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  1. Doubt there is much you can do but you can try a goodwill letter. To be 30 days late means you had missed two payments. I would set up all your accounts to have automatic payments for the min due going forward then go on and manually pay the rest.
  2. tiggerlgh

    Fee to lower interest to meet government standards?

    I agree I missed that part of the OP. Upfront MIP is 1.75% no clue what the other 1.25 can be. I would shop around if I were OP.
  3. tiggerlgh

    Fee to lower interest to meet government standards?

    What is your DTI? I am guessing since OP doesn’t give much information they are right on the DTI line and need to lower the mortgage payment to be in line. So the brokers are suggesting you pay the points. To lower the rate to get them in line. There are no government standards for rates. Hopefully OP comes back with more information and we can help.
  4. tiggerlgh

    Collection Agency Fee

    Don’t lose clearance over 12.50. Just pay it, the risk is greater than the reward in this case.
  5. I am assuming this is a FHA loan as such it’s now for the life of the loan. As stated only way to get rid of it is to refi.
  6. tiggerlgh

    Jumbo with 120 Day late?

    I would talk to other lenders. They will all have different rules.
  7. Was this all personal use or are you mixing business and personal?
  8. Agree with the above. Also use the Why hat method to remove her medical debt. That will help her score and get her a better rate in the future
  9. tiggerlgh

    is a reverse mortgage the answer?

    They will get max of about 70k now and lose the house when the mom dies or goes into a home. If they sell they get $120k based on your numbers (less fees) and can get a place they can afford and not worry about losing on a couple years. Good luck to them but the choice is obvious.
  10. tiggerlgh

    is a reverse mortgage the answer?

    That won’t be enough. And if the mom goes into the nursing home they will call the loan then. No life insurance and the loan will be due. Best idea is to sell and use the equity to get a place they can afford.
  11. tiggerlgh

    is a reverse mortgage the answer?

    Does the daughter want to live in the home once her mother is gone? If so I do not recommend a reverse mortgage.
  12. tiggerlgh

    Is this a FDCPA violation

    You signed a mod agreement with the bank and days later they increased your payment (principal and interest)? Did you call to see if they made a mistake entering in the mod details? Or did you not talk to them and just stop paying? Something is still missing here. Are you sure taxes and insurance didn’t change?
  13. tiggerlgh

    What to do for an account going to collections

    Can you get the phones back or have the people help pay for them?
  14. tiggerlgh

    do any of these things affect a house appraisal?

    It may be baked in. It could be he gave you some credit for the wall units and therefore only took off 3k for no central air vs $5k. This is just an example
  15. tiggerlgh

    do any of these things affect a house appraisal?

    C/A is central air he took off $3k because you don’t have it. Plus xxx is where he gave you credit for things.

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