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  1. Call and talk to them tomorrow.
  2. Are you looking at your paper reports?
  3. I would call and talk to them. Despite what your OP says I think you already know you were playing on a razor sharp edge paying that late, and you were very close to 30 days late. ETA: it may be because as if 3/1 you owed 2 payments(Feb and March). But I would call and talk to them.
  4. What date does the statement show it was applied? If you pushed it from your bank it may have taken a day or two to get to the mortgage company depending on how they send the funds. I am not saying you are wrong just need full picture.
  5. Do you have proof of your payment?
  6. What time on the 28th and was it a Friday? Many companies will communicate that any payments after xx time will be posted the next day. Also how did you pay on the 28th?
  7. This is also true. Need more information for sure but still stand by calling servicer to better understand what they did and why.
  8. Call and talk to your servicer. It may be a very easy fix
  9. I was no where near the cut off when I bought last home so it had no affect on me but I had called the cable company same day as closing and they had a hard pull. As a result I had to write a quick LOE for the file on the hard pull. They weren’t concerned about it but now I do wish I would have just waited.
  10. It’s never okay for either sex to leverage their income. Buts just sad that so many men can’t handle a woman making more than them. I have dated guys that make less than me. And while it wasn’t the cause of the breakup they were self conscious of the fact. And they didn’t know how much I make just knew based on my role.
  11. There is. And that is a ton of debt for an educator. Some has to be private. The max for grad/doctorate is around 135k. Also I would never count 100% on the debt bring discharged. To much can change In Washington. Either way OP you are s long way from buying a house.
  12. ARMs never went away! Payment Option ARM did mostly but not regular ARMs. Very different vehicles with similar names.
  13. Better question for the credit forum. Need more background on you. Are you currently in BK13? What’s your score:baddies?
  14. What do you owe and what is it worth? What is your interest rate?

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