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  1. Just be aware you will likely be getting a higher rate. You will pay for the risk of a lower down payment one way or another.
  2. Very few cases where a reverse mortgage is a good idea. Also why most wont touch them.
  3. In addition to what Centex said. What amount due is shown on their monthly statement? We don’t have enough information to help.
  4. When were your 2018 and 2019 taxes filed and like Hege asked, how were they filed?
  5. Nope, as if they had savings they wouldn’t be delinquent yet.
  6. You will have to pay down about another 10% before PMI will be removed.
  7. That’s not helpful. What’s the loan amount and what did they value it at. We are trying to help.
  8. If you just refinanced I doubt your value has changed. What is your LTV and his close to 80% are you?
  9. Wells removes it then. It may have been a FHA loan in question, or something similar. They removed my first loan right when it hit 80%.
  10. Good point, and if it’s MIP when was the loan originated?
  11. Each servicer/investor has their own rules on that. But most want an independent assessment. Call your servicer to discuss.
  12. How close are you to getting it removed? If you think your house has gone up in value enough or you have made major improvements you may be able to pay for an appraisal through your servicer to see if they think the value has increased enough to have it removed . If not as I said before pay more than minimum every month and have it go to principal. That will also save you on interest.
  13. FHA loans are pretty much subprime loans. No surprise here. The government keeps pushing banks to originate them.
  14. No you have to PITI (Principal, interest, taxes and insurance) monthly as applicable to your loan. You can pay extra and tell them to apply it to principal.
  15. It depends on the investor. Some want it due as soon as the forbearance is over, others will put it at end of Loan. Either way it does cost the borrower more.
  16. Call your servicer sooner than later. They may have options for you. What caused the balloon pay,ent?
  17. Figure out the cause. It may be out if your hands if it’s due to local taxes. And as for insurance it’s coverage and the companies willingness to pay that matters.
  18. Again insurance sometimes does go up even with great credit especially if there has been an increase in claims in an area. Or like I said it could be local taxes increased.
  19. You can absolutely find another homeowners insurance company. It could be due to that or your county/city/whatever taxes may have increased.
  20. Many times it’s the counties/city/what ever jurisdiction that the lien is registered in. that can hold up the process not the bank. Each have their own process and some are faster than others.
  21. They should release the lien. You won’t have to. It varies based on location how long it takes.
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