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  1. Ok, glad you think that, thanks!
    I opened an account with Wells Fargo, told them I did not want my account sold, and then told Flagstar numerous times to close the account. There are no Wells Fargo retail branch locations in Columbus, Ohio - my mortgage was sold to them and I opened the checking account online at that time to try to make my life easier (that really worked out.)
    The closest Flagstar Bank to Columbus, Ohio is in Van Wert, 131 miles away.

    Just trying to be clear. In your complaint I wouldn’t say you didn’t open it and it doesn’t matter what you told WF if it’s allowed in your original account documents.

    I would focus on the they didn’t close it. Requiring signatures is common so not doing it over the phone isn’t that odd.

    I agree on the comments above related to over drawing for account fees. I would look into that as I didn’t think that was allowed anymore.

    As for branch locations I was just stating what is online regarding the sale of the accounts

  2. I would call and talk to them. Despite what your OP says I think you already know you were playing on a razor sharp edge paying that late, and you were very close to 30 days late.



    ETA: it may be because as if 3/1 you owed 2 payments(Feb and March). But I would call and talk to them.

  3. What date does the statement show it was applied?

    If you pushed it from your bank it may have taken a day or two to get to the mortgage company depending on how they send the funds.

    I am not saying you are wrong just need full picture.

  4. I was no where near the cut off when I bought last home so it had no affect on me but I had called the cable company same day as closing and they had a hard pull. As a result I had to write a quick LOE for the file on the hard pull. They weren’t concerned about it but now I do wish I would have just waited.

  5. I thought there was a cap on how much $$$ you can borrow with subsidized loans?

    There is. And that is a ton of debt for an educator.
    Some has to be private. The max for grad/doctorate is around 135k.

    Also I would never count 100% on the debt bring discharged. To much can change In Washington.

    Either way OP you are s long way from buying a house.

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