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  1. Call your servicer sooner than later. They may have options for you. What caused the balloon pay,ent?
  2. Figure out the cause. It may be out if your hands if it’s due to local taxes. And as for insurance it’s coverage and the companies willingness to pay that matters.
  3. Again insurance sometimes does go up even with great credit especially if there has been an increase in claims in an area. Or like I said it could be local taxes increased.
  4. You can absolutely find another homeowners insurance company. It could be due to that or your county/city/whatever taxes may have increased.
  5. Many times it’s the counties/city/what ever jurisdiction that the lien is registered in. that can hold up the process not the bank. Each have their own process and some are faster than others.
  6. They should release the lien. You won’t have to. It varies based on location how long it takes.
  7. Because regulators said they have to. They have to send out an Adverse Action Letter with the reason for all declines. That’s it they are correct they had to send it and they did. Not the first or last regulation that doesn’t always make sense.
  8. Just trying to be clear. In your complaint I wouldn’t say you didn’t open it and it doesn’t matter what you told WF if it’s allowed in your original account documents. I would focus on the they didn’t close it. Requiring signatures is common so not doing it over the phone isn’t that odd. I agree on the comments above related to over drawing for account fees. I would look into that as I didn’t think that was allowed anymore. As for branch locations I was just stating what is online regarding the sale of the accounts
  9. I feel like there is more to this. First you did open the account and also I thought the only accounts sold were in the areas where Wells Fargo sold the branches to Flagstar so there is no longer Wells Fargo there, they are now Flagstar branches.
  10. Nope and still higher than last week. My previous post should say refi to a 15 year but the fact remains. Rates are higher this week and appear to be holding steady. Will see more tomorrow. Op have you locked in yet?
  11. Probably already missed the bottom. I am currently reading my mortgage to a 25 year at 2.875%. The rates today are at 3.25% for the same loan. If they go back down I doubt they go much lower than they were.
  12. How long are you staying? Definitely figure-out the break even point. Refis cost money so it takes a few years for the savings to be realized.
  13. So if you don’t think mortgage rates move with the fed rates why do you think mortgage rates will go down of the Fed cuts it’s rate?
  14. Call and talk to them tomorrow.
  15. Are you looking at your paper reports?
  16. I would call and talk to them. Despite what your OP says I think you already know you were playing on a razor sharp edge paying that late, and you were very close to 30 days late. ETA: it may be because as if 3/1 you owed 2 payments(Feb and March). But I would call and talk to them.
  17. What date does the statement show it was applied? If you pushed it from your bank it may have taken a day or two to get to the mortgage company depending on how they send the funds. I am not saying you are wrong just need full picture.
  18. Do you have proof of your payment?
  19. What time on the 28th and was it a Friday? Many companies will communicate that any payments after xx time will be posted the next day. Also how did you pay on the 28th?
  20. This is also true. Need more information for sure but still stand by calling servicer to better understand what they did and why.
  21. Call and talk to your servicer. It may be a very easy fix
  22. I was no where near the cut off when I bought last home so it had no affect on me but I had called the cable company same day as closing and they had a hard pull. As a result I had to write a quick LOE for the file on the hard pull. They weren’t concerned about it but now I do wish I would have just waited.

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