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  1. My goal is to get the account removed. Its a closed credit card account with Best Buy.
  2. Need some help or a sample letter to dispute. I have progressive reporting one amount on my credit report, they also sent account to a collection agency who is also reporting on the account with a different amount. How can I go about challenging for removal?
  3. Does accepting a settlement offer on a closed credit card account help or hurt you in the long run. Account closed with Best Buy in December and now receiving settlement offers from CRA. Should you go for it? What about requesting a pay for delete along with it?
  4. Upon contacting the CA they are asking me to pay the balance in 3 months, over $3,000 each month, which is not going to happen, I can't afford that. And the school is basically saying "tough luck" deal with the CA. I've contacted so many departments with no luck. So, now my question is for the CA with these unrealistic payment plans, should I file so type of document with the courts to present the case in front of a judge and bargain for a better more realistic payment plan or do you have any other suggestions?
  5. Well, I did apply for a loan but the school didn't process paperwork in time and they didn't pay out the loan but I wasn't aware of that until I received the letter from the collection agency. So, I need some guidance as to how to approach the situation. I've contacted the schools financial aid office as well as their cashiers office with no luck of course. They won't even provide the information as to who they use to disburse loans because I wanted to contact that company to find out if the loan can still be paid out. However, the CA is demanding a ridiculous payment plan for the amount due a
  6. So, I never actually received the loan. I received the collection notices for the actual tuition that was due. I applied for a student loan to help me with the tuition and I completed my part of the paperwork which left the school to finish their part. But to my knowledge the school did not process the loan requirements in time and basically just left my account in the negative and then sent the account to collections.
  7. Thanks for the calming words... 😩 The student loan was granted by the school through financial aid. No it's not on my report either. Thanks for the calming words... 😩 The student loan was granted by the school through financial aid. No it's not on my report either.
  8. I need some serious advice, I received a collection notice from Merchants & Medical Credit corp for a past due tuition bill from my school. After researching, I found out that a student loan I was granted was paid out so therefore the account went to collections. But of course this is all happening at the point where the university says that nothing can be done on there end I have to deal with the CA. So, the accounts are not on my CR at this point. I know I probably have a very short window before it does appear. However, the paperwork states only 1 option to pay an absurd amount of money
  9. Would you happened to know of any in Michigan? Or how to find one?
  10. THIS ^^^^ and of course a Louisville Slugger for his knee caps. Good idea 😆
  11. That sounds about right. It was so bad that the gentleman they had coming by the house tried to make my mother's dog. The attorney cannot be reached no one answers the number that was listed on the documents. And I am just at a complete lost. I was unaware of the bench warrant until I decided to go on the courts website to see if there was anything out there against my name. I'm in Michigan.
  12. So, attorney was collecting on a past due bill issued writ to garnish taxes; collected on taxes; as well as payments made from insurance company and personally made. Attorney continued to pursue activity and did not report payments collected or garnished tax wages and subsequently issued a bench warrant and had people to come to the house and threaten to take property from the house. Also, attorney sent documents that were without signature and had information for another court; contacted this court and they have no knowledge of case at all. Now keep in mind that the debt is paid; defendant we
  13. Should I send the letter to the OC or the CA?! The info that I researched came from the OC. I would send it to LJ Ross, CMRRR, and make it a very stern letter. If I were you, I would pull some of the verbiage out of the case I quoted and put it in the letter. Then make a complaint with the Michigan Attorney General, the BBB, and the CFPB with Consumers Energy. Awesome. I'm going to draft the letter this evening and then I'll post it for you to review. And after which, I'll fire off the complaints.
  14. Should I send the letter to the OC or the CA?! The info that I researched came from the OC.
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