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  1. tiggerlgh

    Portfolio Loans

    It may be best to actually get the trustee approval while in the chapter 13 for the loan than after discharge.
  2. tiggerlgh

    GM financial reporting as late...help

    No! Never dispute online.
  3. tiggerlgh

    How to keep apartment inquiry off credit report?

    You are talking about committing fraud and asking the ramifications. To me that’s promoting but use what ever term you want, you have the answer to your question.
  4. tiggerlgh

    How to keep apartment inquiry off credit report?

    A fraud alert will likely be out on your credit report. That is how your other creditors may get scared. Either way what you are talking about doing is fraud and is not promoted here.
  5. tiggerlgh

    How to keep apartment inquiry off credit report?

    Actually Inquiry will likely show the company they used to pull the credit from not the complex
  6. tiggerlgh

    USAA Debt Reporting

    They keep updating it monthly as a C/O it sounds like. Yes they can do that.
  7. I see both sides of this one. Maybe there should be more penalties for consumers to make sure they keep their contact information up to date so randoms don’t get collection calls.
  8. Doubt there is much you can do but you can try a goodwill letter. To be 30 days late means you had missed two payments. I would set up all your accounts to have automatic payments for the min due going forward then go on and manually pay the rest.
  9. tiggerlgh

    Fee to lower interest to meet government standards?

    I agree I missed that part of the OP. Upfront MIP is 1.75% no clue what the other 1.25 can be. I would shop around if I were OP.
  10. tiggerlgh

    Fee to lower interest to meet government standards?

    What is your DTI? I am guessing since OP doesn’t give much information they are right on the DTI line and need to lower the mortgage payment to be in line. So the brokers are suggesting you pay the points. To lower the rate to get them in line. There are no government standards for rates. Hopefully OP comes back with more information and we can help.
  11. tiggerlgh

    Collection Agency Fee

    Don’t lose clearance over 12.50. Just pay it, the risk is greater than the reward in this case.
  12. I am assuming this is a FHA loan as such it’s now for the life of the loan. As stated only way to get rid of it is to refi.
  13. tiggerlgh

    Jumbo with 120 Day late?

    I would talk to other lenders. They will all have different rules.
  14. Was this all personal use or are you mixing business and personal?
  15. Agree with the above. Also use the Why hat method to remove her medical debt. That will help her score and get her a better rate in the future

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