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  1. I found a link from another message board I am on.
  2. I hope to buy a place on my own in the next year (hopefully next spring). I am thinking about changing jobs this summer I have been employed since graduating in May 2001. I am thinking about looking for a new job this summer. Will it affect me getting a mortgage next spring if I change jobs in the next month or so? Or will it not matter since I can prove that I was employed the entire time (by different companies)?
  3. My Utilization is the current biggest problem, I am 71% utilized, but I have been paying roughly at least twice if not more the amount due on my 3 credit cards with a balance so hopefully in the next few months that should improve (one will be completly paid off in July 05). Edited to correct spelling.
  4. Hi! I have two late payments one was in 3/02 and the other was 10/03. I truely was late these months due to moving. Is there anyway that I can dispute these two items even though I know I was late? If so how? I want to buy a home in the next year and want my score as high as it can be and my report clean as it can be. My EQ FICO is currently 658, I assume getting these off my report will raise my score...correct? Thanks!

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