WTF? I've made FTC,BBB, FL AG ,& NY AG complaints. Does this make any sense. Is there anything else I could do?

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