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  1. ARMs never went away! Payment Option ARM did mostly but not regular ARMs. Very different vehicles with similar names.
  2. Better question for the credit forum. Need more background on you. Are you currently in BK13? What’s your score:baddies?
  3. What do you owe and what is it worth? What is your interest rate?
  4. Did you get the car fixed yet? Or how did this part turn out?
  5. There will likely be late fees as well. Most auto loans are daily interest therefore you pay late you owe more interest plus (interest is added on every day) after x days a late fee as well.
  6. We are not saying they are a good company at all. But what I was pointing out was most complaints are from people behind on their payments. I.e. “How dare they charge me fees or call me because I am late, etc.” You will probably have a better experience if you keep it current. Plus you or you friend never want t be late post BK.
  7. Read the contract to see if there is a prepayment penalty. You won’t likely get a prime lender during BK. And I would bet most of the complaints are from people who got behind on their payments.
  8. Using points/miles this summer to fund my flights to Europe and all but one hotel night. No issues for me and I have done 5his multiple times. Just takes planning which she didn’t.
  9. There is no requirement they call you. Do you get paper or electronic statements for this account. I would be shocked if you didn’t get a statement showing the amount due. I do agree you can try for goodwill but put it on yourself not them.
  10. OP needs a lawyer that specializes in back taxes and won’t find their answer here. And definitely won’t get advice on how to hide assets. They have already committed crimes by not filing don’t compound it. But they clearly had income to owe the IRS over $100,000. This debt isn’t going anywhere soon. The only one I feel (slightly)bad for is OPs brother but they allowed the transfer of debt. I never would.
  11. You have to over a year in a 13 to get a mortgage during it. You can’t gel one right away and it requires trustee approval.
  12. HAMP stopped a few years ago. But if you weren’t paying your full normal payment you were late. Your loan terms didn’t change until the mod was complete and signed.
  13. How does that pay your mortgage off quicker? Also imo a HELOC is a form of a mortgage as it’s a lien on my home.
  14. It’s highly unlikely that you will find the answers you are looking for/ what you want to hear, here.
  15. Off course the lady at the end wants her taxes dine for free. Not her accountants fault they owe this year assuming they just use them during tax season. I have seen multiple posts on different sites this year complaining about taxes. It’s crazy.
  16. Some programs require zero down. You can also ask sellers to pay a good portion of closing costs. So it’s very possible but rarely a smart move in the long run. Unless you have VA benefits for example.
  17. I can’t Answer it all but mortgages change servicers all the time especially when in or have a history of default. Therefore it’s very possible the servicing was sold to Ocwen. In that case nothing would have changed on the loan/ownership. If I wasn’t living in the house I would be happy to be taken off the utilities.
  18. What is keeping your scores so low?
  19. I am shocked they already gave you that many mods. I don’t see why they would hold off with that history.
  20. Where are you getting you credit skore from?
  21. You need the 3b from FICO as that includes your mortgage FICOs. The 30 day late less than a year ago is hurting you as is the utilization.
  22. They can charge interest on the judgement. You need to get to the courthouse to get the full file. Difficult states have different allowable ways to serve.

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