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  1. tiggerlgh

    Bad Credit Refinance

    What is keeping your scores so low?
  2. tiggerlgh

    Rejecting a modification. 130% LTV

    I am shocked they already gave you that many mods. I don’t see why they would hold off with that history.
  3. tiggerlgh

    Credit score hasn't changed over 6 months

    Where are you getting you credit skore from?
  4. My deposit went in fine today as well.
  5. tiggerlgh

    Refinance and Credit Issue

    You need the 3b from FICO as that includes your mortgage FICOs. The 30 day late less than a year ago is hurting you as is the utilization.
  6. They can charge interest on the judgement. You need to get to the courthouse to get the full file. Difficult states have different allowable ways to serve.
  7. This sounds like a clear case of elder abuse. There are laws against this for a good reason.
  8. tiggerlgh

    Past SOL Debt Collection

    SOL is an affirmative defense if they sue. In most states they can try to collect forever, but can’t sue you for it.
  9. tiggerlgh

    mortgage payment v. impound amount reported to CB

    They report your total payment due which includes PITI (principal, interest, taxes and insurance). They are reporting accurately. Mortgage payments are usually more than just P&I. Which for some reason is all many focus on.
  10. tiggerlgh

    one of these things is NOT like the other...

    This is similar to one I read the other day. They were complaining they may lose their home to foreclosure as they went three months behind on their mortgage to buy Christmas gifts for their kids and hoped to catch up in January.
  11. tiggerlgh

    is tearing down a house violation of a mortgage?

    As CV says a commercial line of credit is very different than a residential mortgage. No way to tell the requirements there and as it sounds like your friend is renting and doesn’t own it they can’t tell either.
  12. tiggerlgh

    is tearing down a house violation of a mortgage?

    Do they have a mortgage on the house or is it paid off? Odd the fire club owns it but rents it out?
  13. It’s better. Still more than I would put in there. I would keep it more to your own responsibility not outside factors.
  14. tiggerlgh

    is tearing down a house violation of a mortgage?

    I like that song! But in all seriousness no you can’t tear down the home especially without bank approval and the paragraph CV poster is pretty standard. I don’t think lead pair remediation would apply to be able to year it down
  15. I would skinny this down. I also wouldn’t mention loss in value as a reason for default.

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