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  1. I would also make sure that the lender will remove PMI once you get to 20% equity without you having to do a re-fi.  I recall reading a post recently where a lender wouldn't remove PMI even after getting to the 20% equity threshold, they told him/her they'd have to do a re-fi...it was Wells Fargo if I recall correctly.

    Wells removes it then. It may have been a FHA loan in question, or something similar. They removed my first loan right when it hit 80%.
  2. Not the words I want to see , how can I get out of it asap?

    How close are you to getting it removed? If you think your house has gone up in value enough or you have made major improvements you may be able to pay for an appraisal through your servicer to see if they think the value has increased enough to have it removed .

    If not as I said before pay more than minimum every month and have it go to principal. That will also save you on interest.
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