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  1. Is there a general rule-of-thumb for determining credit limit for business credit cards? My friend has been in business 10 years and is incorporated. He has no employees. He does $3M/year in gross sales. The bank is willing to give him a business credit card. They have agreed to use his TIN, not SS. If you had to guess, what do you think his credit limit will be? He has never done business with the this bank but has built a strong relationship the past 6 weeks. He was told their business credit cards begin at $25K limit -- and go up from there. What's the most he will be offered?
  2. Thank you. I now realize it is a ridiculous idea. Thank you. I now realize it is a ridiculous idea.
  3. Are there instances it works? Or, is it just downright stupid?
  4. I heard of some companies that will sell tradelines as Primary User. Any thoughts? What's good and bad about it? Ty
  5. Yes....it's an error. They take forever to delete things. Is it worth going to the Lender and explaining?? Or wait until corrected to seek a loan?
  6. Thank you... but DB said it bold face that we've had: NO LATE PAYMENTS IN PAST 24 MONTHS. Now you see my frustration. We are on time always
  7. Can I get Loc or credit card and not show bank statements? Which lenders?
  8. We finally got a Paydex score. But, it's only a 50 paydex. Realistically, does a Lender consider this a horrible score? Can I get a credit card or loan with a 50 paydex (no pg)?
  9. My paysex score is 50. But my 3 month score is 80. I took a loan and paid it back quick-- yet DB reported it as Slow. They launched investigation. They want PROOF from lender. Will they actually check with the ender? Any other advice? I'd like it reported ASAP. I'm worried that Lender won't take the time to talk to DB
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