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  1. I am assuming this is a FHA loan as such it’s now for the life of the loan. As stated only way to get rid of it is to refi.
  2. I would talk to other lenders. They will all have different rules.
  3. Agree with the above. Also use the Why hat method to remove her medical debt. That will help her score and get her a better rate in the future
  4. They will get max of about 70k now and lose the house when the mom dies or goes into a home. If they sell they get $120k based on your numbers (less fees) and can get a place they can afford and not worry about losing on a couple years. Good luck to them but the choice is obvious.
  5. That won’t be enough. And if the mom goes into the nursing home they will call the loan then. No life insurance and the loan will be due. Best idea is to sell and use the equity to get a place they can afford.
  6. Does the daughter want to live in the home once her mother is gone? If so I do not recommend a reverse mortgage.
  7. You signed a mod agreement with the bank and days later they increased your payment (principal and interest)? Did you call to see if they made a mistake entering in the mod details? Or did you not talk to them and just stop paying? Something is still missing here. Are you sure taxes and insurance didn’t change?
  8. Can you get the phones back or have the people help pay for them?
  9. It may be baked in. It could be he gave you some credit for the wall units and therefore only took off 3k for no central air vs $5k. This is just an example
  10. C/A is central air he took off $3k because you don’t have it. Plus xxx is where he gave you credit for things.
  11. Yes, the minimum payment is my control, in case I accidentally miss an account . I go through and PIF all my accounts monthly. Either way there are very easy ways to prevent lates in this day and age.
  12. If you do it do not run your cards back up. You will be in a worse position than you are now. I am never a fan of converting unsecured debt to secured.
  13. Set up automatic minimum payments for all cards so this doesn’t happen again. Don’t rely on getting mailed statements.
  14. Did you ever pay off the HELOC? Either through payments or refi? If not it’s probably legit. Even if the debt is discharged in Bk the lien usually remains (there are exceptions to that but would be clear in the BK). I would reach out to the current lien holder to see what information they have.
  15. No additional advice. Just hope you have the right insurance coverage.
  16. I am not clear what you are asking or looking for. Your lease is separate from whether he is paying a mortgage or not. You have to keep paying or else he can evict you and you will have that on your record. The lease continues through foreclosure if it gets that far.
  17. Oh you pay for it! It will just be added to the rate. Doesn’t hurt looking at it though at this point.
  18. Still way too long. You are 4 years into the loan. So the loan you are looking at has a 4 year term? I still wouldn’t do it.
  19. I agree! I was trying to be nice to OP and not have them make their 7 year loan a 10. They are already passed paying it off in 3 years.
  20. Don’t forget tens the term and pay more interest. It’s not a smart move in the long run. Just work to pay it off ASAP. Good Luck. 7 years for a car is already a long time.
  21. You still are as you will pay less interest overall. If I am understanding they are applying your extra to future payments so you are now a few months ahead. That is normal for many auto servicers. I would do what they said either call after your payment on send in a separate check clearly for principal only. If checking your accounts I am surprised this wasn’t identified sooner.
  22. Aren’t bank account bonuses taxed whereas credit card bonuses are not? I could be wrong especially with the new tax laws but that may also be something to consider. You still come out ahead though.
  23. What credit cards pulled innovis? Did you have confirmation it was frozen!
  24. Yes that is 11 years. It’s just very rare people put down 10%+ and get a FHA loan. Good Luck with whatever you decide!

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