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  1. You had an unusually good experience. Its not regional. DLG has made plenty of statements about this as well.Actually, my experience wasnt great. It was stressful the entire time. Everyone who goes through NACA seems to have a stressful time. Only thing is that I stuck it out. And you had the time as yours was a new build vs an existing home purchase. Most don’t have that time to stick it out.
  2. MIP is now life of loan. Depends on when OP took out the FHA mortgage. True! I just (maybe wrongly) thought if OP had a FHA loan since 2013 or before.m they would have looked into refinancing when the rates were lower vs now.
  3. MIP is now life of loan. OP doesn’t plan on staying in the house that long. Therefore it Doesn’t make sense for OP to refi at this time.
  4. Some of those will net out with your current mortgage but with just the closing costs that won’t net out. It will take over 2 years to break even on saving the PMI and that doesn’t take into account the increased interest rate. If you don’t plan on staying a long time I wouldn’t refi. Just keep paying it down as fast as possible.
  5. What’s the estimated value of the hose? This will be a non owner occupied purchase so they may require more down. I would talk to some local brokers on your options.
  6. Then it won’t hurt your score. FICO likes to see an open installment.
  7. That doesn’t mean they are out of SOL. If in SOL they can sue for a default judgement. Charge off is just an accounting term.
  8. What is SOL for your state. I wouldn’t poke the bear until past SOL. If they kno you can pay why not sue you and get the full amount due vs a small percentage?
  9. Do you have a copy of whatever draft you used to pay? That would be dated. If so you can disputes based on the CRA showing incorrect payment history and use the date of the draft as evidence. I am a newbie but that would be logical. Also if you have a copy of the post mark. I certify almost everything now days. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk They won’t use the date you put on a check as date of payment. When you mail in payments you need to account for time in mail. Marv is correct and the expert here.
  10. I would be hard pressed to accept a NACA offer for my house or townhouse. If I did I would definitely not give the buyers incentives or be as flexible on price knowing the deal will take much longer than other offers. The one story here on closing in 68 days is an anomaly. Most either give up as it takes too long/can’t get a response or closing is much longer than 68 days. The average days to close on a house is ~50 days. I agree it’s a great deal if you can get it.
  11. Yes he owes you that after you pay him $180k. That is where his leverage is for you to pay. I am saying I won’t be shocked if he doesn’t want to lose that. Just looking at both sides.
  12. What do you have in writing? This whole deal seems strange. Again him not doing it isn’t robbing you. It’s ensuring he gets paid prior to giving you anything.
  13. Title Company is out of it. Work this out between yourself and whoever you owe the mortgage to ( who you make your monthly payment to). Don’t be surprised if they say no. The opposite side of you wanting your 30k is they want their 180k or 150k. They have the greater risk here. Hopefully you have the side deal in writing.
  14. Don’t be surprised when Lexington Law does more harm than good!
  15. How much are you putting down. Many of those sites assume 20% down,
  16. I can’t blame the banks for doing this. They are the ones who have to eat the losses and are trying to minimize them. Mine usually text if a suspicious charge comes through. But it’s why I always carry extra cards.
  17. Are you 30 days late yet? If not pay it off today. If charged in May you should be okay. Then set up an automatic payment for min amount due on all cards so it doesn’t happen again.
  18. Many banks shut you down after a bounced payment or check. There are a ton of posts on here about it. They didn’t have to pull your credit you are over your limit and bounced a check. They are minimizing their losses. Good Luck to you! If you can I would wait on another card and pay off what you have. Then we can talk about rebuilding and getting more cards.
  19. Why do you need a card right now? Who are your current cards with?
  20. Yes you can get a FHA mortgage one year post BK but it’s very rarely granted. But the option does exist. I wouldn’t count on that though.
  21. I had a cable company inquiry on the day of closing.m it delayed. Nothing just another quick LOE and the account was funded. Not all apps delay mortgages even at the end.

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